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Improve your knowledge of Windows Server®. Dell has provided white papers, videos and case studies to make you successful. Check out our resources on topics ranging from assessment of business needs to migration.
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White papers, data sheets and brochures

  1. Dynamic Graphics

    Dell and Dynamic Graphics

    Solve spatial analysis problems in the petroleum, environmental and earth-related sciences with reliable, easy-to-use solutions.

  2. Dell and Autodesk

    Dell and Autodesk

    Design, visualize and simulate your ideas with 3D design and engineering solutions for manufacturing, architecture, construction and other industries.

  3. Application Modernization

    Application Re-hosting

    Reduce costs and enhance efficiency by migrating and modernizing legacy applications and data.

  4. Virtual Desktop Workshop

    Dell Mobile Computing Workshop

    Learn how you can benefit from the wide variety of mobile device solutions offered by Dell.

  5. Virtual Desktop Assessment

    Dell Mobile Computing Assessment

    Get the information you need to make informed decisions about solutions that can address your mobile computing IT challenges.

  6. Discrete Function Outsourcing Services

    Discrete Function Outsourcing Services

    “Do more with less.” It’s a common refrain in a challenging economy. Yet increased global competition means that you also need to launch new and innovative products to stay ahead.

  7. Storage Training

    Storage Training

    Make storage implementation simple with Dell Compellent and EqualLogic training. Whether you want to simplify administration, optimize your resources or improve disaster recovery, it’s all possible with our intuitive training modules.

  8. ffA

    Dell and ffA

    Reduce exploration and development risks and improve business performance with data-driven, interpreter-guided oil and gas solutions.

  9. Dell and Sony

    Dell and Sony

    Get the power and accessibility to take media production to a new level while streamlining workflows with an industry-leading line of solutions for digital video, music, DVD and audio production.

  10. Dell and PTC

    Dell and PTC

    Meet all of your globalization, time-to-market and operational efficiency objectives with a complete portfolio of integral product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for discreet manufacturers.

  11. Parallels

    Dell and Parallels

    Power through your high-performance, graphics-intensive workflows with innovation, efficient desktop virtualization solutions.

  12. Presagis

    Dell and Presagis

    Streamline modeling and simulation workflows with open-standard, off-the-shelf solutions for aerospace and defense.

  13. Dell and Dassault Systèmes

    Dell and Dassault Systèmes

    Anticipate product behavior and environmental impact through product lifecycle management solutions that can enable you to design, simulate and experience tomorrow’s products, no matter your size or sector.

  14. NDSsi

    Dell and NDSsi

    Meet your demanding diagnostic needs in radiology with a variety of medical imaging solutions.

  15. Dell and Siemens PLM

    Dell and Siemens PLM

    Turn your ideas into successful products with product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions that handle everything from design inception to manufacture and support.

  16. Dell and Halliburton|Landmark

    Dell and Halliburton | Landmark

    Get innovative, efficient, open integration upstream oil and gas solutions for exploration, drilling and production.

  17. Dell and Adobe

    Dell and Adobe

    Create groundbreaking digital content that improves communications and strengthens brands with complete solutions that combine digital media creation with data-driven marketing.

  18. Dell and Barco

    Dell and Barco

    Get high-grade visualization solutions for medical imaging that provide superior image quality, flexible cost-conscious service options and proactive notification of quality issues.

  19. Dell and Grass Valley

    Dell and Grass Valley

    Achieve the flexibility and adaptability you need to meet your creative and operational business challenges with professional broadcast and video solutions.

  20. Dell and esri

    Dell and Esri

    Address social, economic, business and environmental concerns at local, regional, national and global scales with simple, highly automated Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions.

  21. Dell and ANSYS

    Dell and ANSYS

    Create groundbreaking digital content that improves communications and strengthens brands with complete solutions that combine digital media creation with data-driven marketing.

  22. Avid Purple Logo

    Dell and Avid

    Get the speed, ease and openness you need to bring great stories and music to life, with award-winning digital audio and video solutions.

  23. Custom Application Development

    Custom Application Development

    Extend your capabilities to meet your every need

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    Consulting for Microsoft® Lync® and Unified Communications Datasheet

    Whether your workforce is local or global, Dell consultants have time-tested methods for guiding your unified communications strategy on a path to grow with your business needs.

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    Dell Unified Communications and Collaboration Services Brochure

    Dell Services combine optimized technical architectures with delivery frameworks to lower costs and provide rapid results — bringing together global employees from different departments to help implement your Flexible WorkStyle transformation.

  26. Payer Claims and Policy Administration

    Payer Claims and Policy Administration

    Stay ahead of rising costs and changing healthcare reforms with outsourced claims and policy administration services from Dell.

  27. The Philosophy of Corporate Giving

    Why have companies placed an increased emphasis on community giving? One might say: If one person can make a difference, think what one company — with thousands of employees — can do.

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    PC Leasing and Financing: Strategic, Operational and Financial Facts to Consider

    IDC explains how a leasing strategy enhances PC life-cycle management; improves return on invested capital; and helps to manage the Total Cost of Ownership of client equipment.

  29. Use asset recovery for business

    Business Recycling — Invest in Peace of Mind

    Dell makes it safe and convenient for you to recycle your computer equipment. We offer five free programs and thousands of drop-off locations. Getting rid of your e-waste has never been easier.

  30. Commercial Terms of Sale

    The Commercial Terms of Sale apply to direct commercial purchasers of Dell hardware, software and services and commercial end-users who purchase through a reseller. By placing your order, you accept and are bound to the Commercial Terms of Sale.

  31. Customers with disabilities

    The commitment of Dell to diversity and to providing the best customer experience helps us to remain competitive in the marketplace.

  32. A Message From Michael Dell

    Successful, innovative companies tend to aspire to a greater purpose that goes beyond the bottom line. At Dell, we have always believed that technology should be about enabling human potential.

  33. Online Store

    Online Services Store

    Shop services and support solutions online.

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    Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite Brochure

    Dell ProSupport offers highly trained experts around the clock and around the globe to address your IT needs, minimize disruptions and maintain a high level of productivity.

  35. Advancing Diversity and Inclusion at Dell

    Dell is committed to inclusion and diversity. Our mission is to succeed in the marketplace by fostering a winning culture in which Dell employees are talented, committed, reflective of our global customers and recognized as our greatest strength.

  36. Plant a Tree with Dell

    Join Dell’s Plant a Tree Program: Offset emissions while supporting reforestation

    Dell Plant a Tree program helps customers offset emissions, supports reforestation through CarbonFund.org and Conservation Fund.

  37. Collaborating in the Name of Energy Efficiency

    The Green Grid: Collaborating in the Name of Energy Efficiency

    The Green Grid is a collection of green IT professionals who look for new ways to make data centers energy efficient and maximize their resources.

  38. Collaborating in the Name of Energy Efficiency

    Dell Warranties Servers for Fresh Air Cooling

    The Green Grid is a collection of green IT professionals who look for new ways to make data centers energy efficient and maximize their resources.

  39. Collaborating in the Name of Energy Efficiency

    Dell Blade Servers: Reduce IT management costs & improve energy efficiency

    Environmentally conscious IT managers have a tough job: Running a large data center can be a drain on resources. While energy consumption is a primary concern, the demand for improved productivity is equally pressing.

  40. Our Thoughts on Climate Change Policy

    Our Thoughts on Climate Change Policy

    Dell recognizes that climate change is real and must be mitigated. We support the reduction of global emissions through actions and policy.

  41. Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Dell helps drive the course of future industry innovation through a time-tested process that puts customer needs first.

  42. All Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Filings

    This page provides links to all of Dell's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings.

  43. dfs-fmv-graphic

    Fair Market Value Lease

    Contain your budget and get the most efficient technology for your needs. Nearly 50 percent of companies surveyed said they planned to rely more on leasing than they had in the previous year — discover why.

  44. Dell YouthConnect

    The way people connect and communicate is changing, thereby changing the world. A truly globalized information technology infrastructure, and those who build, run and use it are creating a new connected era.

