McAfee Volume Software Licensing Program

McAfee Licensing Program Comparison Chart

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McAfee® Licensing ProgramsMcAfee Total Protection
for Small Businesses
McAfee Protect Plus
Program type?SubscriptionPerpetual
Organizations served?Small businesses with 2 to 100 employees; special pricing for education, government and healthcare organizationsCompanies of all sizes; special pricing for education, government, healthcare and nonprofit organizations
Key benefits?Uninterrupted, always up-to-date protection through a security-as-a-service model; simply install and software automatically updates through the internetDiscounts with the ability to increase
savings on reorders
Signed contract required?NoNo
Term?1- or 2-year subscription;
renew as needed
1- 2- or 3-year terms
Forecasting required?NoNo
Minimum purchase requirement?Yes. 2 nodesYes. 11 nodes
Minimum reorder?2 nodes5 nodes
Upgrade protection?While under subscription, you get automatic access to all updates1 year of upgrade protection is included; additional years available for purchase
Technical support?While under subscription, 
McAfee Gold Technical Support
1 year McAfee Gold Technical Support included; additional years and higher support available for purchase
Media?Download web-based application for freeElectronic software download (ESD) included; CDs available for purchase



With a global research footprint, McAfee Labs provides comprehensive Global Threat Intelligence.

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