Helping your organization improve productivity while also saving energy is one of our priorities at Dell. That's why we're always innovating our products to make them work harder while consuming less power.

25 Percent Improvement in Two Years

We've engineered our laptops and desktops to be 25 percent more efficient today than they were in 2008. Some of our computers have made even higher efficiency gains. For example, both Dell OptiPlex™ 980 small form factor and the OptiPlex™ 780 ultrasmall form factor systems achieved 48 percent reductions in energy use when compared to their similarly configured predecessors.

We also offer Energy Smart configurations that have saved customers more than $5.8 billion in energy costs and avoided more than 55.7 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of 12 coal-powered plants.

Committed to Improvement

The 25 percent milestone marks the achievement of a commitment that we made to our customers and the planet in 2008, which is part of our ongoing dedication — that is — providing value to our customers and enabling the avoidance of CO2 emissions worldwide.

As more and more organizations are recognizing the role that IT can play in improving their productivity and reducing their environmental impacts, we continue to design systems and solutions that dramatically reduce energy consumption, drive productivity and cost savings, and help achieve a low-carbon economy.