The Value of Power and Cooling

  1. A Layman's Explanation of the Role of IT Racks in Cooling Your Data Center

    Learn how IT racks play an important role in your data center cooling strategy.

  2. Top 10 Reasons to Consider Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart Containment Rack Enclosures

    01 Apr 2013

    Review the top 10 reasons why Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart containment rack enclosure is a suitable solution for implementing an effective and efficient rack configuration that can help improve your data-center cooling, air distribution and IT equipment density.

  3. Understanding Data Center Power Usage Effectiveness

    01 May 2012

    Use the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric from The Green Grid to help measure energy efficiency in your data center and learn how Dell is optimizing power use of servers to help improve efficiency in the data center.

  4. Power and Cooling Innovations in Dell PowerEdge Servers

    01 Apr 2012

    Learn about Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart Architecture (DESA) and some of the enhanced features built into Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers.

  5. Dynamic Control Optimizes Facility Airflow Delivery

    01 Mar 2012

    Learn how you can optimize data center cooling using Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart racks with under-floor pressure control. Discover options for aisle containment that help minimize airflow delivery, save energy and reduce cooling capital costs.

  6. The smart electrical grid: three likely effects on IT

    29 Jul 2010 By : Pam Baker

    Until recently energy costs were of no concern to CIOs; they were the COO's problem. But as energy costs continue to climb and technology increasingly adds to the demand, CIOs are moving closer to the hot seat with every new project decision.

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