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    2012 Raymond James European Investors Conference Presentation


    2012 Raymond James European Investors Conference Presentation

  46. dell-fy11-cr-report.pdf

    2011 Corporate Responsibility Report

    The 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report

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    Dell to Acquire Quest Software Webdeck


    Dell to Acquire Quest Software Webdeck

  48. CA Licensing Comparison Chart


    CA's volume software licensing programs are designed to help aggregate purchases for better software pricing.

  49. Natali de Chalus

    Natalie de Chalus discusses the importance of IT in her company

    Natalie de Chalus of Colloquium, a Paris and Brussels-based event company now extending to virtual event organization, explains why IT is vital to their business model.

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    Life Insurance


    Learn how Dell Insurance Services can help you manage yor business, while helping you plan for future growth.

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    BPO Insurance


    Learn how to respond to the changing business environment with speed and agility by leveraging Dell’s business process outsourcing services.

  52. ride_roses_50-100.pdf
  53. Oracle Licensing Chart


    Oracle's volume software licensing (VSL) programs are designed to help aggregate purchases for better software pricing.

  54. Dedicated Remote Workstation Brochure

    Dedicated Remote Workstation Brochure


    Comprised of the Dell Precision R5400 and the optional Dell FX100, the Dedicated Remote Workstation was designed to help overcome the limitations of traditional KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) offerings.

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    Support services brochure


    Help minimize disruptions and maintain a high level of productivity with Dell ProSupport — a suite of support services that you can customize to meet your business needs.

  56. The Efficient Data Center Lowers Costs, Risks Profile and Environmental Impacts

    Save money, mitigate business risk and do the right thing for the environment by leveraging Dell solutions to optimize data centers. As we know from firsthand experience, virtualization, automation and consolidation are the keys.

  57. Application Modernization

    Application Re-architecture

    Increase business agility, reduce risk and enable strategic initiatives by re-architecting your legacy applications.

  58. Mobility Services

    Dell Mobility Application Services

    Make mobile solutions work for your business

  59. Life Insurance Product Support

    Life Insurance Product Support

    With outsourced product support from Dell Services, we can help you adapt to newer technology platforms — while also delivering more value to your customers.

  60. Knowledge Processing Outsourcing and Analytics

    Knowledge Processing Outsourcing and Analytics

    Dell Services can help you improve customer insights, maximize the returns, optimize supply chain and prevent credit card fraud.

  61. Dell Data Storage, Protection and Management

    Dell ProSupport

    Turn your IT into a strategic lever for growth and innovation.

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    Mainframe Re-hosting Software Data Sheet

    Reduce operational costs with Dell mainframe re-hosting software, which enables you to run online and batch workloads on cost-effective industry standard systems.

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  64. International Organization for Standardization Certification

    International Organization for Standardization Certification

    Dell is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS).

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    Dell Services IT Consulting for Communications and Collaboration Brochure

    Dell Services can help you imagine new ways to work and enable your team to stay connected anywhere, anytime.

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    Supporting the Complex Data Center White Paper

    This IDC white paper outlines the importance of support services in data center environments.

  67. Dell Youth Learning Application

    How to apply for a Dell Youth Learning grant.

  68. Drive Business Innovation With Energy Efficiency

    Innovation is spurred by filling a need and energy efficiency is quickly turning into just that. Dell has responded by building energy efficient data centers that rely on virtualization and smart servers.

  69. Adobe Cumulative Licenses

    Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) is designed to help medium to large organizations with higher volume needs aggregate purchases for better software pricing.

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    Boosting SQL-based decision support power and performance with Dell’s 12th generation servers

    In order to retain their competitive edge, businesses must quickly access and analyze the ever-growing amount of data they have available to them in their SQL-based decision support systems.

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    Dell HPC Scalable Storage Building Block — Disk Pool Manager


    Review the architecture, performance and best practices for configuring the disk pool manager storage solution for the Dell HPC Scalable Storage Building Block.

  72. Dell Commercial Terms of Sale, License agreements & policies


    This agreement applies to direct commercial purchasers (including Small, Medium and Large Business and Government and Public sector customers) of Dell hardware, software and services and commercial end-users who purchase through a reseller.

  73. dell-customer-master-services-agreement.pdf

    Dell Customer Master Services Agreement


    As of October 1, 2010 all purchases of Dell hardware, software and services by commercial customers pursuant to the Dell Commercial Terms of Sale (CTS). The CTS replaces the Dell Customer Master Services Agreement (CMSA) in its entirety.

  74. Dell_Reconnect_Article

    Dell Reconnect: Donate any brand of computer to Goodwill

    The Dell Reconnect program allows anyone to recycle any brand of computer equipment for free at one of the 2,200 Goodwill locations in the United States and Canada. This reduces e-waste and recycles your old systems while staying eco-friendly.

  75. Application Modernization - Portfolio Assessment

    Portfolio Assessment

    Develop an application modernization strategy designed to meet your organizational needs within your specified time frame.

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    Modernization Services for SAP Solutions (includes video)

    Read how customers can change their SAP technology infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency.

  77. LifeSys Policy Processing System

    LifeSys Policy Processing System

    With the LifeSys processing system from Dell Services, you can consolidate all of your operations into a single platform.

  78. Network training

    Dell Networking™ Training

    Train on Dell Networking™ products and learn how to better design, troubleshoot and tune performance for the best possible network performance and availability.

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    Insurance Data Entry Services Data Sheet

    Dell Insurance Services provide the flexible data entry services you need. We perform data entry on incoming life, health and annuity applications, as well as other policy documents.

  80. Finance and accounting

    Finance and accounting

    Improve cash flow, lower transaction processing costs and help ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley through market-leading solutions, and our data capture and business processing centers worldwide.

  81. Application Testing

    Application Testing

    Deploy innovative and cost effective test solutions through proactive collaboration.

  82. Dell Reconnect: How It Works

    The Dell Reconnect program allows anyone to recycle any brand of computer equipment for free at one of the 2,200 Goodwill locations in the United States and Canada. This reduces e-waste and recycles your old systems while staying eco-friendly.

  83. Dell Reconnect: Items We Accept

    The Dell Reconnect program allows anyone to recycle any brand of computer equipment for free at one of the 2,200 Goodwill locations in the United States and Canada. This reduces e-waste and recycles your old systems while staying eco-friendly.

  84. Click here to read PDF

    Securing the Enterprise Workspace: Protect Your Organization While Supporting Mobility and BYOD - White Paper


    As part of your mobility/BYOD strategy, how do you expand access to corporate applications and data while preventing costly security breaches? Learn how to bolster security across enterprise networks and mobile platforms.

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  86. Southern Company saves $13 Million by Virtualizing with Dell

    Southern Company, an Atlanta-based energy provider, used Dell PowerEdge servers to maximize their data center's resources, lower costs and increase energy efficiency.

  87. Bamboo Packaging

    Bamboo — Nature's Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

    Bamboo packaging is the newest innovation in packaging. The compostable material is sustainable and eco-friendly, and is the perfect material for the next evolution of packaging.

  88. A Powerful Combination

    Dell energy use — Conservation and green electricity

    Reducing Dell’s global energy use is both good for business and good for the planet. We focus on energy conservation projects while purchasing green electricity.

  89. Green

    Greener Technology: Practical Solutions for Environmental Issues

    Working with customers and suppliers, Dell has achieved significant milestones in recycling, packaging, greener products and solutions.

  90. Unified Fabric

    Converging the IT Fabric With 10-Gigabit Ethernet

    Dell is laying the foundation for customers to evolve their IT infrastructure from multiple topologies to a unified fabric based on Ethernet technology.

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    Dell ProSupport Flex for Data Center Data Sheet

    Dell ProSupport for data center features the kind of tailored support plan, and dedicated technical support you need to streamline and assure data center operation.

  92. Master Data Management Services

    Master Data Management Services

    Whether it's shared internally or externally, your data needs to be accurate and up to date.

  93. Virtualization helps Emerson eliminate 100-plus data centers

    Emerson used Dell servers to virtualize and consolidate its data centers, eliminating 3,600 servers, 131 data centers and decreasing operating costs by 15 percent annually.

  94. Customer service

    Customer service

    Effective multichannel customer support is critical to the success of your company. Dell can help you integrate fragmented systems to provide exceptional support for your customers, whether they contact you via phone, email, website or social media.

