Help Me Choose: Environmental Options

Select the Plant a Tree program or recycle your old PC with the product you're purchasing today. 
 environmental options

Thank you for considering the environment. Trees absorb greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, manage and recycle water, create shade, and provide food and homes for living things across the planet. The simple act of planting trees helps sustain our communities and the environment in countless ways.

Our Plant a Tree Program is designed to help offset the estimated average carbon emissions associated with the energy needed to power your Dell system while you own it (generally 3 years) through reforestation projects.

All the money donated goes to our partners, The Conservation Fund and foundation. They are constantly working to identify and secure lands in need of conservation and restoration. Plantings take place only on protected areas that can never be developed or harvested for timber.

Our partners work with independent third-party organizations, such as The Rainforest Alliance, and The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance, to validate and ensure that our planting efforts are following all the metrics and standards needed to offset the right amount of CO2.

We hope you choose to take part in our program, just like the thousands of Dell’s customers who have helped us plant over 600,000 new trees in areas in need such as the Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refugee in Louisiana. Beyond carbon sequestration, this restoration project helps reduce erosion, protect downstream watersheds and even restore habitat for endangered species such as the Louisiana Black Bear and Florida Panther.
For more details please visit Plant a Tree FAQ webpage.

Q: How did you determine those donation amounts?
Although the science and work behind the calculation are quite extensive and
complex, a simpler way to view the process is through these steps:

Step 1
  • Dell estimates the average amount of electricity used to power the systems using our Dell Client Energy Savings Calculator — OptiPlex, Latitude and Vostro systems are used as reference for the calculations for all systems.
Step 2
  • Using data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency, it is possible to estimate the average emissions caused by the generation of electricity needed to power your system.
Step 3
  • By multiplying those two factors (Go Zero® Metrics and Calculations), we can estimate how much carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) was emitted and how much needs to be offset by planting trees.
Step 4
  • Our partners, The Conservation Fund and, do great work finding the best reforestation projects available. All projects are validated to the highest standards (The Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance, and The Rainforest Alliance) to ensure sequestration levels are accurately accounted for (Panama Project Design).
Step 5
  • Every reforestation project has a price per metric ton of CO2e offset that is predetermined during each Reforestation Project Design. We use that dollar amount to calculate your donation. Hundred percent of your money goes to our partners in our tree planting efforts.