PowerVault NX3500

intel® xeon™
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Adds a Unified Storage Solution for PowerVault™ MD iSCSI storage systems

The PowerVault™ NX3500 utilizes Dell™ Fluid File System and the MD backend for Internet SCSI (iSCSI), common internet file system (CIFS) and network file system (NFS) access to block and file data, enabling a single file share to scale up to the capacity of the MD deployment, currently 389TB* of usable capacity.

  • Powerful: Consolidate block and file data with high-availability unified storage
  • Flexible: Easily add or modify iSCSI-, NFS- and CIFS-based storage as needs grow
  • Secure: Built-in data protection features such as snapshots and replication help provide security and data integrity
  • Certified VMware compatibility: Tested and certified to be compatible with VMware® ESX release 5.0, 4.1 and 4.0

PowerVault NX3500 Storage System





PowerVault Network Attached Storage Products


  • Controller
    Intel® Xeon processor 3400 series

    Protocol support
    Server: CIFS (SMB 1), NFS v3, NDMP V4, SNMP
    Client:  NTP, iSCSI, DNS, Active Directory, LDAP, NIS (Network Information Service)

Product Configurations

  • Storage arrays supported
    Dell PowerVault MD3200i series (MD3200i,MD3220i)
    Dell PowerVault MD3600i series (MD3600i,MD3620i)

    Storage controllers
    Dual controllers operate in an active-active environment mirroring each other’s cache. Each controller contains 12GB memory protected by the PowerVault NX3500 backup power supply

Technical Highlights

  • Front-end NAS connectivity
    Two 1Gb IP ports per controller for front-end CIFS/NFS connectivity

    Backend storage array connectivity
    Two 1Gb and 10Gb IP ports per controller for back-end iSCSi connectivity

    Snapshot capability

    Redirect-on-write snapshots

    Replication capability
    Asynchronous 1-to-1, 1-to-Many, Many-to-Many replication for disaster recovery

    Dell PowerVault NAS Manager, CLI interface

    Max CIFS shares

    Max system size
    389TB* (RAID 6 plus global hot spare)

    Max file size

    Max files
    ~32 billion

    Number of directories
    ~34 billion

    Max NAS volumes

    Max snapshots per volume

    Max snapshots per NX3500 system

    Cache size per NX3500 system
    24GB/12GB per controller

    Max LUNs

    File name length
    255 bytes

    Max NFS mounts

    Max CIFS shares

    Max CIFS client concurrent connections

    Max local users per NX3500 system

    Max Quota rules per NX3500 system (user quotas)

    Max quota rules per volume

    Max block level replication policies

    Max directory depth


  • Physical (each controller)

    4.29cm (1.69 in.)

    43.4cm (17.09 in.)

    61.26cm (24.12 in.)

    Maximum Weight
    15 kg (33.02 lbs.)

    Expansion capability
    Refer to PowerVault MD storage array specifications for expansion support.

    Backup Power Supply (Low voltage and High Voltage models)


    4.2 cm (1.67 in)

    43.4 cm (17.09 in)

    72.3 cm (28.46 in)

    Maximum weight
    30.0 kg (66 lbs.)


  • Power
    AC power supply (per controller power supply):

    500W (output)

    120V or 230V models 

    Heat dissipation
    1666 BTU/hr maximum

    Maximum inrush current
    Under typical line conditions and over the entire system ambient operating range, the inrush current may reach 25A per power supply for 10ms or less.

    Backup Power Supply:
    Wattage: 500 W (output)
    Voltage: 120V or 230V models

Environmental Operating Conditions

  • Temperature
    10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F) with a maximum temperature gradation of 10°C per hour Note: For altitudes above 2950 feet, the maximum operating temperature is derated 1ºF/550 ft.
    Storage –40° to 65°C (–40° to 149°F) with a maximum temperature gradation of 20°C per hour

    Relative humidity
    8% to 85% (noncondensing) with a maximum humidity gradation of 10% per hour
    5% to 95% (noncondensing)

    Maximum vibration
    0.25 G at 3–200 Hz for 15 min
    0.5 G at 3–200 Hz for 15 min
powervault nx3500 storage system - the answer is unified storage

The answer is unified storage

Take control of that avalanche of unstructured file data from file intensive user shares, rich content and virtual environments. PowerVault™ NX3500 can help provide unified storage with scale-up NAS for PowerVault MD iSCSI arrays.
PowerVault NX3500 Storage System (Overview)

Take charge of your file data.

Deploy versatile unified storage by integrating high-performance NAS with MD32x0i and MD36x0i iSCSI arrays and MD12x0 expansion enclosures. The PowerVault NX3500 with Dell Fluid File System is designed to help optimize file-access performance and hardware utilization while helping eliminate capacity and file-share size constraints.
  • A single file share can scale up to 389TB.
  • The system supports up to 192 SAS, NL SAS and SSD drives.
  • The comprehensive and intuitive NAS Manager helps reduce the time needed to create and manage multiple volumes and shares.
  • A wizard-based installation tool automates the initial setup and configuration process.
The NX3500 can be a flexible and practical alternative to Windows® file servers. Dell Fluid File System is a high-performance, highly optimized file system that helps you save time and IT resources.
powervault nx3500 storage system - pay as you grow

Pay as you grow.

Scale easily with a system designed for smaller deployments that have increasing iSCSI-, NFS- and CIFS-based data storage needs. With PowerVault™ NX3500, you can help prevent the data silos and server sprawl often created by the increasing amount of file data (email, video, MP3 user home directories).

You can start small and still enjoy the value of high performance unified storage. And as your storage needs grow, you can dynamically add or modify block and file capacity as needed without disrupting existing applications and storage systems.

Built-in data protection

Easily protect your file data with PowerVault NX3500. Features such as snapshots, replication and backup support, safeguard file shares and are included in the base price.

PowerVault NX3500 Storage System - File snapshotsFile snapshots
Easily manage efficient snapshot capabilities for file data.
PowerVault NX3500 Storage System - Data replicationData replication
Implement easy-to-use asynchronous data replication for fast and accurate disaster recovery.
PowerVault NX3500 Storage System - User-restorable snapshotsUser-restorable snapshots
Restore previous versions of files directly from a snapshot directory without contacting IT personnel.
PowerVault NX3500 Storage System - NDMP backupNDMP backup
Easily integrate your NX3500 system into network backup environments with Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) standard backup support.

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