  95. Insurance Administrative Services

    Insurance Administrative Services

    With outsourced policy administration services from Dell, you can become more efficient and competitive while staying ahead of escalating costs.

  96. Dell Consulting for Salesforce®

    Dell Consulting for Salesforce®

    Dell Consulting for Salesforce provides a single point of contact for the entire solution. Contact a Dell representative to get the Salesforce consulting services you need.

  97. Click here to read PDF

    IT Buyer Perceptions, Strategies and Requirements

    IDC completed its fourth IT leasing and financing survey in March 2012. The survey was fielded as the worldwide economy emerges from recession and IT spending forecasts accelerate their track upward.

  98. Recycling at Staples

    Recycle Your Dell for Free at Staples

    Dell has partnered with Staples to offer recycling at any of Staples' 1,500 US locations. Get rid of your e-waste by simply taking your Dell equipment to any Staples and we’ll take care of it from there.

  99. Forest stewardship

    Mitigating Climate Change Through Forest Stewardship

    Dell strives to put back into forests what we take out. We want to balance our use of tree fiber with a sustainable strategy that will ensure our forests continue to thrive.

  100. Corporate Accountability

    Learn how Dell acts with integrity to inspire trust.


  1. latitude-7000-series-ultrabooks.jpg

    Dell Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks

    Beautiful to both your workforce and IT managers, Latitude Ultrabooks are easy to manage, reliable, and secure.

  2. everyday-computing-inspiron-laptop-category-video-2-12-13.jpg

    Dell Everyday Laptops: Featuring the Inspiron and Inspiron R Series

    The new Dell Inspiron and Inspiron R Series laptops offer a versatile solution for everyday computing.

  3. latitude-7000-5000-3000-laptop-comparison-video.jpg

    Compare Latitude 7000, 5000 and 3000 Laptops

    Learn what makes each Latitude unique and the best fit for your business needs.

  4. migration-success-story.jpg

    Migration Success Story

    Michael Tweddle, from Dell talks about OnDemand Migration Email, and how one customer was able to migrate all 600 mailboxes from Google to Office 365 in just one weekend!

  5. creating-a-new-list-dell-premier-video.jpg

    Dell Premier | Create List of Favorite Products Video

    How to create lists of favorite products in Dell Premier.

  6. wyse-wsm-agility.jpg

    Dell Wyse WSM Agility

    Streamline your business' productivity while boosting performance in the workplace, with Dell Wyse WSM software.

  7. wyse-wsm-application-delivery.jpg

    Dell Wyse WSM Application Delivery

    Streamline your business' productivity while boosting performance in the workplace, with Dell Wyse WSM software.

  8. existing-lists-management-dell-premier-video.jpg

    Dell Premier | Existing Lists Management Video

    How to manage existing lists of favourite products

  9. Penne Allen: 2014 Dell Working Mother of the Year

    Penne Allen is the 2014 Dell Working Mother of the Year.

  10. venue-tablet-comparison-video.jpg

    Compare All of the Dell Venue Tablets

    Learn what makes each of the Dell Venue tablets special, and choose the one that's best for you.

  11. wyse-wsm-centralized-server.jpg

    Dell Wyse WSM Centralized Server

    Streamline your business' productivity while boosting performance in the workplace, with Dell Wyse WSM software.

  12. wyse-wsm-overview.jpg

    Dell Wyse WSM Overview

    Streamline your business' productivity while boosting performance in the workplace, with Dell Wyse WSM software.

  13. wyse-wsm-performance.jpg

    Dell Wyse WSM Performance

    Streamline your business' productivity while boosting performance in the workplace, with Dell Wyse WSM software.

  14. wyse-wsm-security.jpg

    Dell Wyse WSM Security

    Streamline your business' productivity while boosting performance in the workplace, with Dell Wyse WSM software.

  15. premier-quick-tour.jpg

    Dell Premier | Tour Simplified Video

    Demo Tour of Main Premier Features

  16. ultra-hd-monitor.jpg

    See more and do more with Dell Ultra HD Monitors

    Focus on the finest details with the precision and clarity you need – choose Dell Ultra HD monitors.

  17. connected-security-security-video.jpg

    Dell strategy for delivering value and Connected Security overview

    Learn how to take advantage of the opportunities provided by cloud, big data, and mobility initiatives while maintaining security and reducing risk with Connected Security solutions from Dell Software.

  18. poweredge-r220.jpg

    PowerEdge R220 Server

    Dell has designed the PowerEdge R220 rack server that helps users from SMBs to Large Enterprises and Organizations simplify their IT and become more productive.

  19. esupport-windows-defender-win8-en.jpg

    Windows Defender in Windows 8

    Windows Defender is your first line of defence against unwanted or malicious software. Watch this video to learn how to use it to keep your system safer.

  20. overview-of-lists-dell-premier-video.jpg

    Dell Premier | Lists Overview Simplified Video

    Overview of Lists in Dell Premier (Simplified)

  21. desktops-family-en-video.jpg

    Dell Inspiron, XPS & Precision Desktops

    A look at Dell's Insprion, XPS & Precision Desktops

  22. stutterfly-does-more.jpg

    Shutterfly does more with Dell

    By standardizing on flexible and reliable Dell servers, Dell Shutterfly can predictably scale to meet critical peak period demand and deliver a quality site experience.

  23. venue-pro-11-rapid-review-en-video.jpg

    PCWorld Video Review of the Dell Venue 11 Pro Tablet

    Check out this video review of the Dell Venue 11 Pro Tablet. Find out why PCWorld’s Michael Brown concludes: “This tablet is fast and one of the most versatile we’ve seen.”

  24. lists-management.jpg

    Dell Premier | Lists Overview Video

    Overview of Lists in Dell Premier

  25. navigating-systems-and-peripherals-catalogs.jpg

    Dell Premier | Navigating Systems and Peripherals Catalogs Video

    Navigating the Dell Premier Systems and Peripherals Catalogs

  26. ddp-cloud-edition-video.jpg

    Dell Data Protection | Cloud Edition

    Watch how DDP | Cloud Edition protects data stored and shared in public cloud services. Put IT back in control of data security.

  27. san-hq-3.0.jpg

    SAN HQ 3.0 Offers Consolidated Performance and Robust Event Monitoring

    Learn about how Dell EqualLogic Storage Area Networks Headquarters (SAN HQ) 3.0 helps you optimize your environment through performance monitoring, reporting and automatic SupportAssist case creation and tracking.

  28. equalLogic-hitms.jpg

    Dell EqualLogic HIT/MS Offers Advanced Integration with Microsoft

    Learn about how Dell EqualLogic enables storage features in Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 such as Offloaded Data Transfers, Volume Rethinning/Unmap and Storage Management Provider.

  29. virtual-storage-manager-4.0.jpg

    Accelerate virtualization with Dell Virtual Storage Manager 4.0

    Learn about how Dell Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) 4.0, part of the EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware® (HIT/VMware) enables consistent data protection, performance optimization and streamlined management.

  30. big-data-big-insights.jpg

    Big Data, Big Insights with Dell, SAP and Intel

    Big Data is already a trend that companies are jumping to.

  31. esupport-replacing-the-fuser-on-dell-b5460dn-and-b5465dnf-laser-printers-eng-v2.jpg

    Replace the Fuser on Dell B5460dn and B5465dnf Laser Printers

    Fusers are consumable items, just like toner cartridges. Here's how to fit a new one. For more tips and tools, visit dell.com/support

  32. esupport-replacing-the-transfer-roller-on-dell-b5460dn-and-b5465dnf-laser-printers-eng-v1.jpg
  33. esupport-replacing-the-imaging-drum-on-dell-b5460dn-and-b5465dnf-laser-printers-eng-v1.jpg

    Replace the Imaging Drum on Dell B5460dn and B5465dnf Laser Printers

    Time to replace your imaging drum? Let us show you how. For more tips and tools, visit dell.com/support.

  34. esupport-replacing-the-toner-cartridge-on-dell-b5460dn-and-b5465dnf-laser-printers-en-v2.jpg

    Replace the Toner on Dell B5460dn and B5465dnf Laser Printers

    Time to change your toner cartridge? Here's how. Visit dell.com/support for more helpful tips and tools.

