• Dell Software’s data replication solution helps leading online dating site improve decision-making and customer-facing services
  • Solution addresses complex replication requirements and enables use of real-time data and analytics to drive business insight
  • Success with SharePlex fuels investment in Toad for Oracle database development and optimization solution

Online dating service provider eHarmony speeds up its replication process with SharePlex from Dell Software, enabling the company to access and act on the latest subscriber data in real time. eHarmony depends on its ability to suggest potential partners for subscribers based on their specific needs, meaning effective analysis that provides maximum insight into continually updated subscriber data is critical to keeping the dating wheels turning.

The online dating site uses a patented Compatibility Matching System to help subscribers find suitable partners for successful, long-term relationships. The company’s main production database is updated constantly by users providing insight into their preferences. Using complex replication rules, the company then mirrors the data to a secondary database, where it is analyzed and manipulated to personalize services for customers.

eHarmony previously used native database tools to maximize insight from subscriber data and keep its secondary database in sync with its production environment. The native technology often lagged behind in replicating production data to the secondary database, however, making it difficult to analyze the data and make timely decisions. With the need to analyze real-time customer data growing increasingly critical to the success of its business, eHarmony had to make a switch. When it began evaluating alternative replication solutions, SharePlex immediately shot to the top of the company’s list.

Capabilities, Simplicity and Cost-effectiveness Seal the Deal for SharePlex

SharePlex is Dell Software’s simple, affordable, zero-impact data replication solution. A full-featured, cost-effective tool, SharePlex provides access to a real-time copy of production data with zero impact on the availability and performance of the production system, which means there is no disruption to the business. Ultimately, eHarmony’s choice of SharePlex came down to the solution’s intuitive ease of use, efficiency, and cost savings.  SharePlex enabled eHarmony to address the company’s complex replication needs at a third of the cost of a competing solution. The reliability of SharePlex also makes a direct contribution to eHarmony’s bottom line. With the solution’s fast, scalable, and resilient replication process, the company has reduced the risk of potential business losses that could result from not having the most current information to make business decisions.

Satisfaction with SharePlex Leads eHarmony to Streamline Database Development and Administration with Toad for Oracle

The database development team at eHarmony constantly works to enhance database functionality and unlock insight from subscriber and operational data. Based on the success of the SharePlex deployment, the developer team ran a trial of Dell Software’s Toad for Oracle solution, and many team members now use Toad as their de facto development and optimization resource. The tools and workflows available in Toad have enabled the development team to increase productivity and automate routine administration tasks, and connected them with a wealth of online resources, as well as the global Toad World developer community for help resolving specific problems.

Minimizing Capital Investments and Maximizing Value

Dell Financial Services provided a financial solution that met eHarmony’s needs. Because many online operations have revenue models that rely on monthly subscriptions, large one-off investments in technology are often not ideal. With flexible options from Dell Financial Services, eHarmony gained immediate access to next-generation software that has both improved the decision-making process and increased revenue, enabling the company to maximize its return on investment and provide better services for subscribers and the business.

Supporting Quotes:

Darin Bartik, executive director of Information Management products, Dell Software

“Companies like eHarmony need the ability to analyze data in real time to make faster, better-informed business decisions, and provide their customers with the personalized services that are critical to the company’s success. SharePlex helps ensure eHarmony always has the most up to date customer data in their analysis. Moving forward, we are excited to continue helping eHarmony and other customers simplify and add value throughout the complete data cycle, including storage, security, movement, management, and analysis.”

Thod Ngyuen, Chief Technology Officer, eHarmony

“Based on a fast replication process that never fails, SharePlex reduces the risk of potential business losses by positioning us to make informed decisions. By replicating changes made by subscribers quickly, SharePlex helps our marketing team tailor products and promotions to customers based on their specific needs, which increases loyalty and revenues. At the same time, we can provide the latest subscription data to the finance team, which helps us report on performance more effectively, and make better strategic decisions.”

For more information on how eHarmony has enhanced its services with Dell Software’s data replication solution, read the case study.

A Complete End-to-End Information Management Solution

SharePlex and Toad for Oracle are part of Dell Software’s Information Management group. Dell enables organizations to turn data into actionable business insights by delivering an integrated set of vendor-, location- and data type-agnostic solutions spanning the modern information management lifecycle, including database management and optimization, application and data integration, and big data analytics. Learn more about Dell’s Information Management software solution by visiting us online.

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