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Simple, secure mobile and remote access

Powerful solutions for small- to midsized organizations offer you simple, easy-to-manage mobile and remote access to files, business resources and more.

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Mobile and remote access to allowed business apps and data

Mobile and remote access to allowed business apps and data.

The SonicWALL™ Secure Mobile Access solution, which includes both the SonicWALL Mobile Connect application and SonicWALL Secure Remote Access (SRA) series appliances, provides mobile and remote workers using smart phones, tablets or laptops — whether managed or unmanaged — with policy-enforced SSL-VPN access to mission-critical applications, data and resources without compromising security.

The intuitive, easy to use Mobile Connect™ application provides iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows, and now, Mac OSX laptops secure access to allowed network resources, including shared folders, client-server applications, intranet sites and email.

Protect from mobile threats and unauthorized access.


To protect organizational networks from mobile malware and rogue access, the solutions enable administrators to configure security policies that provide best-in-class, context-aware authentication which grants access only to trusted devices and authorized users. Mobile devices are interrogated for essential security information such as jailbreak or root status, device ID, certificate status and OS versions prior to granting access. Laptops and PCs are also interrogated for the presence or absence of security software, client certificates, and device ID. Devices that do not meet policy requirements are not allowed network access and the user is notified of non-compliance. Also, for user authentication, the SRA appliances easily integrate with most back-end authentication systems, such as LDAP, Active Directory and Radius to extend preferred authentication practices to mobile workers. In addition, for increased security, organizations can enable one-time password generation and integrate with other two-factor authentication technologies.

Protect data.


In addition, the solution delivers the first secure access gateway that helps protect company data at rest on mobile devices. Authenticated users can securely browse and view allowed intranet file shares and files from within the Mobile Connect app. Administrators can establish and enforce mobile application management policy for the Mobile Connect app to control whether files viewed can be opened in other apps, copied to the clipboard, printed or cached securely within the Mobile Connect app. This allows administrators to isolate business data from personal data stored on the device and reduces the risk of data loss. In addition, if the user’s credentials are revoked, content stored in the Mobile Connect app is locked and can no longer be accessed or viewed.
Safe, protected access

Easy to provision and manage.

For system administrators, provisioning and managing is easy with unified policy management. The SRA series management console consolidates network access control of all web resources, file shares and client-server resources into a single location, with central administration and a single rule set for all resources and access methods. Unlike other access solutions, the SRA series appliances allow system administrators to set role-based policy for end-users of mobile and laptop devices with a single rule across all objects. As a result, policy management takes minutes instead of hours. This reduces the complexity of managing multiple policy sets for the different access methods that SSL VPN provides. It also significantly decreases the time spent initiating setup and ongoing policy management.

Deep security.

When deployed with a SonicWALL next-generation firewall, which offers advanced anti-malware and intrusion prevention, SonicWALL CleanVPN provides an extra layer of protection that decrypts and removes hidden threats from mobile traffic tunneled over SSL VPN before they enter the network.

Safe, protected access.

The optional Web Application Firewall (WAF) Service safeguards your web applications by decrypting and decontaminating all SSL VPN traffic before it enters your network. WAF is designed to protect you against common attacks, such as cross-site scripting, injection attacks, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and cookie tampering. It also helps prevent the theft of Social Security and credit card numbers with Data Leak Protection (DLP).

By preventing common protocol and web-based attacks, WAF can help financial, healthcare, ecommerce, ebilling and other businesses attain OWASP Top 10 and PCI compliance.

To optimize performance for server-based applications, SRA appliances also have built-in load balancing features for increased reliability. This allows administrators to deploy a second SRA 4600 as a backup for enhanced reliability for remote access users.

Affordable alternatives, accessible anywhere.

SonicWALL Secure Virtual Assist and Secure Virtual Access offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional remote support and access tools.

Secure Virtual Assist, easily installed through a web browser, enables technicians to assume control of a user’s Windows, Mac OS or Linux device remotely and quickly provide the support your employees need. Secure Virtual Assist allows technicians to chat, transfer files, access and reboot a user’s computer remotely to diagnose and fix problems. Session recording enables the technician to capture troubleshooting steps that can be distributed to others facing the same issue.

Secure Virtual Access makes it easy for remote employees to stay productive by allowing them to gain secure, remote access to their Windows computers from virtually any location. Authorized users can select the unattended machine through the SRA web portal, establish a secure connection and take full control of that PC.

SonicWALL SRA 4600

The SonicWALL SRA 4600 appliance provides medium-sized businesses with a powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective secure remote access solution that requires no preinstalled client software.

dell sonicwall networking

SonicWALL SRA 1600

The SonicWALL SRA 1600 appliance provides small- to medium-sized businesses with an affordable, secure remote access solution that requires no preinstalled client software and is easy to deploy, use and manage.

Dell SonicWALL SRA 1600

SonicWALL SRA Virtual Appliance

SonicWALL SRA Virtual Appliance offers granular policy configuration controls, seamless integration with any firewall and multiplatform mobile device support while reducing capital costs.

SonicWALL Virtual Appliance

Legend:   S Standard   O — Optional   N — Not Available
DeploymentSonicWALL SRA 1600SonicWALL SRA 4600SonicWALL SRA Virtual Appliance
Deployment Environment Type and SizeSmall organizations (Less than 50 employees)Midsize organizations (With 500 or fewer employees)Organizations of any size
Included/Maximum Number of Concurrent Users*5/5025/5005/50
Virtual Assist/Virtual Access Maximum Number Connections30-day trial/1030-day trial/2530-day trial/25
HardwareSonicWALL SRA 1600SonicWALL SRA 4600SonicWALL SRA Virtual Appliance
Hardened Security ApplianceSSN
Interfaces(2) Gigabit Ethernet, (2) USB, (1) Console(4) Gigabit Ethernet, (2)USB, (1) ConsoleN
Processorsx86 main processorx86 main processorN
Memory (RAM)*1GB2GBN
Flash Memory*1GB1GBN
Max Power Consumption47W50WN
Total Heat Dissipation158.0 BTU171.0 BTUN
Dimensions17.00 x 10.13 x 1.75 in.17.00 x 10.13 x 1.75 in.N
Appliance Weight9.50 lb9.50 lbN
MTBF18.3 years17.8 yearsN
FeaturesSonicWALL SRA 1600SonicWALL SRA 4600SonicWALL SRA Virtual Appliance
Secure Virtual Access*OOO
Secure Virtual Assist*OOO
Secure Virtual Meeting*NOO
Web Application Firewall*OOO
Web Application Firewall — Application ProfilingNOO
Spike LicensingOOO
Mobile Connect for iOSSSS
Mobile Connect for Android™SSS
Mobile Connect for Windows 8.1        SS S 
One Time Password (OTP) AuthenticationSSS
Dell Quest Defender Two-factor AuthenticationSSS
Citrix® (ICA) SupportSSS
NetExtender: Support for Multiple IP Ranges and RoutesSSS
Optional Client Certificate SupportSSS
Graphical Usage MonitoringSSS
Option to Create System BackupSSS
Reverse Proxy: OWA Premium Version and Lotus Domino AccessSSS
RADIUS Test FunctionSSS
Geolocation Policies and Botnet FilteringOON
Active Directory Groups SupportSSS
Virtual Host/ Domain Name SupportSSS
Diagnostics: DNS Lookup and TracerouteSSS
Layer-7 Load BalancingSSS
High Availability (HA)SSN
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