  35. xps-27-pc-mag-review-video.jpg

    PC Magazine Video Review of the Dell XPS 27 Touch All-in-One Desktop

    Learn why PC Magazine editors rated the XPS 27 Touch All-in-One Desktop 4.5/5 stars and awarded it Editors’ Choice.

  36. emea-premier-tour-2013.jpg

    Dell Premier Tour EMEA EN Video

    This video provides a tour of the main features and benefits of Dell Premier, a secure, customisable online toolset for purchasing, reporting and product support, all backed by a dedicated account team.

  37. fluidcache-for-san-video.jpg

    Dell Fluid Cache for SAN video

    Dell Fluid Cache for SAN is a complete, flexible enterprise application acceleration solution producing stable, extraordinary I/O performance for applications such as OLTP and VDI.

  38. fluidcache-for-san-tech-video.jpg

    Dell Fluid Cache for SAN OLTP Oracle® Lab Test Video

    A Dell lab test video of an OLTP Oracle® workload simulation for Dell Fluid Cache for SAN, which compares averaage response time (ART), number of concurrent users, and transactions per second (TPS) with and without Dell Fluid Cache for SAN.

  39. virtual-storage-manager.jpg

    Dell Virtual Storage Manager

    Accelerate virtualization for your EqualLogic and VMware environments with Dell Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) 4.0

  40. Red-hat-global-alliance.jpg

    Dell and Red Hat Global Alliance - 2014 Highlights

    The Dell and Red Hat Global Alliance delivers powerful and reliable solutions to meet evolving customer needs. Bharath Vasudevan highlights how we are designing for the future with leading edge Linux, virtualization and cloud solutions.

  41. CareersGlobalRecruiting_en.jpg

    Life at Dell

    Our philosophy is to build enduring relationships with our team members everywhere, inspiring all of us to embrace and live Dell’s purpose in everything we do.

  42. careers-ourpeople-vanice.jpg

    Our People | Vanice

    "Dell provides flexible work solutions that allow team members to do their best work in a way that’s most effective for the individual."

  43. careers-ourpeople-bill.jpg

    Our People | Bill

    Meet Bill: Part of Dell's software organization, Bill contributes to Dell's innovative and entrepreneurial culture.

  44. rack-integration-services.jpg

    Time Lapse of Dell Rack Integration Service

    Rack Integration from Configuration Services.

  45. bluetooth-speaker-ad211.jpg

    Dell Bluetooth Speaker - AD211

    Encased in a stylish, compact design, the Dell Bluetooth Portable Speaker compliments a home, office or mobile lifestyle.

  46. latitude-13-edu-dell-video.jpg

    Latitude 13

    The Latitude 13 is built for Education

  47. venue-11-pro-edu-dell-video.jpg

    Dell Venue 11 Pro

    The Dell Venue 11 Pro is 3 in 1 product built for education.

  48. eSupport_Win7_System_Restore.jpg

    My Dell in 99 seconds: System restore from inside Windows 7

    Learn how to use the Windows System Restore feature to repair software issues from outside of the operating system. A Windows System Restore returns your computer to a previous time, removing recent changes to the software on your computer without destroying new files you may have saved or created.

  49. eSupport_System_Setup_Update.jpg

    My Dell in 99 seconds: Update system setup

    Learn how to use Dell's Drivers and Downloads to ensure your computer's system setup or BIOS is up to date. Newer system setup versions often add new functionality or resolve previously identified issues. Proper system setup/BIOS management can help to extend the usability of your Dell devices.

  50. eSupport_Windows8_Printer_Installation_EN_V2.jpg

    V525W/725W Printer Installation in Windows 8 with My Dell in 99 seconds

    Learn how to install a Dell V525W or V725W printer on a Windows 8 computer

  51. eSupport_Connecting_WiFi.jpg

    My Dell in 99 seconds: Connecting to a wireless network

    Learn how to configure and connect to wireless networks with your Dell system.

  52. RM036_Reset_Password.jpg

    My Dell in 99 Seconds: Reset your Windows 7 Password

    Forget your Windows 7 Password? Learn how to use the Windows 7 Password reset disk to reset a password, and how to use an administrator account to reset the password of other users on the system. All in 99 seconds!

  53. eSupport_Windows8_Windows_8_Camera_EN_V4.jpg

    Using the Camera App in Windows 8 with My Dell in 99 seconds

    Learn how to set up and use the camera app in Windows 8 with My Dell in 99 seconds.

  54. eSupport_Printhead_Issues.jpg

    My Dell in 99 Seconds: Fixing printhead issues on Dell inkjet printers

    Learn how to identify, resolve and in some cases repair the printhead on your Dell inkjet printer. These simple strategies can solve many common issues which stop your Dell printer from printing.

  55. Drivers_Download.jpg

    My Dell in 99 Seconds: Download and Install Device Drivers

    Learn how to identify, download and install drivers to ensure your Dell is working at its full potential in less than two minutes!

  56. eSupport_Firmware_Update.jpg

    My Dell in 99 seconds: Update Printer firmware

    Learn how to update the firmware for your Dell Printer. Firmware is a type of software, installed directly on the device. Newer firmware often adds new functionality or resolves previously identified issues. Proper firmware management can help to extend the life, and usability of your Dell devices.

  57. eSupport_Windows8_2340T_Monitor_Setup_EN_V3.jpg

    Setup your Dell S2340T touch monitor with My Dell in 99 Seconds

    Learn how to set up your new Dell S2340T touch monitor with a Windows 8 computer.

  58. eSupport_Frozen_at_Dell_logo.jpg

    My Dell in 99 seconds: Frozen at the Dell logo

    Learn how to return your Dell computer to operational condition when it boots to a Dell logo, then will not go forward. These simple strategies can solve many common issues which stop your Dell computer from completing the Power On Self Test (POST).

  59. RM038_Paper_Jam.jpg

    My Dell in 99 Seconds: How to Clear a Paper Jam

    Learn how to clear a paper jam from a Dell Inkjet printer. All in 99 seconds!

  60. eSupport_Windows_8_Recovery_Media_US_EN.jpg

    Windows 8 - Recovery Media in 99 seconds

    Learn how to create system recovery media or operating system (OS) reinstallation discs on a Dell Windows 8 system with My Dell in 99 seconds. This video will guide you through the use of Dell’s Backup and Recovery software.

  61. eSupport_Windows8_Upgrade_EN_V3.jpg

    Claiming the Windows 8 Upgrade Offer with My Dell in 99 seconds

    Learn how to claim the Windows 8 upgrade offer if your Dell system was purchased with Windows 7 between 2nd June 2012 and 31st January 2013.

  62. eSupport_Windows_8_Search_US_EN.jpg

    Windows 8 – Search in 99 seconds

    Learn how to use the powerful search feature in Windows 8 with My Dell in 99 Seconds. Windows 8 search delivers the ability to search your computer and settings, the Microsoft store, the web and 3rd part services.

  63. eSupport_Windows_RT_Compared_With_Windows_8_US_EN.jpg

    Windows RT and Windows 8 in 99 seconds

    My Dell in 99 Seconds helps you to understand how Windows RT and Windows 8 differ. Learn about the features, compatibility and capability of Windows RT for ARM processors.

  64. RM011_Rapid_Start.jpg

    My Dell in 99 seconds: Intel Rapid Start

    Overview of Intel Rapid Start, sytem requirements and how to configure that on Dell Portable

  65. RM020_Cartridge_Installation.jpg

    My Dell in 99 Seconds: Inkjet cartridge installation

    Learn how to install Inkject cartridges in Dell printers. This tutorial will discuss removing and replacing Inkjet cartridge, opening the cartridge caps, properly aligning cartridges; and the proper sequence for installtion. All in 99 seconds!

  66. eSupport_My_Dell_Support_Center_US_EN.jpg

    Windows 8 - My Dell Support Center in 99 seconds

    Learn about Dell’s One-Stop-Troubleshooting application for Dell PCs with My Dell in 99 Seconds. Learn how to update drivers and access system information, maintenance tools and Dell Support options all from My Dell Support Center.

  67. RM035_USB_Troubleshooting.jpg

    My Dell in 99 Seconds: USB troubleshooting

    Learn how to identify and troubleshoot common USB configuration issues. Learn common tools for addressing and resolving many USB issues. All in 99 seconds!

