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  1. Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) - Video

    01 Mar 2015

    Philadelphia Youth Network improves its decision-making, data protection and security through partnership with Dell.

  2. Sparksight - Video

    01 Feb 2015

    When switching from Final Cut Pro to the Adobe Creative Cloud, Sparksight replaced its Apple-based products with powerful mobile and tower Dell Precision workstations in order to increase processing power and reduce render times.

  3. Adapt - Video

    01 Feb 2015

    A managed services provider needed a flexible, scalable, repeatable solution for its new offering. It found the solutions in Dell servers and storage, which together are helping Adapt grow its business.

  4. International Relief and Development (IRD) - Video

    01 Feb 2015

    Using Dell SonicWALL, IRD saves $1M and protects global organization.

  5. Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) - Video

    01 Feb 2015

    Oakland Unified School District partnered with Dell to deploy 11,000 Dell Chromebook11s to its 87 schools, enabling students to personalize their curriculum using computer-based lessons and foster creativity through mobile collaboration.

  6. Austin Community College - Video

    01 Feb 2015

    The Austin Community College’s new ACCelerator lab exposes students to a technology driven learning environment using cost-effective, easily managed Dell powered virtualized desktops.

  7. Merkle - Video

    01 Feb 2015

    Merkle partnered with Dell to increase the performance of their big data analytics platform with an easily managed, cost effective Hadoop solution run on Dell technology.

  8. Evolution of Corporate Listening using Social Media

    Leaders from Walmart, Adobe, Dominos Pizza and Comcast share how their companies are using social media.

  9. Considering the environment at every step

    Dell is committed to reducing our customer’s environmental impact as well as our own.

  10. Dell Asks Customers About the Power to Do More

    We asked people in Times Square NYC, San Francisco and Austin to tell us what they would do with the power to do more.