Data Technologies and Partners

Improve data platform performance
Inefficient architectures and outdated procedures can slow your productivity to a crawl. Provide consistent, mission-critical performance across all workloads while optimizing your data platform on-premise or in the cloud.

Dell solutions are engineered to deliver world-class deployments of Hadoop®, Oracle®, SAP® and SAP HANA®, and Microsoft® SQL Server®. We partner with these leading database providers to help you cost-effectively manage infrastructure scalability and complexity while achieving maximum uptime and performance.

Deploy enterprise-ready Hadoop solutions
Augment tools, such as Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS) and Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW), with the scalable and cost-effective enterprise-ready Dell | Cloudera Apache™ Hadoop solution. With it you can: reduce batch windows — offload data and Extract Load and Transform (ELT) workloads from the data warehouse to Hadoop, free up warehouse space, and build your environment using our certified reference architectures as a blueprint.

Implement Oracle-optimized solutions
Deploy and manage Oracle faster and more efficiently on our proven, high-availability x86 platform solutions. Our long-standing partnership with Oracle has helped us optimize and validate reference architectures that improve your level of IT service. Migrate from your legacy environment with little-to-no impact and benefit from our Oracle-optimized end-to-end solutions, which include systems management, security and integration software.

Streamline Microsoft SQL Server 2014 management
Boost your database performance, downsize your server footprint and lower your energy consumption with Dell solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 applications. Dell solutions and SQL Server deliver the right combination of hardware and software to help you seamlessly manage your organization’s database infrastructure.

Simplify SAP and SAP HANA operations
Rely on Dell to drive the infrastructure scalability and agility you need for your SAP and SAP HANA processes. We are uniquely qualified to help you enhance resource planning, customer relationship management and supply chain logistics. Our solutions help you grow globally — without data center limitations — increase transaction speed, decrease storage requirements, harness the power of cloud computing and get faster business intelligence.

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