• Mobile Digital Forensics solution streamlines the process of collecting evidence from digital devices at crime scenes, allowing for prompt analysis of actionable, time sensitive information
  • Triage process quickly identifies devices containing digital information of interest
  • Seamless integration with Dell’s Digital Forensics Solution framework moves the management and analysis of critical digital information into the data center for reliable and cost effective performance

Dell announced today that law enforcement and intelligence forensics teams can now easily access and collect digital evidence through the company’s innovative new Mobile Digital Forensics solution. Building on Dell’s original Digital Forensics solution for parallel processing of digital evidence, the new solution adds a mobile capability that can automatically and securely examine data in triage mode at the scene of the crime, allowing for the efficient analysis of time-sensitive, actionable information.

Law enforcement and intelligence forensics teams can now easily access and collect digital evidence through Dell’s innovative new Mobile Digital Forensics solution.

To avoid delays in evidence collection, the new solution uses the latest technology to provide quick and secure identification of evidence on PCs, laptops and mobile phones (including MAC OS and Linux), both volatile memory and hard drives, USB sticks and other external memory devices, and satellite navigation systems. Investigative organizations typically remove devices such as computers, phones, USB devices and other digital devices from a crime scene in order to properly analyze the information stored on them. The Mobile Digital Forensics solution now allows on-site investigation of any digital storage device using one piece of technology.

Using the Dell Latitude E6400 XFR rugged laptop designed for use in the most rugged environments and developed using SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence software from Evidence Talks, the solution delivers detailed results within a few minutes of capture, reducing processing time and eliminating legal backlogs.

The highly portable, easy to deploy solution is available immediately in Europe, Canada and the United States. The Dell Digital Forensics Mobile solution is ideal for state and local police and federal intelligence and investigative units, complementing Dell’s Digital Forensics solution intended for use in forensics data centers and labs.

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“ The amount of stored digital evidence is estimated to double every 18-24 months, and the evidence collected from these devices is used in all forms of investigation . This solution enables forensic teams to collect information quickly and effectively and conduct on-scene triage to help mitigate the need to handle items that have no relevance to the investigation.” -- Troy West, vice president and general manager, Dell Public Sector EMEA

“We are pleased to be working with Dell as part of their Digital Forensics Solution. Our unique experience of performing thousands of digital forensic examinations, coupled with a highly talented and dedicated software development team, enabled us to design a digital triage solution that has proved to be a perfect complement to Dell’s industry leading forensic architecture as well as the top-of-the-line performance of its XFR line of rugged solutions. We are very proud and excited that Dell selected our products to play such an important role in their solution.” -- Andrew Sheldon, Managing Director, Evidence Talks

" We have found the SPEKTOR Forensic product to be very easy to use and to perform better than expected. I used the product on a smart phone and was able to obtain all of the information I needed to include emails, text messages, phone calls and pictures. I was very happy to find a single product which would extract that much information from a phone." -- Detective John McDowell, Plant City Police Department, Florida

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