The Futue of Cloud Computing Think TankThe Future of Cloud Computing Think TanksThe Future of Cloud ComputingThe Future of Cloud Computing
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On July 27, 2012, Dell Services and VMware brought together a group of 20 vocal, social-savvy cloud computing experts for our first ever Services Think Tank on the Future of Cloud Computing.

Moderated by social media thought leaders, David Linthicum (morning) and Robert Scoble (afternoon), the goal of the Think Tank was to engage with and listen to leading cloud computing experts, discussing the industry trends and fostering key influencer relationships. Virtual participants tuned in online via and through the Twitter hashtag #FutureCloud.

The agenda for the day included four sessions on mobility and cloud, the business of enterprise cloud computing, influence of governments on cloud and the future of cloud computing.

  • Mobility and the Cloud Session
    The number of smartphone owners in the USA has doubled to 84m in 12 months (Nielsen). How should B2B and B2C organizations design cloud strategies to keep pace with this growth and user?
  • The Business of Enterprise Cloud Session
    Cloud computing is making inroads into IT departments from start-ups, to small business, to large enterprises on a global basis. What are the various issues faced by these organizations? Included in this discussion is security, legal applications, open source/open standards, private vs. public vs. hybrid clouds, IaaS vs.. SaaS vs PaaS, etc.
  • Influence of Governments on Cloud Session
    How are governments helping to shape the cloud market? And how are cloud vendors and other businesses reacting to these needs and changes? Main issues considered were:
    • Security
    • Privacy
    • Cross-Border Issues
    • Laws
    • Taxation
    • Cloud Adoption by Government
    • Role of Government
  • The Internet of Everything Session
    It’s the year 2020 and the cloud has reached its peak of adoption. What will we see, experience and expect in our business and personal lives from the cloud? What does the future hold?