SAP Solutions

Business insights. Business efficiency. Business flexibility.

It's hard to be strategic when supply-chain bottlenecks and time-to-market delays are eroding your bottom line. Even the most brilliant business initiatives can bog down due to data center limitations, globalization challenges and lack of insight into data and processes.

SAP® solutions from Dell drive the scalability and business agility you need to adapt globally and position your company for growth. Simplify operations and scale your systems with industry-standards solutions that help your business:
  • Grow globally without being limited by data center capacity or what size server you have
  • Increase transaction speed and decrease storage costs with in-memory technology
  • Shrink supply chain, reduce time to market and manage inventory with industry-specific solutions
  • Gain visibility into customer profiles and needs, and integrate point of sale (POS) data into critical decisions
  • Harness the power of cloud computing solutions for on-demand cost-efficiencies and faster time to value
Organizations and industries the world over rely on SAP to support resource planning, customer relationship management, supply-chain logistics and other critical business functions. We leverage our deep technology expertise to design, implement and support your SAP-based installation.
  1. Dell™ Application Upgrades for SAP Solutions Data Sheet

    01 Aug 2012

    Dell Services Application Upgrades for SAP Solutions allow you to effectively and safely upgrade and/or enhance your SAP business applications.

  2. Modernization Services for SAP Solutions (includes video)

    Read how customers can change their SAP technology infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency.

  3. Dell Modernization Assessment for SAP

    24 Apr 2012

    Improve business efficiency and achieve higher return on investment by getting more value from SAP. With Dell Modernization Assessment for SAP, you can cut costs, increase IT productivity, and improve flexibility and agility.

  4. Dell Migration Service for SAP applications

    24 Apr 2012

    Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) for SAP applications by reducing your dependency on complex and costly proprietary platforms with Dell Migration Service for SAP applications.

  5. SAP-Certified Dell PowerEdge Servers

    SAP-Certified Dell PowerEdge Servers

  6. It's smart to move - Migrate your SAP workloads to Dell servers

    27 May 2014

    Are you running your SAP applications on Unix? Learn how Linux-based platforms on x86 architecture can deliver the same reliability and performance with a lower total cost of ownership.

  7. Modernization Services for SAP Solutions - Data Sheet

    04 Oct 2013

    Read how customers can change their SAP technology infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency.

  8. Dell Services for SAP HANA

    01 Apr 2013

    Provide instant insight into business operations from virtually any data source.

  9. SAP Applications in the New Age of Mobility

    25 Jan 2013

    Migrate your applications into the cloud with Dell Cloud for SAP solutions and services. Discover how you can reduce costs and achieve a more manageable, agile and scalable SAP environment by integrating mobility, real-time data analytics and cloud computing.

  10. Gain More Control of Production

    06 Nov 2012

    Discover how Dell implementation services can help you deploy SAP Discrete Manufacturing Execution — a fully integrated shop floor solution that can help you achieve more control of production planning, facility management and quality assurance.

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