Microsoft Public License Program

Designed to Serve Nonprofit Organizations

Designed to serve nonprofit organizations, this program allows organizations to purchase multiple software licenses at reduced prices by placing an initial order for five or more licenses. Combine Microsoft® products to qualify for the five-license minimum and place additional orders as small as one license over the two-year term.

With no minimum purchase requirements, you can purchase licenses and optional Software Assurance as your organization grows.

Place reorders with your valid authorization number at a minimum of one license per reorder. Note that Software Assurance expires when your license authorization number expires, regardless of the point during the term in which it was purchased.

Academic Open License
Designed to provide an easy way to acquire and administer multiple copies of software and receive license confirmations quickly and conveniently without forecasting.

Academic Select License
The ideal choice for institutions with more than 500 PCs, mixed Microsoft product requirements and the ability to forecast purchases.

School Agreement
An annual subscription licensing program specifically created to address the unique needs of primary and secondary schools and districts. With the simplicity of counting computers just once per year, it’s easy to license all of your computers — whether in a single school or throughout the entire district.

Software Assurance
Strengthen your purchasing power and get more from your software investments. Get automatic access to software upgrades, plus tools, training and support to help your organization deploy and use software efficiently.