Dell PowerVault TL2000

Intel® Xeon™
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Eenvoudig, geautomatiseerd, voordelig

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De PowerVault™ TL2000 tapewisselaar biedt eenvoudige en betaalbare tapeautomatisering voor organisaties met grotere behoeften op het gebied van gegevensbescherming en capaciteit dan de autoloadertechnologie aankan. Het is de ideale oplossing voor kleine en middelgrote bedrijven die behoefte hebben aan betaalbare, gebruiksvriendelijke en geautomatiseerde tapeback-ups en archivering.

  • 2U-oplossing voor rackmontage, die ook eenvoudig tot een desktopoplossing kan worden geconverteerd
  • Tot twee LTO-drives en tot wel 24 sleuven voor tapecassettes voor een standaard storagecapaciteit van maximaal 60 TB (met behulp van LTO-6 media)
  • Webgebaseerd beheer op afstand: diagnoses stellen, status controleren, werking en logboekbestanden bewaken en firmware upgraden
  • Door tapewisselaar beheerde versleuteling (alleen optioneel bij configuraties met LTO-4, LTO-5 en LTO-6 drives)

PowerVault TL2000 tapewisselaar



  • LTO-4, LTO-5 en LTO-6



  • Partitionering


Configuraties in bibliotheek

  • 1 of 2 LTO-4 SAS-drive(s) van 6 Gb met 24 sleuven
    1 of 2 LTO-4 FC-drive(s) van 8 Gb met 24 sleuven
    1 of 2 LTO-5 SAS-drive(s) van 6 Gb met 24 sleuven
    1 of 2 LTO-5 FC-drive(s) van 8 Gb met 24 sleuven
    1 of 2 LTO-6 SAS-drive(s) van 6 Gb met 24 sleuven
    1 of 2 LTO-6 FC-drive(s) van 8 Gb met 24 sleuven

    Partitionering mogelijk
    Wordt standaard geleverd met 24 sleuven voor tapecassettes


  • Door tapewisselaar beheerde versleuteling, alleen bij configuraties met LTO-4, LTO-5 en LTO-6 drives


  • Standaard


  • Gebruikersinterface

    Er zijn twee gebruikersinterfaces:
    Bedieningspaneel: Aan de voorzijde van de PV TL4000-tapewisselaar kan de gebruiker via een LCD-scherm de systeemstatus controleren, diagnoses stellen, systeemlogboekbestanden bekijken, de configuratie controleren en wijzigen, de werking van tapedrives verifiëren, een inventaris maken en het systeem beheren.
    Webbeheer op afstand: Het webgebaseerde beheer kan worden bereikt met een 10/100 BaseT-verbinding via een standaardwebbrowser. De gebruiker kan de systeemstatus controleren, diagnoses stellen, systeemlogboekbestanden bekijken, de configuratie controleren en wijzigen, de werking van tapedrives verifiëren, een inventaris maken en het systeem beheren. Daarnaast kan de gebruiker de firmware van de drives en tapewisselaar upgraden via de RMU.


  • SAS, FC, iSCSI


  • Code-updates

    Web en host bus of RMU voor drives
    Alleen web en RMU voor updates van de tapewisselaarcode


  • Hoogte

    Rackmontage 9 cm (3,4")


    Rackmontage 45 cm (17,6")

    Lengte (diepte)

    Rackmontage 74 cm (29,1")


    11,34 kg met één drive en geen media


    Alleen horizontaal


    Wordt standaard geleverd met 24 cartridges
    Linker- en rechtermagazijn zijn beide verkrijgbaar als klantenkits

Omgevingscondities, in bedrijf

    • Temperatuur: 10 tot 35°C (50 tot 95°F).
    • Relatieve vochtigheid: 20 tot 80% (niet-condenserend)
    • Voeding: 1,3 A bij 100 V wisselstroom, 0,7 A bij 240 V wisselstroom
Data Protection

Automated Data Protection

Regular, disciplined backup is a vital part of a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy. The PowerVault™ TL2000 is a powerful tape library that helps organizations automate their backup processes to reduce the need for manual intervention and the risk of human error. The PowerVault™ TL2000 uses the optical cartridge location technology for precision cartridge handling and inventory, which helps improve the overall reliability of backups.
Support for your Dell iSCSI SAN

Support for Your Dell Internet SCSI (iSCSI) Storage Area Network (SAN)

