Microsoft Select Plus License Program

For Large Organizations With Multiple Affiliates

Microsoft® Select Plus is for large organizations with multiple affiliates that want to purchase their software licenses and services at any affiliate level, while realizing advantages as one organization. Since the agreement never expires, customers do not need to renegotiate and renew agreements every three years.

Beyond reducing the price that organizations pay for software licenses over full-packaged product prices, Select Plus offers many other opportunities to maximize the value organizations receive by participating in the program. Helping organizations get the most value from their software investment, Select Plus benefits include:


  • Simplified purchasing agreements — Organizations are provided with a single agreement under the Master Business Agreement (MBA). This agreement never expires for transactional purchases, providing more flexibility while eliminating the need to renegotiate and renew every three years. For government and academic customers, the MBA does not apply.
  • Organized purchases — Select Plus agreements are assigned to a single lead affiliate customer ID, so asset reporting can be done under a single, master agreement.
  • License management — Enhanced self-service, online tools give customers and partners better management capabilities.
  • Great savings — Simple, automated, volume-based discounts can be applied to licensed product purchases across the entire customer organization at the corporate and affiliate locations.
  • More value from Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) — Organizations can buy and receive a full 36 months of benefits, without proration based on purchase timing.
  • Make a seamless transition — Customers can renew or sign a new agreement under the Select Plus program. Software Assurance covered by a Select License agreement still applies to the licensed products until its original expiration and it may be renewed under Select Plus — so customers can accrue the full value of Software Assurance starting with the new agreement.
  • Cross language use rights — These rights can help enhance a commercial organization’s global presence by ensuring that staff located in different countries can easily communicate. Note that customers may not license in one language and deploy that licensed product in another language with a differing value.
  • Downgrade rights — Organizations can also standardize on versions. Downgrade rights offer the right to purchase the latest software version available, yet still run on a previous version.
  • Training and evaluation software licenses — These licenses help organizations budget for software training and evaluation, and include 20 copies per software title for use in a dedicated training facility and 10 copies per software title for a 60-day evaluation.
  • Re-Imaging rights — Providing added convenience during product rollouts, these rights allow the customer to use certain licensed product media for copying software onto multiple devices from one standard image.
  • Secondary use rights — These rights can help increase productivity by allowing primary users of a licensed desktop PC to share the same application license with a portable PC (for work-related purposes only).

    Customers can choose to purchase software licenses through the Microsoft Volume Licensing program that best meets their needs. The Select Plus offer is a fundamental shift that introduces new ways to license and helps us evolve our future licensing strategy. The advantages to Select Plus over Select include a unique customer ID per affiliate that helps customers better track and manage their software assets. Select Plus also has a non-expiring agreement that eliminates renegotiation and renewal. Customers can take advantage of the improved features of Select Plus with no price change. Because customers just have to issue a purchase order at the program price from a reseller, they do not need to negotiate a new agreement. Organizations have to decide what program choice is best for their purchasing needs, and Microsoft’s goal is to offer them flexibility and value.

    Software Assurance

    You get the full value of 36 months of Software Assurance (SA) benefits with Select Plus, with no proration. In Select, if you are in month 11, you pay for 36 months of SA and receive 25 months of coverage. With Select Plus, you pay for 36 months and receive 36 months of coverage. SA membership is also available with Select Plus.