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Battery Compliance Declaration
The Dell Battery Declaration confirms compliance with all applicable battery transport regulations.  A copy of Dell’s Battery Declaration is provided below.
          Dell Battery Declaration

Battery MSDS
To find the Materials Safety Datasheet (MSDS) for a specific battery, you will need the Dell part number found on the label affixed to the battery. 

Guidance for Locating the Dell Part Number for Your Notebook Battery
Remove the battery from your Dell notebook.  Locate the country of origin ("Made in ...") label affixed to the battery. Review the label and locate the part number for your battery.
Examples of the part number are provided below (underlined in red for ease of reference).

       Example1   Example2        Example3
             For ease of viewing, please enlarge the picture(s) above.

With the Dell part number in hand, please consult the Battery MSDS Lists below to locate your part number
Click on the link for the corresponding MSDS documentation.

Dell Part Number  

 MSDS Documentation


4K440, Y4543, GD787, JX001, H298F, TR514, FH4HR, 7N66Y, 5WP5W, GX727,
8WXJ3, 7P4VH, 5P462, Y4546, H9685, KP433, H939H, TR518, G2CGH, 7P9T2,
7C14D, HM203, HNR8G, HTX4D, 6P145, C6269 HN935, KX117, H9862, U116D,
H416N, 7W5X0, 9F77K, HM216, MKD62, 2GWN5, 7P065, C6270, J5867, MM156,
HJ590, U725H, HNCRV, 93G7X, 9KN44, HM218, 2MV3R, CRT6P, C5443, C9553,
J9601, MM160, HP287, VN5H2, HXWM9, 9T040, CC6N8, HN942, P6YD6, R1XG4,
C5445, C9555, JD610, MN154, HW079, W071D, J410N, 9YXN1, D2P7C, HR739,
5F1R5, 9C26T, C5449, CC156, JD618, MR316, HW355, WJ386, K875K, C635G,
FCPW3, J5872, XV2VV, JG20C, C5455, CC158, K9726, NR218, HW357, WK371,
KCKCN, CH176, HCD9H, JWC1N, 9F77K, J0MTR, C5498, CG204, KD492, NT367,
HW892, WT866, M916K, DR9F8, HGKH0, JY329, 04GHF, NTC8R, D2963, D6024,
KD495, NT410, J905R, WU852, MCDDG, F4TGH, HPNYM, JY369, 8PWD5, KWFFN,
D5540, D6025, KD496, NT411, J909H, WU959, MT2C2, F8TTW, HXHFF, K5654,
RY6WH, FW2NM, D5547, D7355, KG530, PU499, J930H, WU965, N976R, GC9R0,
JHYP2, KJD7D, FVWT4, MGH81, D5551, DC226, M9265, PU501, JD217, X409G,
N996P, HHJ57, K4RDX, NCFKM, HPNYM, C8GC5, D5552, DG056, MY982, PU502,
 K965H, X463J, NTG4J, JWRM5, M0P7P, NT388, VG2VT, WVG8T, D5553, FC140,
N5524, PY957, KM898, X644H, P267P, KTXYH, N4FJ5, NT389, FFK56, J7WX3,
D5557, K9364, PD685, RN894, KM901, X855G, P576R, MY993, NMV5C, TP707,

