VMware Enterprise License Agreement

Purchase, Deployment, Support and Training

VMware’s Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) maximizes your VMware® investment. The program gives your organization a cost-effective and time-efficient path to reaching the full potential of your virtual environment. Organizations committed to standardizing on VMware should consider an ELA for the fastest time-to-value.

Available on all VMware products and services, the ELA program gives you a strategic relationship. For any eligible order of VMware licenses, you get a discount on the cost of licenses plus deployment, support and training services available from VMware.

You determine your deployment period and your use of the software. You get clear budget visibility with a fixed price for the life of the ELA, as well as a fixed renewal fee for all licenses at the end of the ELA period.

Single license keys speed up deployment. Administration is eased with no internal sign offs, no asset tracking plus cotermed maintenance for accurate, predictable Storage and Subscription (SnS).

Choose unlimited or capped deployment of the VMware licenses during the ELA term. ELAs can also be structured to fit your organization, including fencing restrictions like limited scope by geography, business unit, subsidiaries, use of software or other factors.