• SIPCOM platform, built on optimized Dell enterprise infrastructure, provides foundation for leading Telecommunications and System Integrators across three continents
  • High-density server infrastructure from Dell allows for 50 percent reduction in costs for Microsoft licensing
  • Dell Fluid Data architecture helps deliver flexible storage solutions for customers

SIPCOM, a global hosting provider of scalable infrastructure for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), has created hosted Microsoft Lync environments in both North America and EMEA by using Dell enterprise solutions. SIPCOM leverages Dell’s integrated, flexible and powerful infrastructure to reduce licensing costs, and easily adapt to changing business requirements and achieve faster IT deployments for its customers.

SIPCOM’s new platform includes Dell PowerEdge™ R815 servers and Dell Compellent virtualized storage to improve performance, reduce datacentre footprint and minimise operating expenses. The Dell architecture has helped SIPCOM provide a more resilient IT environment and has also reduced costs for Microsoft licensing by 50 percent.

The power and density of SIPCOM’s new Dell infrastructure can support more than 200,000 users and offers a platform for Microsoft Lync as well as other SaaS environments, including Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, hosted voice and backup services, which has reduced management complexity.

By virtualising with Microsoft Hyper-V on Dell PowerEdge servers, SIPCOM has been able to reduce deployment time, and achieve better hardware utilisation and recovery scenarios based on virtual-machine level backups, enabling higher overall availability of the hosted solution. The agile infrastructure also allows SIPCOM customers to benefit from a multi-tiered and configurable enterprise IT environment that can be scaled as required, eliminating wasted firmware capacity and minimising costs through variable payment models.

With intelligent storage capabilities such as automated tiering and thin provisioning from the Dell Fluid Data architecture, SIPCOM gains the flexibility necessary to meet the complex needs of tier-one and tier-two partners. For example, one customer may require a pool of storage to draw from on demand, whereas other users prefer to buy storage per gigabyte as required to assign infrastructure costs as operating expenses. This multi-tiered approach to storage, offered through Dell Compellent Storage Center array, provides SIPCOM with an easy-to-manage architecture that helps customers move from managing IT operations to exhibiting innovation.

With this flexibility in place, SIPCOM has worked with Microsoft on milestone projects in EMEA, including a partnership with Arkadin, a global collaboration services provider headquartered in Paris, France. Arkadin is one of the largest audio conferencing service providers in the world, and SIPCOM is supporting its Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure service on Dell enterprise solutions.

Working with SIPCOM to deliver Microsoft-based communication and collaboration products on a SaaS model is enabling Arkadin to further develop its cloud solutions portfolio; thereby proving that SIPCOM’s role, supported through Dell, has been an integral part of the business’ growth and development.

Founded on a commitment to deliver carrier-class infrastructure to customers, SIPCOM operates data centres across Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.

“We act as the foundation on top of which service providers build their applications, so we have an obligation to choose the right technology to make that platform as efficient and resilient as possible. We are a forward thinking business, so working with innovative technologies is critical for us. The integrated Dell enterprise solution has enabled us to scale our business and deliver a wider variety of services on a single platform, which has been a huge success for both SIPCOM and our customers alike,” said Daniel Allen, CEO at SIPCOM.

“Organizations such as SIPCOM are working with our communication and collaboration products to help users communicate from anywhere in the world with a browser and Internet connection in a cost-effective and security-enhanced way. SIPCOM is supporting Microsoft Lync as a service through close collaboration with both Dell and Microsoft. This work will enable SIPCOM’s customers to utilize business critical voice and application solutions as a service across multiple geographies, providing a crucial competitive edge,” said Warren Barkley, general manager for Lync at Microsoft Corp.

“Technology plays an essential role in any business today, and service providers particularly rely on industry leading solutions to stay ahead of the competition. The ability to utilise intelligent functionalities to manage data effectively is crucial in allowing businesses like SIPCOM to manage rapid change and work around customer needs. This flexibility demands standards-based solutions that can automate data management, optimise resources and provide cost savings without compromising on quality,” said Aongus Hegarty, vice president and general manager, Dell EMEA.

SIPCOM provide the benefits of a scalable; less complex, zero CAPex and fast approach to the delivery of hosted software and communications. We enable mobile and fixed telecom operators, system integrators, hoster’s and resellers of all sizes. For more information, visit www.sipcom.com.

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