Dell Strategy for Rugged Laptops

No matter your industry, we can help you develop a strategy to handle your demanding operating conditions. Whether the task requires you to patrol, protect or provide, Dell Rugged solutions give you the right tools to stand up to whatever challenges you face.

Rugged Strategy Federal GovernmentFederal government - If you work for a military or federal agency, you rely on technology to keep your mission-critical applications running in a variety of harsh environments. Dell Rugged computing solutions deliver a high level of performance, functionality and security to maximize uptime and productivity. To validate durability in common military usage scenarios, Dell Rugged products are independently validated by third-party testing facilities to MIL-STD-810G and IEC ingress protection. Fully rugged solutions also offer independent certification for emissions (MIL-STD-461F) and hazardous locations (ANSI/ISA.12.12.01 standards.)

Rugged Strategy State and LocalState and local government - If you are a first responder or public safety official, you rely on your technology to keep up with you when you're on the go, especially in vehicles. The mobile nature of your work demands secure wireless connectivity to transmit large amounts of data quickly and securely. Dell Rugged solutions are designed to enable the way you work.
Rugged Strategy Field ServiceField service - If you use technology while on foot in the field, you require devices to be lightweight and easy to use in handheld scenarios, but durable enough to take the abuse of usage in the field. Dell Rugged solutions are optimized for portability and productivity, while built tough for durability.

RuggedIndustrial and manufacturing -
If you work in an industrial or manufacturing environment, your technology is often exposed to harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, dust, humidity and accidental drops. You need a computing solution that is powerful yet mobile, and durable enough to withstand these conditions. Dell Rugged solutions enable portable high-performance computing for maximum productivity.

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