Extended Battery Service

Extended Battery Service gives you the flexibility to extend the terms of your laptop battery coverage for the remainder of your laptop’s Limited Warranty, up to three years.

Your Dell Limited Hardware Warranty provides one year of battery coverage from the date of purchase of the computer and the Extended Battery Service offers the following additional benefits: 

  • Flexibility to extend the terms of replacement battery coverage for the remainder of the Limited Hardware Warranty up to three years
  • One replacement battery during the extended term in the event the computer’s primary battery experiences a failure
  • Replacement battery sent out at no additional charge
  • Environmentally safe disposal of old battery
  • Easy way to manage your lifecycle computing needs
  • Battery capacity when you need it the most
The Extended Battery Service is an option available at time of purchase on Dell Precision™, Latitude™ and Vostro™ laptops with the purchase of a Limited Warranty period greater than one year.
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