P8TC7, 909H5, D5644, U8735, PD946, RU028, KM905, XPH7N, PG474, N2629,
RCG54, TX274, TRDF3, FMV51, D5650, W5915, RD301, RU033, KM974, XR682,
PRW6G, N9182, TN1K5, TX285, FFK56, 9C26T, F5119, WD415, RD850, TK362,
KM978, XR693, R891R, ND8CG, UJ499, UK010, 8JVDG, 63FK6, F5123, WD416,
RF952, TM987, KR174, XX330, T954R, NG511, VG2VT, UN107, F116N, GXMW9,
F5135, WD417, RF954, UM179, KR854, XX334, T9V0N, NN68V, XV2VV, UY439,
NTCHR, FYTVN, F5185, X5875, TD117, WN979, KY470, Y823G, TX269, NWX8T,
34PHF, UY625, FW1MN, 4HJXX, F5188, X5877, TD344, WR013, M947D, YP459,
U150P, P8F45, 6T892, UY632, V8VNT, WFDW7, F5190, X8483, UD088, WW118,
MP490, YP466, U1698, PWMR2, C308K, UY637, YGMTN, P75V7, H2369, XF490,
UD265, XG510, MP492, 0R271, VXY21, R4CN5, D7356, W49R8, 6K73M, FFG28,
JC788, Y5466, WG389, YW670, MT186, 1JJ15, W077P, R4J9C, DR520, W6626,
1XP35, GF5CV, JC789, Y9948, X6347, 1MKR6, MT196, 226M3, W7H3N, R5PJR,
DU140, W6637, YH7DR, XKRX1, K2241, YD120, XD736, 23Y0R, MT335, 4H636,
X0WDM, R9HFJ, DU167, XP125, NGH7M, Y880Y, KC540, YF350, YD623, 9H414,
N577H, 4J99J, XN0H6, T7YJR, F174K, XP128, Y3PN0, D1DCD, MC474, C9911,
YD624, C139H, NM632, 8DTW1, XV90H, T97VK, F9JY0, XP379, KJ2PX, TWRRK,
NC428, CC403, YF080, C5969, NU209, 8MFP6, Y210P, T9XV8, FC141, XP386,

Y50C5, H76MY, NC431, CF704, YF091, C665H, P783D, 8NH55, Y594M, TX283,
G059H, XP392, GP2T9, 7D1WJ, PC215, DC392, YG310, CP294, PT435, 91R88,
YM5H6, TXWRR, G188K, YN256, 4337M, M456P, PC216, DC426, CW674, CP296,
PT644, C042T, YXVK2, Y266P, G302C, R8R6F, 935TH, J037N, U1821, DF975,
DU139, D127H, PW772, C720G, 1NGTN, Y4372, GU484, K94X6, C852J, G1M31,
X1980, FC340, DU158, DW554, PW824, C932N, 37THM, Y6158, GU488, Y61CV,
7P4VH, Y1635, FC374, FT079, F678F, RK815, D838N, 4GGC6, 41YXC, GU717,
CPXG0, G274C, HTX4D, Y4496, G3399, GR932, FM338, RM656, D839N, 59RF2,
489XN, GU722, FN3PT, 4DMNG, 2GWN5, Y4499, GD775, GR992, GW252, RU573,
F58HD, 6C265, 59WNP, GU725, GYKF8, C901H ,CRT6P, Y4504, GD776, HR048,
H06X0, TR122, F972N, 74N5P, 5G67C, GU727, 8WXJ3, G1M31, R1XG4, N241H,
RRNJ1, D1958, WGCW6, F49WX, RRNJ1, 45HHN, NHNWD, C4MF8, WV7G0, RTY89,
HGJW8, 849G7, 1WWHW, 58DP4, PXR51, 5TFCY, F5WW5, TXJ69, RWT1R, PXR51,
J84W0, J1YCJ, 2F3W1, 5046J, CMMP3, YJ31R, X1F87, 7D9P9, CTH86, R7CW8,
WF5RR, WG0XY, J6PX6, 2F3W1, 5046J, F3J9T, VN3N0, GN7V6, FDX0T, FH8RW,
 MC34Y, JY8D6, 4F5YV, 1P6KD, 51FV6, 9TV5X, 1P6KD, MJMF6


