VMware Volume Software Licensing Program

VMware Licensing Program Comparison Chart

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VMware®Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)VMware Purchasing Program (VPP)
Program typeContractualContractual
Organizations servedProvides volume discounts to companies and other organizations 
implementing virtualization
Provides discounts to companies and other organizations purchasing in smaller volumes to implement virtualization
Key benefitsBrings reduced software licensing costs and the fastest time-to-value to organizations of any sizeBrings reduced software licensing costs to organizations of any size
Signed contract requiredYesYes
TermNegotiable12 months
Forecasting requiredMay be required, depending on the type of ELA purchasedNo
Minimum purchase requirementNegotiableYes
Minimum reorderNegotiableYes
Upgrade protectionNegotiableAvailable for purchase
Technical supportAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase
MediaFree electronic software download (ESD) includedFree electronic software download (ESD) included

  1. VMware ThinApp

    06 Feb 2012

    VMware ThinApp helps you upgrade operating systems without having to upgrade or replace legacy applications.

  2. VMware View 4 Built for Desktops

    06 Feb 2012

    Build the desktop of tomorrow, today with VMware View 4 built for desktops.

  3. VMware Infrastructure

    06 Feb 2012

    VMware Infrastructure 3 offers a number of services that transform data centers into a shared dynamic utility platform through infrastructure, application and management services.

  4. VMware vSphere

    06 Feb 2012

    VMware vSphere offers the efficiency and low cost of cloud computing with uncompromising control over service levels and with freedom of choice.

  5. VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

    01 Jan 2010

    VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) dynamically allocates and balances computing capacity across a collection of hardware resources aggregated into logical resource pools.