Media and entertainment

Master your workflow and get back to your passion and your profits

Instead of worrying about managing your company’s exponential data deluge, and hardware and content interoperability issues, how about spending your time creating great media and entertainment? It’s not a dream, but the answer is in a cloud.

The Dell media workflow and archive management platform is a circular cloud-based solution that:

  • Consolidates hardware, unifies processes and manages video lifecycles
  • Distributes video anywhere, anytime and to any device
  • Retains structured and unstructured data while mining for important insights

Our end-to-end content workflow solution — the first of its kind — combines quintessential computing hardware, software and cloud solutions that allow you to:

  • Scale IT and storage resources as your data grows
  • Collaborate globally across applications and disparate technology
  • Automate processes to work more efficiently
  • Automate digital rights management
  • Leverage deep data analytics to harvest insights on content storage, management, transport and distribution

Dell is an industry leader in cloud infrastructure technology. We help you grow and protect your creations with a hardware and software integration system that is reliable, secure and proven.

Contact Dell and get back to doing what you love; we’ll take care of what you don’t.

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