  68. eSupport_Portable_Not_turning_on.jpg

    My Dell in 99 seconds: Can't turn on your laptop?

    Learn how to return your Dell laptop to operational condition when it will not turn on. These simple strategies can solve the most common causes of power failure for Dell portable computers.

  69. eSupport_Printer_Setup.jpg

    My Dell in 99 seconds: How to install a new Dell inkjet printer

    Learn how to connect and install a Dell inkjet printer.

  70. eSupport_Nvidia_Overview.jpg

    My Dell in 99 seconds: nVidia Optimus overview

    Learn more about the nVidia Optimus solution and how to configure it. NVidia Optimus helps enhance video performance, while optimizing battery usage.

  71. eSupport_Battery_not_charging.jpg

    My Dell in 99 seconds: My laptop battery is plugged in, but not charging

    Learn how to identify and resolve the most common causes for the battery warning, "Plugged in, but not charging".

  72. 2014-fashionlab-10013325-graphic-design-workstations.jpg

    Dassault Systèmes FashionLab uses Dell Precision workstations to create highly detailed and complex imagery - Video


    Dassault Systèmes FashionLab, powered by Dell Precision workstations, created the design simulation of a futuristic new watch by French designer Francois Quentin, and brought it to life in dramatic glasses-free 3D.

  73. 2014-noel-baker-10012638-end-to-end-classroom.jpg

    Noel-Baker School improves the classroom experience with an end-to-end infrastructure from Dell - Video


    Noel-Baker School sees students being more engaged and boosts results thanks to a cutting-edge interactive learning environment based on a Dell end-to-end solution.

  74. 2014-ersa-10013042-high-performance-cloud-computing.jpg

    eResearch South Australia (eRSA) builds a high-performance private cloud - Video


    eResearch SA builds and secures a high-performance private cloud with Dell end-to-end solutions.

  75. eSupport_Windows_8_Start_Screen_US_EN.jpg

    Windows 8 – Start Screen in 99 seconds

    Learn about the intuitive Windows 8 user interface with My Dell in 99 Seconds. This video will discuss using, organizing and personalizing the start screen. Learn how to open apps, pin and unpin apps, rearrange tiles and use Live tiles.

  76. esupport-R220-cpu-heatsinks-en-v1.jpg

    PowerEdge R220: Remove and Install the Processor and Heatsink

    How to remove and replace the processor and heatsink

  77. eSupport-JoinTheCommunity-US.jpg

    Join the Dell Community

    Join a thriving community of fellow Dell owners. Share tips, solve problems, and engage on topics you choose.

  78. eSupport-MyAccountSetup-US.jpg

    Create a Dell 'My Account' Profile

    Learn how to create a Dell My Account. The My Account tool is a great resource for managing the Dell products you own and accessing personalized results. To learn more, or get started now, visit Dell.com/myaccount.

  79. eSupport_Working_With_Windows_8_Apps_US_EN.jpg

    Windows 8 – Working With Apps in 99 seconds

    Learn about the new Microsoft Store, and Store Apps, with My Dell in 99 Seconds. This video will help you to understand the differences between desktop applications and Store Apps, as well as get you started using them.

  80. Product-Protection-Plans-TV.jpg

    Help Me Choose

    Product Protection Plans - TV

  81. Dell_Lifetime_Warranty_and_ProSupport_for_networking.jpg

    PowerConnect Lifetime Warranty

    Details on Dell's Lifetime Warranty and why most customers add ProSupport Service for added benefits.

  82. venue8-work-scenario-final-en-video.jpg

    Hands-On with the Dell Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8.1 at work

    Hands-On with the Dell Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8.1 at work

  83. Uninstall a Printer from Windows

    Upgraded your printer or having trouble with a print driver? We'll show you how to clean up the old installation before you install the new printer, or update to the latest driver.

  84. networking-z9500-fabric-switch.jpg

    Dell Networking Z9500 Fabric Switch

    The Dell Networking Z9500 Fabric Switch furthers the evolution of network architectures by offering the performance of a large chassis solution in a 3RU fixed form factor, making it the highest density switch per RU on the market today.

  85. storage-sc4000-series-storage-arrays.jpg

    Dell Storage SC4000 Series Storage Arrays

    The Dell SC4020 storage array is based on Dell’s flagship SC8000 platform. Offering similar benefits at a smaller scale, the mid-tier SC4020 begins with a rock-solid enterprise hardware architecture.

  86. openmanage-mobile-quickview.jpg

    OpenManage Mobile Features and benefits

    Learn how OpenManage Mobile software lets you monitor the health status of your IT infrastructure from anywhere and anytime.

  87. data-center-monitoring-openmanage.jpg

    Datacenter management from your mobile device

    Learn about OpenManage Mobile, enterprise class mobile application as part of the OpenManage portfolio for managing your IT infrastructure.

  88. Accidental-Damage-English-dell.jpg

    Dell Accidental Damage

    Accidents can happen anywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind at home, at the office, and everywhere in between? When the unexpected happens, don’t spend time worrying about repair or replacement.

  89. desktop-category-8700-final.jpg

    High Performance Desktop Category Video

    Learn more about Dell’s multi-media and entertainment desktops, equipped with leading-edge technology.

  90. global-portal-demo-video.jpg

    Video: Dell Global Portal Demo

    Demo video (25 min) explaining the main features of Dell Global Portal in English language.

  91. dashboard-management-demo.jpg

    Dell Premier Dashboard Management Demo

    Learn how to customize and manage the Dashboard function in Dell Premier.

  92. address-management-video.jpg

    Premier Address Book Management Video

    Short demo video explaining the address book management function of Premier.

  93. maine-nations-first.jpg

    Maine HealthInfoNet--Nation's first state-wide image enabled HIE

    HealthInfoNet is working with some of Maine's largest health care organizations to pilot the nation's first statewide medical image archive using the Dell Cloud. With this new service HealthInfoNet, will reduce the cost of storage and transport of electronic medical images and make sharing these images possible through the health information exchange (HIE).

  94. windows8-app-store-tutorial-kbm-10-12-12.jpg

    Windows 8 App Store Tutorial - Keyboard and Mouse

    Learn more about the new Windows 8 App store on your system with keyboard and mouse.

  95. education-pflugerville-embraces-dell-video.jpg

    Pflugerville High School Embraces Technology for Teaching and Learning

    Learn how Pflugerville uses technology and how Dell works to support them and other schools commited to advancing the way students learn.

  96. from-year-one.jpg

    Our Heritage

    Dedicated to meeting customers’ needs since year one

  97. Dell-Precision-T3600-and-T5600-workstation-Overview-1080p.jpg

    Dell Precision T3600 and T5600 Workstation Overview

    Take a tour of the features in the Dell Precision T3600 and T5600 workstations and learn how these powerful and reliable workstations were designed to meet demands of real world users.

  98. ProSupport_9_26-H264.jpg

    Dell ProSupport

    Explore all the ways that ProSupport from Dell can support your business — so you can focus on things that matter.

  99. simplify-your-organization-with-dell-premier.jpg

    Simplify your organization with Dell Premier

    Learn how Dell Premier can provide your organization with a customized, secure online toolset for purchasing, reporting and product support, all backed by a dedicated account team. Reliable, efficient and available 24/7.

  100. esupport-R920installRack-EN-v1.jpg

    PowerEdge R920: Install into Rack


    How to install into a data center rack

Case Studies

  1. Click here to read PDF

    SPIN VFX develops a powerful and energy efficient CGI render farm


    Toronto-based visual effects company produces computer generated imagery (CGI) for film and television. It made file rendering much faster with Dell Precision workstations and gained new energy efficiencies with Dell PowerEdge servers.

  2. Click here to read PDF

    BDO Brasil standardizes operations through partnership with Dell


    Global accounting network standardizes its audit process with Dell PowerEdge servers and EqualLogic storage. As a result, the company will save time, money and support future growth.

  3. Click here to read PDF

    SICTIAM builds a private cloud for the public sector


    Civil servants in France increase efficiency with greater mobile access to data via infrastructure-as-a-service platform provided by a government agency and built on Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell PowerVault storage and Dell Networking switches.

