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Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop

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Maximum mobility.

Engineered for high-performance gaming anywhere, the Alienware 13 combines an incredibly mobile design with the ultimate at-home experience when plugged into the optional Graphics Amplifier.
Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop

Features & Design

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Sınırları ortadan kaldırın ve yeni DirectX 12 teknolojisi ile her zamankinden daha çarpıcı grafiklerle oyununuza adım atın. Windows 10'un API'si gerçek zamanlı olarak daha hızlı işleme yapan yeni özelliklerle donatılmıştır; bu sayede daha yüksek FPS, daha zengin grafikler ve daha uzun süre oyun oynamanızı sağlayan daha düşük bir güç tüketimi elde edersiniz.

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King of the streets. Master of the house.

King of the streets. Master of the house

Game the way you want on the Alienware 13. It’s a powerful gaming laptop that’s thinner and lighter than anything we’ve created before. Crafted with premium features like copper cooling, optional Quad HD display and high-performance CPU and graphics, the Alienware 13 is designed to give you an awesome gaming experience anywhere, every time.

When paired with the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, powered by an upgradable desktop GPU, you can transform the Alienware 13 into the ultimate at-home experience. Just plug in and get lost in the vivid display and massive performance boost of desktop-class graphics.
The holy grail of gaming
The holy grail of gaming.
Plug in. Buckle up: Supercharge your at-home gaming with the optional Alienware Graphics Amplifier. Simply plug in the Alienware 13, reboot and enjoy a fully expanded desktop experience – advanced 4K NVIDIA or AMD enabled graphics, support for as many displays as the sum of: the displays supported by the card inside your Alienware Graphics Amplifier, plus your Alienware LCD, and any displays connected directly into your Alienware 13’s HDMI or mini-DP port. Also, get more connectivity with a built-in, powered, 4-port USB 3.0 hub for your favorite peripherals.

Killer combo: Matched with the Alienware 13, the Graphics Amplifier provides a perfect solution for the gamer who desires the full rush of ultimate gaming anytime, anywhere. When gaming on the go, the new NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M graphics card features 2 gigs of GDDR5 standard memory, for smooth, crisp, responsive performance that will keep you immersed and engaged.

Stay light while you battle opponents on the go, and immerse yourself fully in the desktop gaming experience.
True upgradeable graphics performance
True upgradeable graphics performance
Unstoppable innovation
Unstoppable innovation
Visions of victory: Enjoy a full 13.3" LCD screen that offers stunningly clear graphics anywhere. The Alienware 13 is available with your choice of brilliant HD or Full HD display, or choose Quad HD display with touch screen technology. Full HD and Quad HD options come with available IPS technology. Get up to 2560X1440 pixel density and extra wide viewing angles with optional IIPS panel technology.

Powerful capability: Outfitted with up to an Intel® Core™ i5 U processor for full-throttle action, the Alienware 13 is equipped for the most advanced situations and a seamless gaming experience. That means you can react faster than your opponents and explore worlds more seamlessly.

Perfect portability: The Alienware 13 is thinner, lighter and features longer battery life (up to 8.5 hours) than any previous Alienware laptops. It's approximately 40% thinner than the Alienware 14 at just 26mm thick.
Engineered for excellence.
Engineered for excellence

Premium touch: The Alienware 13 is outfitted with a metal reinforced keyboard designed to provide a premium experience with uniform feedback across each of the AlienFX backit keys.

Cool under pressure: The rigid casing made with parts containing an aerospace-inspired carbon fiber filled composite and copper heat sinks for optimized thermal dissipation are built to keep your hardware at a safe temperature while handling heavy usage. That means, things will still run smoothly and without sacrificing performance – full-throttle gaming.
Engage your senses
Engage your senses.
Connect to the action: The Alienware 13 offers Ethernet built by Killer Networks – meaning you’re getting the smoothest possible streaming video and gaming packets when you need it most. Confidently connect with 802.11ac WiFi and USB 3.0 for the lightning fast data transfer speeds.

Hear the roar: Klipsch® certified speakers and software provided by Sound Blaster deliver high-powered audio that completes your incredibly immersive gaming experience. Stare down your friends and opponents with a 2.0MP Full HD webcam and let the banter flow with a dual microphone array.
Convenience comes standard.

If you run into an issue and our technical experts cannot resolve the issue remotely, a field support engineer will come to you, usually within 1-2 business days. Never lose productivity with hardware support that is available when you need it, where you need it .

Alienware Respawn offers flexible, automated backup and recovery to ensure your important document, pictures and media files remain safe.

Dell support saves time and reduces hassle with valuable warranty information and services.

Essential accessories for your Alienware 13
Complete your Alienware purchase with the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, gaming headsets, a wireless touch keyboard and more. Look for these great products and more at checkout.
Alienware Graphics Amplifier
Alienware Graphics Amplifier
Enjoy an ultimate at-home experience with desktop graphics performance and support for a multi-monitor display setup.
Roccat Kone XTD Mouse
Roccat Kone XTD Mouse
Armed with the 8200 DPI Pro-Aim R3 Laser Sensor, the Easy-Shift[+]™ technology and four easy-to-clip-in, 5-gram weights, you’ll be the master of precision with the Roccat Kone XTD mouse.
Dell UltraSharp U3415W
Dell UltraSharp U3415W
Enjoy more immersive viewing with a subtle horizontal curve throughout its 34” diagonal display panel.
Your Alienware comes with Alienware Basic Support.
One year Premium Phone Support with Gaming Support
Advanced phone support for hardware and software issues, including in-game repairs and troubleshooting. This service provides you with access to advanced technicians and faster call answering times than standard phone support. You can count on us for a great experience and rapid support.

One year Next Day In-Home Service
For added convenience, if your PC’s issue cannot be resolved remotely, we will send a Dell-certified technician to your home within 1 business day.
Look for these additional services at checkout:
Alienware Enhanced Support
Includes In-Home Service after Remote diagnosis*, plus Premium Phone Support, offering 24/7 access to dedicated Alienware advanced support technicians for hardware and software assistance, including in-game repairs and troubleshooting.

1-4 Years Accidental Damage Service*
Let us repair or replace your system in the event of an accident. Accidental Damage service covers surges and screen breaks, liquid spills, accidental drops and falls.

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