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Wyse® Cloud Connect™
This ultra-compact multimedia-capable device, is slightly larger than a USB memory stick and enables users to convert any capable TV or monitor into a functioning interactive personal display device.
Cloud Connect DeviceCloud Connect DeviceCloud Connect Device
Cloud Connect DeviceCloud Connect Device Cloud Connect Device

Wyse® C Class™

Creating productive, compact cloud client computing desktops has never been easier.

Wyse C Class thin client

Wyse® D Class™
Cloud client for Citrix®, Microsoft® and VMware® VDI environments serves as a powerful yet compact cloud PC.

   wyse d10dp class

Wyse® E Class™
A truly affordable, energy-efficient alternative to the costly classroom PC.

Wyse cloud E02 zero client

Wyse® P Class™
Zero client for VMware® built for CAD, 3D solids modeling, video editing and more.

global-site-design WEB   global-site-design WEB

Wyse® T Class™
Compact, affordable and flexible entry-level thin clients with unparalleled security and simplicity.

wyse t class thin client

Wyse® T10D™
Dual-core power and compact design raises the affordable thin client performance bar.

Dell Wyse T10D Client

Wyse® X Class™

Secure, high-performance mobile cloud computing for your employees that need it most.

Wyse x class mobile thin client

Wyse® Z Class™
Everything your users need to tackle the most demanding virtual desktop environments.

Wyse z class thin client

Wyse® Xenith™ 2 and Xenith™ Pro 2
Compact, secure, high-performance desktops for all Citrix XenDesktop environments.

wyse xenith zero xenith