  4. Click here to read PDF

    How Dell Does IT: Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and building an Innovation Lab


    Dell IT used the OpenStack cloud platform to create a new Innovation Lab, which uses Dell servers, storage and networking solutions. Dell IT manages the lab with Dell software tools.

  5. Click here to read PDF

    Truland Group consolidates servers and simplifies CAD drawings access by incorporating BYOD


    Top electrical contractor works with Dell Financial Services to make its IT dreams a reality. The firm realizes more than $700,000 in ROI in six months, reduces server footprint by 54 percent, speeds data access, boosts uptime by 33 percent and facilitates BYOD.

  6. Click here to read PDF

    West Park Hospital utilizes Dell's MSite cloud to make necessary MEDITECH upgrades affordable


    Local hospital deploys the latest version of MEDITECH on the Dell MSite cloud, reducing in-house infrastructure and management costs while enhancing critical IT services for staff and patients.

  7. Click here to read PDF

    Massage Envy standardizes IT and network security nationwide


    Nationwide clinic replaces IT at 960+ sites with Dell firewalls, management appliances, servers and workstations. As a result, the firm saved 20 hours monthly in manual processes, boosted firewall uptime to 99 percent and reduced malware by 30 percent.

  8. Click here to read PDF

    Provincie Zeeland aims for greater productivity and efficiency with its Dell end-to-end infrastructure


    Authority in the Netherlands creates end-to-end solution from Dell, featuring servers, storage, networking, desktops, workstations, laptops and tablet devices. As a result, it is enhancing productivity, lowering costs and improving taxpayer value.

  9. Click here to read PDF

    York Region District School Board deploys Dell tablets to teachers for its BYOD 1:1 initiative


    Canadian public school system supplies teachers with 100 Dell Latitude 10 tablets with Windows 8 and an Intel® Atom™ processors to outfit them for a robust, mobile technology to support a student BYOD 1:1 initiative.

  10. Click here to read PDF

    Vertafore secures its insurance industry cloud software with Dell SecureWorks


    Leading insurance industry software provider protects insurers and their customers from cyber threats with the help of Dell SecureWorks.

  11. Click here to read PDF

    Magazin Malogo Kreditovaniya (MMK) improves throughput with Dell RemoteScan software


    Russian online bank and payday lender uses Dell RemoteScan to remove scanning bottlenecks, thereby and increasing customer throughput and boosting revenues.

  12. Click here to read PDF

    BlueSun improves availability and scalability with virtualized server technology


    Financial firm implements Dell PowerEdge R720 servers with Intel® Xeon® processors, PowerVault storage arrays and Networking switches. It saves on operating costs monthly, boosts customer availability and data security, and increases scalability.

  13. Click here to read PDF

    Voxel Group improves scalability and disaster recovery with its virtualized environment


    Transaction services firm in Spain deploys virtualized Dell PowerEdge M620 blade servers, Dell EqualLogic PS6110XV arrays and Dell Networking S25n and S50n switches. Staff work more efficiently with servers installed 75 per cent faster and failover in less than 60 minutes.

  14. Click here to read PDF

    The P&V Group maximizes SAS® reporting with Compellent flash-based storage


    Leading insurance firm runs SAS® Risk Management for Insurance software on Dell Compellent flash-optimised storage arrays. As a result, it has boosted the speed of reporting by 70 per cent to ensure compliance with Solvency II legislation.

  15. Click here to read PDF

    MBS Logistics drives company growth with scalable IT


    Logistics business deploys Dell EqualLogic storage, Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell switches as part of an IT refresh project. Staff have boosted their performance and the business is driving global expansion with flexible IT.

  16. Click here to read PDF

    Henan University of Technology upgrades library resources with a customized VDI solution


    Chinese technology university improves student performance and productivity by maximizing IT resources with a virtual desktop infrastructure powered by Dell Wyse thin clients, PowerEdge servers, EqualLogic storage, Networking switches and desktops.

  17. Click here to read PDF

    Anhui USTC iFLYTEK launches voice service powered by a Dell end-to-end cloud solution


    Speech and language tech giant boosts its subscriber base by launching a new service while improving employee efficiency by deploying an end-to-end Dell platform with PowerEdge servers, EqualLogic storage, Networking switches and Vostro notebooks.

  18. Click here to read PDF

    Agência Moderna Tecnologia (AMT) expands its services portfolio with a replication platform


    Technology group in Brazil guarantees scalability and better performance by standardizing its storage platform with the Dell EqualLogic solution.

  19. Click here to read PDF

    Prentke Romich Company (PRC) develops and delivers assistive technology tablet by partnering with Dell OEM Solutions


    Assistive technology developer works with Dell OEM Solutions to help people with disabilities communicate more effectively by creating a device based on the Dell Latitude 10 Windows® 8 tablet.

  20. Click here to read PDF

    ROC ID College improves campus IT efficiency


    A college in the Netherlands updates IT with Dell PowerEdge blade servers, Dell EqualLogic storage arrays and Dell Networking switches, helping its teachers and staff realise their potential and improve efficiency.

  21. Click here to read PDF

    Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA) turns to Dell Managed Services for e-learning and regulatory compliance


    Nationwide healthcare provider deploys the Dell Edify Learning Management System, a hosted e-learning solution that helps it standardize and measure clinical training as well as meet regulatory compliance.

  22. Click here to read PDF

    Platinum Bank ensures regulatory compliance with ChangeAuditor and InTrust software


    Leading bank in Ukraine enhances security, ensures regulatory compliance and minimizes downtime with AD and Exchange auditing from Dell Software.

  23. Click here to read PDF

    Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games chooses to partner with Dell


    Organisers of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are on track to deliver a major sporting event with an end-to-end solution from Dell, including Dell Latitude, OptiPlex, PowerEdge, EqualLogic, PowerVault and KACE, as well as Dell ProSupport.

  24. Click here to read PDF

    REMONDIS implements scalable and user friendly systems management globally


    Global water and recycling company works with Dell Deployment Services and deploys the Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances to ensure compliance, cut licensing costs and deliver new hardware faster.

  25. Click here to read PDF

    Locala Community Partnerships improves healthcare services with an innovative private cloud


    A community healthcare services provider extends consultation times, increases patient-facing time by 5 per cent and the number of virtual contacts by 20 per cent with Dell private cloud solution and Dell laptops.

  26. Click here to read PDF

    MakeMyTrip.com consolidates data center with a high-performance platform


    Indian online travel portal improves operational efficiency and supports growing customer demand while halving management time with a high-performance platform based on Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell PowerVault storage and Dell OpenManage Essentials.

  27. Click here to read PDF

    Florida Atlantic University (FAU) refreshes data center and increases efficiency


    With Dell PowerEdge servers and data center virtualization, a large regional university handles registrations for nearly 30,000 students with capacity to spare, all the while saving IT staff time, maintenance costs and floor space.

  28. Click here to read PDF

    Seracell Pharma AG improves IT with automated systems management and upgraded desktops


    A pharmaceutical company boosts staff performance and reduces costs by upgrading to Dell OptiPlex desktops running Windows® 7. Automating systems management with Dell KACE helps cut IT administration by 60 per cent.

  29. Click here to read PDF

    Huevocartoon Producciones deploys powerful render farm for 3-D animation production


    Leading Mexico City animation studio deploys a new render farm from Dell to create its new 3-D movie, “A Rooster with Lots of Eggs,” benefitting from both energy savings and Dell financing.

  30. Click here to read PDF

    Myian Sdn. Bhd. saves money and time with VRTX


    A Malaysian technology evangelist and consulting firm significantly reduces operational costs and streamlines processes for a seamless end-user training experience with a Dell PowerEdge VRTX integrated solutions platform.

  31. Click here to read PDF

    Device Technologies improves ERP with virtualized data center


    Medical devices distributor in Australia scales to meet business growth and achieves energy and operational efficiency with a virtualized data center running on Dell Compellent storage arrays, Dell PowerEdge servers & Dell Networking switches.

  32. Click here to read PDF

    Saint Michael's College refreshes its endpoint environment on campus


    Private, liberal arts college in Vermont replaces its HP workstations, desktops and laptops with the latest Dell systems to reduce management complexity and to improve IT services and support for faculty and students.