Group A MSDS

04HHG, 09K6P, 0DNY0, 0K619, 0U562, 0X297, 1860G, 1K090, 1M235, 1NP0F,
1NR9W, 1P255, 1U516, 2K184, 2MTH3, 2T6K2, 2TMHN, 2W244, 3F7FN, 3X017,
3X021, 4J121, 4K445, 4N384, 5400K, 57VCF, 5CGM4, 5K498, 5WFK6, 5Y4YV,
62VRR, 6HKFR, 6P147, 6YTC2, 75WY2, 77G21, 7869G, 7DWMT, 7TMWG, 7XC9N,
7XFJJ, 84KTX, 854TJ, 86NP1, 8N884, 8P6X6, 8TYF7, 8U443, 99JC0, 9J7MV,
9JJGJ, 9K50T, 9P0W6, 9U261, 9VJ64, C2072, C2074, C2451, C313K, C5448,
C5499, C5501, C5503, C6R6X, C7785, C931N, CC980, CD442, CN7FG, CP284,
CP289, D04FV, D2335, D293K, D5509, D5652, D57NP, D670H, DC779, DHYCM,
DU163, DY373, F1353, F466C, F5076, F5127, F5128, F5186, F5192, F7W7V,
FC776, FFXJ7, FG447, FH1VR, FM335, FU272, FW301, G275K, G6M0W,
G805H, GD786, GTVP0, GU500, GXY73, H0630, H1141, H1M60, H2048, H9929,
HC287, HG181, HGDWX, HK3RG, HW896, HW898, HXN3H, J1638, J6FFM, J9838,
JC308, JG166, JG176, JG768, JP7TX, JXFRP, JY316, JY358, K456N, K751G,
KG875, KM760, KM904, KVG4M, M0270, M1RPP, M2FVT, M6407, M6T48, M905P,
M9758, MG827, MNYJT, MP494, MT193, MT277, N0975, N0988, N164G, N221R,

N2750, N573H, N853P, N9406, NG011, NG988, NH3H6, NJ644, NRJ6T, NT340,
NT394, NT395, NXND9, P018K, P0383, P0981, P238F, P383H, P505M, P6183,
P878C, PCV5M, PD3D2, PFF30, PT436, PT653, PW649, PW773, PXD36, PYCT7,
R2896, R3902, R438C, R725C, R839C, R841C, RF961, RF970, RG487, RM661,
RM804, RTKDH, T0489, T195H, T5V0C, T6474, T795R, TDC9N, TG226, TRJDK,
U006C, U0317, U1822, U331C, U4976, U5014, U5869, U5881, U5883, U5884,
U5886, U600P, U6185, U728H, UG260, UK716, UM225, UM226, UW284, VVTH9,
VVX2P, W006C, W0390, W1357, W1950, W1GGM, W341C, W343C, W355R, W360P,
W60YD, W8H5Y, WP193, WR047, WRP9M, X0056, X0350, X0968, X0971, X0973,
X0975, X1570, X1707, X413C, X415C, X5309, X5330, X5644, X602C, X6142,
X645M, X6825, X741M, X9WXK, XC347, XG500, XG536, XJDCH, Y0037, Y0092,
Y0396, Y0397, Y0398, Y0408, Y0410, Y0413, Y0414, Y0431, Y0449, Y0HGN,
Y1238, Y1512, Y271J, Y40R5, Y4466, Y4502, Y4544, Y4547, Y5173, Y5332,
Y571H, Y595M, YF093, YF097, YM32M, YMYF6, YP463, 04NW9, 21TTR,
3VJJC, 5F3F9, 88JR6, 9F2JJ, F0D4C, 6PHG8, 7YM07, G019Y, GCJ48,

