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ALIENWARE Area-51 Gaming Desktop

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Forget everything you know.

Innovative, iconic design. Intel® Core™ i7 X-Series processors. Incredible configuration options. It’s what powerful gaming should look like.
Alienware Area-51

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Features & Design

Operating System
Windows 10 Pro - for a smooth, versatile PC experience.
VR Ready with a Vive-Optimized PC.
VR Ready with a Vive-Optimized PC.
With a VR-ready Alienware PC, you can be the first to experience the future of gaming. Partnering with HTC, Alienware provides a range of systems to bring you most immersive VR experience imaginable. The Alienware Vive-Optimized desktops are unmatched in performance, featuring Intel® processors, and NVIDIA or AMD graphics options.
A legacy of excellence takes shape.
You demand the best systems on Earth. Since our inception, Alienware has strived to deliver incredible gaming performance without sacrifice.

You've never seen anything like the Alienware Area-51. It’s more than an iconic design. It's a perfect convergence of power and beautiful design. We reimagined this system from the inside out, and built it without compromises. It’s an engineering marvel and a completely new experience that performs true to our legacy of excellence.
Triad chassis. Intelligent design.
Get inside.
Get inside.
The Area-51's three corners are built to support 5 times the system's weight. Pivot the system towards you and gain easy access to the rear ports when connecting or disconnecting cables. There is even a button on the back of the chassis that turns on the rear accessibility lighting to reduce the need of having to use a flashlight.
Carry on.
Carry on.
Transport your ultimate gaming rig anywhere. The rugged handles make the Area-51 more natural to carry. The shape and internal component layout are designed to have a low center of gravity to avoid the system from tipping when being lifted.
Easy access.
Easy access.
The angular shape is designed to have all the I/O ports facing you directly, making connecting a USB device, headphones, or even a media card reader easier than on a traditional rectangular chassis design.
Designed to keep cool.
Designed to keep cool.
Internal fans blow fresh ambient air, quietly and directly, onto the graphics cards and the internal cable management enables maximum airflow – satisfying your system’s hunger for cooler air and keeping it performing at its peak. The angled design also provides a large space for hot air to escape where a traditional, rectangular chassis only leaves a small space between it and the wall.
Behold the jaw-dropping power of 4K.
Behold the jaw-dropping power of 12K.
The Area-51 is not only perfect for serious gamers, it’s also the platform of choice for developers and programmers who demand concurring gaming workloads at the highest 4K resolution. It’s not just the highest-performance gaming experience – it’s a breathtaking display you can lose yourself in.

Maximum multitasking.
Designed to support up to three full-length double-wide graphics cards, or quad GPU configurations (available soon), managing multiple tasks at once has never been easier. Flawless concurrent execution of data-intensive workloads lets you spend more time creating and less time waiting. You can also play your favorite games in 4k while broadcasting live HD streams around the world on Twitch.
Processing powerhouse
Processing powerhouse.
Liquid-cooled & overclocked: The Alienware Area-51 ushers in a new era of performance with Windows 10 and up to 10-core Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme processor options that come factory overclocked and made possible with the new Intel® X99 Express chipset and 2133Mhz DDR4 memory — up to 64GB in quad channel. Do insane, intensive multitasking like rendering video or extreme performance 4K gaming at your leisure.

Get deeper: Unprecedented power make the Area-51 the ideal platform for today’s most graphic intensive, hyper-immersive gaming experiences, including premium VR.

Unrivaled PC gaming: Take your gaming performance to the next level with overclockable CPU cores and Turbo Max 3.0 for amazing, single-threaded gameplay.

A full studio in your PC: Whether you’re creating new music, developing games or designing models for a 3D printer, the Area-51 lets you easily edit and render high resolution 4k and VR video and effects.
Ridiculously awesome – inside and out.
Incredible power.
Incredible power.
Optional 1.5KW power supply and modular cabling will ensure revved-up performance that is both highly efficient and reliably impressive.
Big storage. Pure speed.
Big storage. Pure speed.
The storage bays support up to five drives of either SSD or HDD. Enjoy the pure speed of solid state and the big storage of hard drives – allowing for quick boot and massive archiving capabilities.
Connect with confidence.
Connect with confidence.
The Ethernet assembly has been built by Killer™ Technology. It prioritizes streaming video and gaming packets for the smoothest possible performance when you need it most. Plus, it comes fully equipped with 802.11ac – the latest wireless protocol.
Alienware Command Center 4.0
Customize your lighting experience with AlienFX across nine independent programmable lighting zones, and with over 20 colors to choose you can create up to 512 trillion color combos.

AlienAdrenaline – Performance Monitoring
The new Alien Adrenaline performance monitoring app lets you view detailed graphs that tell you real-time details about the CPU, memory, graphics card, and network adapter.

Overclocking controls
Manually tinker with the settings of your CPU to raise performance even beyond the stock settings.

Manual DRAM adjustments
Optimize your memory for maximum performance and ensure that your system runs at peak power for extreme gaming.

Overclocking Profile
Break your limits and make the rules with extreme memory settings that can go way beyond standard specifications. Enhance your gaming features and squeeze as much power as possible.

Thermal Controls
Alienware’s Thermal Controls allow you to control the thermal and venting behavior of your Area-51. You can also create and save multiple thermal and venting profiles for different usage scenarios.
Convenience comes standard.

If you run into an issue and our technical experts cannot resolve the issue remotely, a field support engineer will come to you, usually within 1-2 business days. Never lose productivity with hardware support that is available when you need it, where you need it .

Alienware Respawn offers flexible, automated backup and recovery to ensure your important document, pictures and media files remain safe.

Dell support saves time and reduces hassle with valuable warranty information and services.

What you need. Anywhere, anytime.
Put your stuff in Dropbox and get to it from any device. Dropbox lets you edit docs, share photos, and show off videos from anywhere. Even if something happens to your PC, your stuff is always safe in Dropbox. Get 20GB of Dropbox space included for a year with your purchase of a new Dell PC.*

*Dell consumer PC or select Venue tablets
Choose your accessories and services
Essential accessories for your Alienware Area-51
Essential accessories for your Alienware Area-51
Complete your Alienware purchase with extra Steam Wallet Cards, gaming headsets, a wireless touch keyboard and more. Look for these great products and more at checkout.
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The Tobii Eye Tracker 4C is the only PC gaming device to provide simultaneous head and eye tracking functionality, adding a hugely immersive experience in simulator games.​
Your Alienware comes with Alienware Basic Support.
One year Premium Phone Support with Gaming Support
Advanced phone support for hardware and software issues, including in-game repairs and troubleshooting. This service provides you with access to advanced technicians and faster call answering times than standard phone support. You can count on us for a great experience and rapid support.

One year Next Day In-Home Service
For added convenience, if your PC’s issue cannot be resolved remotely, we will send a Dell-certified technician to your home within 1 business day.
Look for these additional services at checkout:
Alienware Enhanced Support
Includes In-Home Service after Remote diagnosis*, plus Premium Phone Support, offering 24/7 access to dedicated Alienware advanced support technicians for hardware and software assistance, including in-game repairs and troubleshooting.

1-4 Years Accidental Damage Service*
Let us repair or replace your system in the event of an accident. Accidental Damage service covers surges and screen breaks, liquid spills, accidental drops and falls.

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