  33. Click here to read PDF

    Beyond Lucid Technologies partners with Dell OEM Solutions to develop its electronic primary care record (ePCR) devices


    EMS technology developer works with Dell OEM Solutions to install custom software on high-performance tablets like the Dell Venue 11 Pro, giving itself both operational flexibility and a technological edge in the market.

  34. Click here to read PDF

    GOM partners with Dell OEM Solutions to drive global expansion efforts


    Germany-based manufacturer of optical measurement tools supports annual growth with Dell OEM Solutions and the use of Dell Precision workstations in its highly successful ATOS product range.

  35. Click here to read PDF

    LiveU Inc. improves quality and lifecycle management of its custom-branded appliance


    Video-over-cellular company partners with Dell OEM Solutions and NCS Technologies to provide a high-quality, consistent server platform that can easily be shipped and supported nearly anywhere in the world.

  36. Click here to read PDF

    Southern Illinois University (SIU) partners with Dell to develop and deploy mobile computing on campus


    Major public university partners with Dell, Intel, Microsoft and textbook publishers to launch “Mobile Dawg,” a tablet-based comprehensive suite of applications and e-texts to enhance students’ educational experiences, learning and retention.

  37. Click here to read PDF

    PowerConnect W-Series ClearPass

    Deliver secure network access to personal devices owned by employees and visitors.

  38. Click here to read PDF

    Goizueta Business School at Emory University deploys Dell tablets to EMBA students


    College deploys full-featured Windows 8 tablets from Dell, preloaded with all necessary applications and consolidated information resources and applications, to Executive MBA students so they can spend more time learning and enjoying a better educational experience.

  39. Click here to read PDF

    VirtuWorks gains elasticity by replacing eight SANs with one from Dell


    Public cloud and IT solutions service replaces eight SANs with a virtual one based on Dell storage, servers and switches. Clients get faster cloud services and 100 percent uptime, the company boosts ROI and competitiveness, and staff are more efficient and less stressed.

  40. Click here to read PDF

    Cwm Taf University Health Board adapts its IT infrastructure with help from Dell


    A major healthcare provider in Wales deploys Dell Compellent Storage Center storage arrays and Windows Server® 2012 with Hyper-V™, boosting services and helping clinicians enhance patient care through faster access to data and improved uptime.

  41. Click here to read PDF



    A leading visual effects (VFX) studio, known for its work on Hollywood blockbuster movie Gravity, is driving expansion with the support of Dell and solutions such as Dell Precision workstations, PowerEdge servers and Networking switches.

  42. Click here to read PDF



    Online sports media network faced a requirement to simplify IT management by virtualizing their storage and servers. They welcomed an approach by Dell by implementing PowerEdge and EqualLogic solutions in order to sustain expansion.

  43. Click here to read PDF

    Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) enhances services and efficiency with VDI


    Top ranked ski resort enhances IT services and communications for staff with a Dell-powered VDI, Dell Compellent storage and Dell Networking switches, allowing them to deliver the best possible mountain experience for resort visitors.

  44. Click here to read PDF

    Dignity refreshes IT infrastructure and strengthens its company focus


    Leading UK funeral business is boosting services using a virtualized Dell data-centre solution, creating reports four times faster, reducing backups by 80 per cent, lowering energy use and improving employee satisfaction.

  45. Click here to read PDF

    South Dakota Housing Development Authority replaces its tape-based backup system with the DR4000


    Government housing agency enjoys fast backups, reliable recovery and deduplication rates of 72-85%—while reducing IT workload by two hours a day—with the DR4000 Disk Backup Appliance.

  46. Click here to read PDF

    International School Lausanne (ISL) utilizes Dell for their easy-to-scale VDI environment


    International school in Switzerland helps students, teachers and staff improve performance with a virtual desktop environment and one-to-one device programme. Solutions include Dell PowerEdge, Dell EqualLogic, Dell Networking and Dell Latitude.

  47. Click here to read PDF

    Shutterfly, Inc. improves website availability and simplified IT management


    Creative online retailer uses Dell PowerEdge servers to easily provision its website during peak times and to ensure high availability. The company also uses the Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance system to improve IT management.

  48. Click here to read PDF

    How Dell Does IT: Unified Communications and Collaboration boosts productivity and savings


    Based on Microsoft® Exchange, Lync® and SharePoint® with Dell infrastructure and management tools, the unified communications and collaboration solution helps team members work more productivity and collaboratively, while increasing mobility and reducing costs and environmental impact.

  49. Click here to read PDF

    Cadac Group creates an environment for growth


    Software specialist in the Netherlands boosts client services and employee productivity with Dell AppAssure and Dell PowerEdge VRTX solution, improving processes, cutting admin by 30 per cent and deduplicating data by 80 per cent.

  50. Click here to read PDF

    National Institute of Informatics (NII)


    Japanese research institute supports inter-university cloud computing and halves rack space requirements by working with Dell to deploy a high-performance, scalable cloud infrastructure powered by Dell PowerEdge servers and OpenStack.

  51. Click here to read PDF

    Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) boosts research with HPC


    Swiss university builds a HPC environment with Dell PowerEdge C6220 and R720 servers and Dell PowerVault storage. Users get enhanced data processing with the energy-efficient infrastructure and the university has boosted its standing among peers.

  52. Click here to read PDF

    Dubai Culture & Arts Authority


    Culture and arts authority in Dubai builds private cloud infrastructure based on Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell EqualLogic arrays, Dell Networking switches and Dell SonicWALL firewalls. Citizens are enhancing learning with fast internet connectivity.

  53. Click here to read PDF

    Fuji Keizai Boosts Employee Efficiency with VDI Refresh


    Japanese marketing research firm boosts employee productivity with refreshed VDI solution based on Dell Wyse thin clients, Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell EqualLogic storage, Dell Networking switches and Dell SonicWALL appliances.

  54. Click here to read PDF

    China Power Complete Equipment Company (CPCEC)


    Chinese power regulator consolidates 80% of its IT environment and reduces equipment costs by 70% by virtualizing its data center on Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell EqualLogic storage and deploying Dell Wyse thin clients.

  55. Click here to read PDF

    Depósitos Almacenes Número Uno


    Retailer in Spain scales storage in minutes rather than hours with Dell EqualLogic storage, Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell Networking switches. With the solution in place, the firm is driving business expansion.

  56. Click here to read PDF

    British Columbia Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA)


    The British Columbia Maritime Employers Association matches up to 1,500 daily port jobs with available workers using a sophisticated dispatch system based on Dell PowerEdge servers that eliminated outages and reduced processing time.

  57. Click here to read PDF

    Generali China Life Insurance Company


    Chinese insurance provider significantly improves customer service and operational efficiency by reducing coverage policy provisioning from 7 days to 30 minutes with the use of Dell Latitude 10 tablets.

  58. Click here to read PDF

    City of Redondo Beach, California


    City refreshes its entire IT infrastructure, from desktops to the data center, with Dell solutions and desktop virtualization, giving city employees new work flexibility and better public PC access, while saving IT staff hundreds of hours annually.

  59. Click here to read PDF

    Shelby American


    High-performance carmaker refreshes its entire IT infrastructure using Dell solutions, including server virtualization that helps cut the server footprint of its data center by half and reduce power consumption by 75 percent.

  60. Click here to read PDF

    eResearch South Australia


    eResearch joint venture supports collaboration in South Australia by achieving 40-fold increase in data access with a high-performance computing solution based on Dell PowerEdge servers, a Dell Networking Active Fabric Solution and Dell SonicWALL.

  61. Click here to read PDF

    Super Products


    Irrigation equipment distributor in Thailand supports 30 percent anticipated annual business growth and boosts staff productivity by 40 percent through deploying a Dell PowerEdge VRTX platform, Dell PowerEdge blade servers and Dell ProSupport.

  62. Click here to read PDF

    NEWJEC Inc.


    Advanced analysis, improved performance and increase in processing speed are now made possible at a Japanese construction and consulting firm by implementing energy-efficient Dell PowerEdge VRTX to deliver a more powerful and compact HPC environment.

  63. Click here to read PDF

    Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)


    UK vehicle agency helps personnel work more efficiently while reducing the cost of IT with a virtualized infrastructure based on Dell PowerEdge R620 servers, Dell EqualLogic PS4100E storage arrays and Dell Networking 7048 switches.

