Mainframe Re-hosting Technology

Run your critical mainframe workloads on industry-standard systems

Legacy online and batch applications have faithfully supported your business for years. However, increasing IT costs and emerging requirements for cloud computing and mobility may have you looking for ways to be more efficient, responsive and competitive. Re-hosting your valuable mainframe investments to industry-standard systems can free up capacity and help lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Dell Mainframe Re-hosting technology preserves your existing application investments and reduces the risk of application migration and modernization risk, time and complexity. Moreover, it extends the benefits of distributed platforms to migrated IBM® CICS® transactions, IBM IMS™ applications, Integrated Database Management System (IDMS), Natural Adabas and other mainframe assets. With our mainframe re-hosting solution, application logic and data remain largely intact, enabling rapid and cost-effective migration with minimal business disruption, while preserving valuable business logic and end user interfaces.

Dell Mainframe Re-hosting technology includes:
    • Dell Transaction Processing Environment: Enable rapid migration of your online mainframe application and data investments without excessive cost or risk
    • Dell Batch Processing Environment: Administer, execute and manage your batch workloads on industry-standard systems without excessive code change or complex integration requirements
    • Dell Transaction Security Facility: Provide secure operations and protection levels similar to IBM® RACF® technology for your re-hosted online transactions

    Gain immediate reuse advantages by moving a large number of application languages and utilities to industry-standard systems with Dell Mainframe Re-hosting technology. 

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