The value of power and cooling technologies

In many data centers, power and cooling capabilities are at capacity. Adding computing power leads to increased costs for space as you expand or add data centers. IT managers are also grappling with operational issues, such as difficult to manage hot spots while trying to meet the needs of an ever-increasing server population.

In one typical enterprise usage scenario, power distribution and cooling equipment consumed 59 percent of data center power, while compute servers accounted for less than 30 percent.

By implementing proven approaches to solving power and cooling problems now, you will save on energy bills and possibly on hefty investments in new data center space.

Dell can help you implement a rational, efficient plan to achieve the dual goals of meeting your organization’s growing computing needs and of reducing your energy costs.

What are Power and Cooling Technologies?

Utilize methods and technology for keeping control of your data center.

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Benefits of Power and Cooling Optimization

Maximize the performance of hardware while controlling energy costs.

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