  64. Click here to read PDF

    Hirotec India


    Indian automotive design and manufacturing company boosts competitive advantage and meets challenging industry demands with innovative design work supported by Dell EqualLogic storage, Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell laptops and workstations.

  65. Click here to read PDF

    Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


    Dutch school cuts bandwidth use by 20 percent and improves the performance of its critical educational systems with Dell SonicWALL next-generation firewalls.

  66. Click here to read PDF

    Konvert enhances network security and secure remote access with SonicWALL


    Temporary staffing agency in Belgium enhances its network security and facilitates easy, secure remote access with Dell SonicWALL NSA firewalls and the SRA 4600 appliance.

  67. Click here to read PDF



    Leading hosting and cloud service provider maintains 20 per cent annual growth and drives expansion with a high-density IT platform based on Dell PowerEdge C5220 servers, Dell EqualLogic and PowerVault storage, and Dell Networking switches.

  68. Click here to read PDF

    L&T Construction


    Leading construction company cuts help-desk calls by 30 per cent and reduces IT travel time by 63 per cent with the Dell KACE K1100 Management Appliance. The solution is helping personnel and IT staff across the Middle East work more efficiently.

  69. Click here to read PDF

    Church of the Highlands


    Mega church supports its ministry and broadcasting with end-to-end Dell infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking equipment, Dell SonicWALL next-generation firewalls and Dell KACE™ Systems Management and Deployment appliances.

  70. Click here to read PDF

    AIA Associés


    Leading architecture firm enhances staff performance with improved access to data and better backups and replication by deploying a virtualized network of Dell PowerEdge servers and using Dell vRanger data protection software.

  71. Click here to read PDF

    Ghent University


    A leading university in Belgium improves IT services for staff and reduces costs by streamlining procurement through integrating SAP systems with business-to-business eCommerce portal Dell PremierConnect.

  72. Click here to read PDF

    Concordia University


    Private, liberal arts university runs fast, accurate reports automatically with the Toad Business Intelligence Suite, saving time and increasing accuracy.

  73. Click here to read PDF

    iGATE Corporation


    Indian business process outsourcing firm overcomes geographical barriers to setup a unified communications system, allowing multi-location project teams to interact on a homogenous platform created with Dell Deployment Services using Microsoft Lync.

  74. Click here to read PDF



    Travel search company is cutting costs by a third over three years using Dell Converged Blade Data Centres featuring Dell PowerEdge blade servers, Dell EqualLogic blade arrays and Dell Networking switches.

  75. Click here to read PDF

    Financial by Dell


    Modern solutions for a complex economic market.

  76. Click here to read PDF

    Södertörn University


    University in Sweden deploys the Dell KACE K1000 and K2000 Systems Management Appliances to manage clients across the campus. Now, students gain faster access to programs and large-scale software installs take days not weeks.

  77. Click here to read PDF

    Dassault Systèmes FashionLab


    France-based fashion laboratory deploys a powerful desktop infrastructure to help process thousands of 3D images around the clock. It worked with Dell to support the display of its 3D technology at a high-profile jewellery event in Paris.

  78. Click here to read PDF

    Allergy Partners


    Health care provider meets its growing data backup and recovery needs by upgrading from tape to the Dell DR4000.

  79. Click here to read PDF

    Good Samaritan Hospital


    Large metropolitan hospital deploys Dell Unified Clinical Archive for image storage and archiving. The solution speeds up access to test results, enhances patient care and reduces IT costs.

  80. Click here to read PDF

    Freescale Semiconductor


    Global embedded hardware developer replaces 18 global data centers with a centralized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) built on Dell™ technology. The Dell VDI reduces IT costs and provides “in the office” app performance for globally distributed engineers.

  81. Click here to read PDF

    Arizona State University, Advanced Computing Center


    Researchers at a leading university can now lease data storage for 90 percent less than they could before and access it over a network that is 10 times faster with Dell Compellent scale-out network-attached storage.

  82. Click here to read PDF

    Lancope, Inc.


    A leading advanced-threat detection and network visibility specialist streamlines its software integrated security systems, and its supply chain management and warehousing with Dell OEM Solutions, all the while achieving major cost savings.

  83. Click here to read PDF



    E-commerce market place can now support a 10-fold increase in traffic volume and as such leads the online retail transformation in India by implementing its private cloud through Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell Deployment Services.

  84. Click here to read PDF



    When Hurricane Sandy flooded its Lower Manhattan headquarters in October 2012, EmblemHealth contacted Dell to provide 900 Latitude laptops in less than two weeks to help get about 700 displaced employees working again.

  85. Click here to read PDF

    Iomnis Surveillance Solutions and Iomnis Software Solutions


    Leading business physical security provider uses Dell infrastructure to deliver both cloud-based and on-premise surveillance and virtual-reality solutions for customers, and partners with Dell OEM Solutions to streamline its supply chain.

  86. Click here to read PDF

    University of Pisa (IT Center)


    Historic Italian university enhances its computing facilities using Dell EqualLogic storage and Dell Networking technology. Today, its partners meet large-scale storage needs for medical research and IT admin time has dropped by 40 per cent.

  87. Click here to read PDF

    How Dell Does IT: Device Standards


    Dell employees who are due for a system refresh can choose a fixed or mobile device that supports their specific role. Equipped with the latest devices, they can boost their productivity while showcasing the value of Dell products to customers first-hand.

  88. Click here to read PDF

    Reel FX


    Award winning animation studio delives feature-length movie projects faster and increases the sophistication of its animation with a Dell desktop and server infrastructure.

  89. Click here to read PDF



    Sports media company delivers high-definition graphics to broadcasters at live sporting events with Dell Precision workstations. And with a reliable, robust infrastructure, the IT team can deliver 100 per cent uptime to its mobile staff.

  90. Click here to read PDF

    Bajaj Capital


    Financial services firm achieved four-fold improvement in processing speed and increased productivity by partnering with Dell to install Dell Compellent storage for its financial services and applications, along with Dell Compellent Copilot Support.

  91. Click here to read PDF

    Williams Energy


    Major energy company cuts their provisioning workload in half, prevents custom coding, simplifies access, streamlines attestation and ensures compliance with Dell Identity Manager.

  92. Click here to read PDF

    Tokushukai Information System Inc.


    To protect vital medical records and ensure that data remains highly available to improve patient care responsiveness, a Japanese medical group deploys off-site backup and recovery solution with Dell PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage arrays.

  93. Click here to read PDF

    City and Islington College


    College in London gives students, teachers and staff new services for greater efficiency by deploying Dell Networking switches to support upgraded network links.

  94. Click here to read PDF

    Office of Information Technology (OIT), Princeton University


    Ivy League IT department is using the Dell KACE K1100 Systems Management Appliance to make sure that computers are updated and secure, while getting an accurate picture of Windows and Mac machines and more effectively controlling the infrastructure.

  95. Click here to read PDF

    Nanning Municipal Bureau of Local Taxation (NMBLT)


    With a forward thinking plan to reduce energy consumption and efficiently maximize IT manpower resources, a local Chinese municipal tax bureau selected Dell Wyse thin clients to virtualize their desktop infrastructure and replace desktop PCs.

  96. Click here to read PDF

    Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


    Hospital in the U.K. helps clinicians deliver better services with faster data backups and restores using Dell DR4100 disk backup appliance solution. Clinicians get files restored fast and the hospital gains around 90 per cent data de-duplication.

  97. Click here to read PDF

    Application-Aware Networking

    Dell can help today's enterprise move their existing deployments toward an application-aware network, without resorting to a wholesale rip-and-replace strategy.

  98. Click here to read PDF

    Distributed Core Architecture Using Dell Networking Z9000 and S4810 Switches

    Learn about open and flexible distributed core architectures which allow businesses to evolve and grow at the rate of innovation.

  99. Click here to read PDF

    Retail by Dell


    Connecting consumers & retailers in an evolving marketplace.

  100. Click here to read PDF

    Your Housing Group


    UK-based housing non-profit supports doubling of staff by choosing Dell Compellent Storage Center storage arrays to provide the backbone of a new infrastructure, as well as Dell Compellent Copilot Support for 24/7 access to storage experts.