 K714N, N532P, N533P, W602C, H9929, 21TTR, P70V5, 45NTH, G33TVJFT,
2F8K3, G7GMT, GPHG8, KFHT8, J654N, 7W6K0, Y758W, 9KH5H, 62VNH,
VJF0X, T8NH4, 2W3CR, N33WY, DRTDW, CXF66, C0MXV, 0Y1JF, VXH62,
VDYR8, 2X018, 2F93C1, 07G07, XKPD0, GR5D3, TWCPG, 579TY, 1W2Y2,
W9FNJ, TXF9M, M7R96, MM4H1, 098N0, 257V0, 92YKHG, 9783Y, 1132N,
VVMKC, 86JK8, R5MD0, 1KY05, 179F8, 3WKT0, 62N2T, YGR2V, JKHC1,
07G07, XKPD0, GR5D3, 2F93G, TWCPG, 579TY, 1W2Y2, W9FNJ, TXF9M,
M7R96, MM4H1, 098N0, 257V0, 92YR1, RFH3V

Group B MSDS

N4TXM, V0XTF, 49VTP, 0MF69, T1G4M, 4KFGD, 5DN1K, FT6D9, NVWGM, Y6KM7,
Y9HNT, KR71X, J31N7, 0D47W, 6MYFW, FT6D9, NVWGM, G4YJM, V3D9R, CFC6C,
PWM3D, 3NG29, 1V2F6, DFVYN, 0WF28, 9P4D2, 8V5GX, WG6RP, W57CV, GV7HC,
G95J5, HFRC3, FRVYX, YX81V, 2P9KD, VTDT2, 991XP, RTC77, FP02G, 70K80,
H123V, M9XPM, KTCCN, WTG3T, 5PD40, 242WD, 1V0PP, RDYCT, RDRH9,

Group C MSDS

CJP38, 2PDJW, 9NK49, DHM0J, YMX0W, 59H5P, 5YTM4 


Group D MSDS

1K178, 1K240, C1763, 8H663, 4K001, W0629, 8T063, 7T534, T0804, N0988,
X0973, 0J256, 1K300, 0J212, T0807, Y0176, 6T216, 9T540, 9T543, Y0175,
XD185, YD121, XU882, NR147, X0363, 6P758, 7P867, 0X217, T0787, U0488,
D0980, R1457, 4M010, 4P894, D0980, R1457, D0980, R1457, CC154, DC224,
FC139, Y9945, JD606, KD491, GD774, JD609, DU154, DU155, JY339, DU156,
J825J, M283J, HD941, KD552, GD881, JD735, UD532, XD184, TM777, XU863,
GR986, TM980, YW646, JT780, MN127, KX103, MP307, KY268, R437C, W004C,
R720C, W267C, 965Y7, 2N135, X0982, Y0418, 6M934, 5M790, 8M815, Y0156,
X0317, R5792, R5793, H9567, K9340, 4P259, 1P745, 1X284, W0625, Y0174,
W1955, X1710, Y1637, D2340, W1955, Y9947, C9554, CC157, DC227, YG326,
WG400, NR222, GR995, FT092, WW131, FU441, KY471, T557C, U008C, U335C,
W269C, 9T352, DU093, X0318, T0786, MHRR5, 37H2J, NRFFP, 8RW5F, 47MMT,
YF349, W3Y7C, H415N, G272C, Y022C, WU960, MT276, PW640, KM752, KM970,
MT332, KY466, FU439, 0CD2N, YXC66, KY266, FU268, XR694, WK380, WK379,
RU583, FW302, PU559, UM230, WR053, XG528, XG496, TM978, NR213, UW280,
FP269, NT377, JY336, KP422, NT362, JN149, CR174, TT710, CR171, N338H,
M565H H986H, J927H, FG451, JG181, GG421, NX626, HX348, X0968, 449TX,
78HR1, K962H, TR2F1, FP4VJ, CRKG5, UY623, F018M, G223N, YK69C, V48RM,
4YRJH, M4RNN, F965N, G558N, X645H, Y569H, N586M, P185K, RM627, RM628,
UD264, PD945, D5505, C5421, F5133, F5134, C5447, F5126, Y1338, T6840,
U5014, 7P806, T0802, 2MRP8, N3N1Y, WRP9M, 09K6P, 2VYF5, R7XJ8, 61YD0,

