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  • Dell provides best practice capabilities and customized, end-to-end tools and IT management necessary to help maximize the individual and group productivity of mobile and geographically dispersed workforces
  • Flexible WorkStyle consulting draws on extensive customer and internal Dell experience to tailor anytime, anywhere collaboration and accessibility for each customer’s unique business needs  

Organizations are increasingly looking to provide flexible, mobile working environments to reduce costs and retain a talented workforce; but planning, deploying and managing these environments can strain an IT department. The new Flexible WorkStyle offering from Dell Services provides IT managers a complete solution designed to enable location-independent connectivity and collaboration, reduce costs, maximize efficiency and security, and provide access to the best talent for their business.

Using many of Dell’s own best practices, Dell’s Flexible WorkStyle offering delivers a range of services with the following benefits and offerings:

  • Customized deployment and delivery: Dell designs unified communication and collaboration solutions with the optimal mix of on-premise, cloud and hybrid scenarios to meet current and projected business needs while helping reduce risk, cost and time to implementation
  • Mobile technologies: Employees can be contacted via a single number regardless of the device they use; collaboration is facilitated through shared content from  Microsoft Office applications via tablet or mobile phone
  • Collaborative technologies: Communications capabilities integrated in core collaboration tools used by employees every day allows them to quickly and easily interact with peers, partners and customers via phone, email, instant message, audio, video and web conference
  • Improved efficiencies and reduced enterprise costs: Converging email, voice mail, telephony, audio and video conferencing in a unified interface over an IP network allows for a single point of contact for the entire suite of technology, software and services
  • Increased productivity: Enterprises can reduce resources and time spent on travelling by connecting employees through Microsoft SharePoint®, formal and informal business communities, Microsoft Lync® and other tools; disruptions are minimized with Dell ProSupport and 24/7 online and phone support services
  • Talent recruitment and retention: Companies can provide talent with the flexible work schedules and options they demand, while enabling talent acquisition from a more diverse pool of workers who may be geographically remote from the office

Dell partners with companies’ IT departments to develop the Flexible WorkStyle offering that fits their needs, working with internal departments such as human resources, finance, legal and communications to develop a solution that resolves enterprise-wide challenges presented by complex remote working environments. Through this holistic approach, Dell helps customers successfully support a mobile workforce.

Repeatable technical architectures and experienced consulting services can ensure reduced risk, cost and time to successful implementation of solutions. Customers have a single point of contact for systems integration, business process application, infrastructure architecture, operations and management. An end-to-end solutions provider, Dell is able to offer customers the service they need from a single source, simplifying and streamlining the deployment of the Flexible WorkStyle offering.

Realizing the benefits of Flexible WorkStyle consulting for its own employees, Dell has implemented a ‘Connected Workplace’ program to create virtual work environments across the globe and deliver freedom and agility to its workforce. One out of every five Dell team members utilizes the Connected Workplace program, which spans 37 locations spread through 26 countries. With the Flexible WorkStyle offering, Dell is able to harness talent from around the world to develop the most innovative solutions for its customers.


“Dell has experienced first-hand that organizations embracing the increasingly mobile workstyle can be more productive and better able to secure top talent,” said Kevin Jones, vice president and general manager, Infrastructure & Cloud, Dell Services. “Our goal is to make it easy for customers to enable flexible work environments where people can connect and collaborate effectively, regardless of location, so a distributed workforce becomes a competitive edge for the company rather than a communication headache.”

“At Dell, we use Flexible WorkStyle offerings under our internal brand of Connected Workplace. Since the 2011 launch, Connected Workplace has enabled Dell team members to find new ways to work, which drives business results and focuses on the value of results, rather than where the work gets done,” said Dane Parker, vice president of facilities for Dell, and co-executive sponsor, Dell Connected Workplace. “Connected Workplace allows our global team to grow and thrive, positively impacting how we serve customers. Internal job satisfaction metrics demonstrate that team members value this program, which also has allowed us to reduce our collective environmental footprint.”

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