HPC - High Performance Computing

Support even the most massive computing requirements with High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions from Dell. Dell HPC solutions combine multiple systems to perform complex calculations, so you can achieve a supercomputer’s performance level — without the cost.
Drive faster processing for the most demanding applications, including computational chemistry, weather forecasting, financial analytics and engineering design, so you can complete more computations per second, power through the most complex analysis and get fast, precise results. Dell HPC solutions help you focus on your work, while getting the computational power you need through:
  • Expert guidance and community-based collaboration to help you reach breakthroughs faster
  • Robust, flexible engagement model and customer-focused approach that solves HPC challenges at any scale
  • Simplified integration of x86 platforms and open standards technologies that make it easier to select, deploy and manage clusters
  • Tested and validated solutions that are integrated to deliver optimal performance, reliability and efficiency
  • Compute and storage power providing ultra-dense designs with the latest generation of Intel processors, and more accelerator and internal solid-state storage options that readily support various technical computing workloads
  • Single source for total solution design, delivery and ongoing support to help eliminate deployment and production bottlenecks
  • Building blocks and turnkey solutions to enable organizations of every size to harness the power of HPC
Dell HPC solutions are deployed across the globe as the computational foundation for industrial, academic and governmental research critical to scientific advancement and economic and global competitiveness. With the richness of the Dell enterprise portfolio, HPC customers are increasingly relying on Dell HPC experts to provide integrated, turnkey solutions and services resulting in enhanced performance, reliability and simplicity. Customers benefit by engaging with Dell as a single source for total solution design, delivery and ongoing support.

Large or small, your organization can increase energy efficiencies and utilize the technology innovations that help you stay ahead with Dell HPC solutions.

To learn more, have a Dell HPC specialist contact you.

Move seamlessly from raw data to analysis to actionable insights with Dell HPC solutions or customize your solution with Dell Blueprints. Blueprints are fully integrated, end-to-end architectures that combine hardware, software and services into easily deployable solutions. Based on common use cases, they are tested and validated to ensure fast, reliable and predictable deployment of critical workloads. Read the high-performance computing solutions brief or reference architectures for more details.
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