Mainframe Re-hosting Reference Architecture

Accelerate your migration with a proven end-to-end framework

Most mainframe environments include numerous third-party infrastructure products and procedures for central applications and data. Factors in auxiliary components, such as scheduling, output management and security during your migration, and the process becomes even more complex.

Dell Mainframe Re-hosting Reference Architecture (MRRA) can help. By providing a framework for both the specific application requirements and related operational infrastructure, it can simplify the move to industry-standard systems while also reducing mainframe migration risk, cost and deployment time.

The Dell MRRA offers:

  • Proven end-to-end framework: When you use the Dell MRRA, you can be rest assured that we have completed the due diligence required to design a complete implementation — including application and database servers, development solutions and systems management platforms.
  • Flexible deployment options: Unlike approaches that limit you to an individual product suite, the Dell MRRA provides an open framework that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.  
  • Efficient transitions: By preserving existing investments in personnel, code and data, we ensure compatibility with your legacy environments to help reduce migration risk, time and complexity. 
  • Security and performance: With a systematic approach for redundancy, fault isolation and rapid recovery options, the Dell MRRA can be implemented to meet your high-availability requirements. As resource demands grow, the architecture can scale seamlessly to meet your evolving needs.

We also offer an assessment service to analyze your existing mainframe and distributed environments, including infrastructure, processes, standards, products and resource skills. This service includes a fully tested, tuned and documented reference architecture to support a re-hosted mainframe workload on distributed systems.

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