RG049, JNR9M, H3K58, 4TCMG, WG351, D5HR6, HVHC0, 69F7Y, TD432, W0RH0,
736DJ, VVCM7, YK69C, 0E690, 0M540, 0X216, 0X237, 0X287, 11VCV, 1DM16,
1G222, 3W2YX, F33MF, DTG0V, JXK73, FKYCH, C42P9, C9891, CC399, DC415,
FC362, GC9R0, X463J, KR174, NU209, 5XR317, 1691P, M597J, N928M, 2M400,
0M540, 9K740, H1388, 5X317, 75UYF, 7P066, 3K585, X1979, Y1909, RW220,
WN971, MM158, HR047, YW652, CW666, HX306, RMTVC, 1G765, 1J127, 1J989,
1X365, 2H660, 2M400, 2P690, 2M400, 2P690, 2P692, 3J426, 3TWCP, 4E368,
4E369, 4G344, 4K085, 4M778, 4P254, 5G379, 5J005, 5J436, 5P611, 6T087,
6T475, 6T684, 6T751, 6Y912, 7W238, 8C612, 8P140, 8T016, 8T273, 8T531,
8T533, 95T96, 9H048, 9H321, 9H348, 9K740, 9T501, 9W942, C1408, C224P,
C310K, C5444, C5454, C9876, CC379, CR160, CR172, CR177, D1437, D225P,
D5546, D5550, D5556, DF230, DU128, DU138, DU151, F5122, FF231, FF232,
FT078, FW255, G189K, G2103, G3399, G900G, GP973, GW241, H1389, HP277,
HW358, HW421, HX345, HX351, J1379, J9324, JD605, JG168, JG917, JN145,
JN146, JX76F, JX76F, JY327, K880K, KC866, KD489, KD490, KG126, KP405,
KPD66, M539G, M846H, MR317, MT275, MX27W, ND865, NT380, NX618, NX629,
NX632, P773K, PR693, PU500, RD300, RK544, RK818, RM803, T0803, T0805,
TC020, TD116, TD611, TD612, TK369, TM787, TR321, TR520, TR653, TT712,
TT717, TT720, TT721, U0485, U0519, U0520, U0521, U0522, U1700, U4974,

U6256, U8735, UD087, UD260, UD533, UM178, UM181, W0596, W0597, W0628,
W1815, W1824, W5P4F, WD414, WR015, WT619, WT873, X0319, X0362, X0981,
X6304, X6347, X8483, XD735, XG513, XG527, XG530, XT816, XT827, XU827,
XU877, Y0517, 0518, Y0173, YY0394, Y0417, Y0423, Y1082, Y1087, Y265J,
Y267J, Y4460, Y4465, Y4498, Y4501, Y6160, G278C, V79Y0, RMTVY, C42P9,
FKYCH, 9PCR0, NY38W, R2D9M, NH6K9, F33MF, 3W2YX, Y0WYY, V7M6R, 3NPC0,
CT4V5, 4WY7C, 163DR, H048N, 8X70T, DG219, H91MK, DG219, 0P60Y, 96JC9,
D10H3, 6R1V8, 716YD, PPJMY, 4FJXY, D10H3, Y1FGD, FJTXY, 70NFJ, M7T5F,
1N9C0, PKH18, 6HY59, 7VJMH, R0JM6, YD8XC, R9XM9, 4K8YH, KKHY1, YDN87,
6P0CC, 5K1GW, 0DRRP, G05H0, 410GJ, YKWXX, 6KK8F, V3716, 29TVH, FJCY5,
8DJT9, F1KTM, 954DF, 79VRK, WYT3M, 2XNYN, 5X3XT, VD1WF

Group E MSDS


       Should you require any assistance with locating your MSDS documentation, please send an e-mail to the
         Regulatory_Compliance@dell.com mailbox.

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