To supplement the growth in iSCSI SANs, Dell employs an iSCSI-to-SAS bridge card for the TL-series tape libraries (Dell™ PowerVault™ TL2000 and TL4000). This solution allows users to directly attach a tape backup target to an iSCSI 1Gb Ethernet SAN with a typical transfer rate of ~50MB/s in most cases. Additionally, the iSCSI-to-SAS bridge card is fully compatible with Dell™ PowerVault™ M3000i and Dell™ EquaLogic™ PS iSCSI array series.
Simplified Operations

Simplified Operations

Tapes can be imported and exported individually using a mail slot or twelve at a time using one of two magazines. The library utilizes barcode-scanning technology to record the location of tape media, so you can be assured that your critical data is properly stored and ready in case disaster strikes.
Intuitive Management

Intuitive Management

An on-board, user-friendly LCD interface allows you to easily monitor, control, configure and service the library. While you are away, the tape library enables you to remotely administer all functions, including system status and logs, diagnostics and drive operations, as well as configuration and inventory management features.
Tape Versatility

Tape Versatility

The low cost for tape combined with its long history of proven reliability helps ensure its continued use for both backup and archiving. The portability of tape allows it to be taken off-site and stored in a vault. In addition, LTO-4, LTO-5 and LTO-6 tape technology supports WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) capability, which allows permanent data storage that cannot be overwritten to help meet compliance regulations.
Learn More about LTO and Protecting Data Archives
Dell PowerVault TL2000

Big Capacity — Small Space

With its ultracompact form factor, the PowerVault TL2000 packs an impressive amount of information in a small amount of space. Occupying only two units (2U) of rack space, the library can hold up to 24 tapes providing up to 60TB (LTO-6 2.5TB* tapes) of native capacity — ideal for small office environments managing explosive data growth.
Tape Automation Comparison Chart 
LTO Performance

Ultrium Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Performance

The PowerVault TL2000 supports Ultrium LTO-6 drives — a high-speed tape technology that can natively back up an impressive 576GB of data per hour. LTO technology is based on a tape industry standard that specifies backward read-and-write compatibility with LTO-6 & LTO-5 generation media(n,n-1) and read compatibility with LTO-4(n-2) media.
Be Green with Tape

Be Green With Tape

When factoring in the features and benefits of tape storage — such as reliability, portability, encryption ([LTO-4], [LTO-5] and [LTO-6]) and the shelf life (over 30 years) of tape cartridges — tape storage is the perfect solution for your long term or short term backup or archiving needs. In addition, when tape media is stored, it does not require energy until it needs to be accessed. By using zero energy when stored, tape is naturally green.

Hardware Support Service Plans

Dell Infrastructure Services: Execution without excuses:
Dell brings pure execution to IT Services. The planning, implementation and maintenance of your IT infrastructure deserves nothing less. Variability in execution can compromise user productivity, IT resources, and ultimately, your reputation. By leveraging our heritage of process driven excellence, Dell Services can deliver a smarter way. That's Pure Dell.

Gold Enterprise Support:
Provides 7x24 rapid response and resolution of critical issues including escalation management and On-Site Emergency Dispatch procedures to quickly restore operations. This level of support is appropriate for servers that are being used for email systems, database applications and virtualization.

Silver Enterprise Support:
Silver support provides convenient 7x24 phone access for hardware and core software troubleshooting with 4-hour2 7x24 on-site services following completion of phone-based troubleshooting. This level of support is appropriate for file and print servers and other non-production testing and development.

Take Your Support to the Next Level

Platinum Plus Enterprise Support
Dell's most comprehensive level of premium support for storage systems combines rapid response and resolution for critical issues with customized account planning and reporting to proactively help improve uptime. With Platinum Plus, you receive direct access to the Enterprise Command Center and a designated Platinum Technical Account Manager and can enjoy the benefits of these two new innovative features:

  • Operations Performance Benchmarking Innovative management tools and processes, providing customers with unprecedented visibility into their IT operations and a mechanism for continuous improvement.
  • ECC Real-time Tracking Window A real-time web based tool that allows customers to track the real-time position and status of every open incident they are experiencing around the world, without picking up the phone.

Additional Service Offerings

In today's environment, businesses depend on their advanced server and storage systems running like clockwork. Maximum uptime is crucial. IT professionals' success and credibility depends on knowing they can reliably deliver business-critical operations and rapidly resolve problems when they do arise. They also need the flexibility to match support to the different needs of various end users and applications environments, smartly balancing quality and costs.

Backup and Recovery
Dell offers comprehensive project management to help you optimize your technology, improve efficiencies, and minimize downtime with a tailored Archiving, backup, recovery solution engineered to provide increased flexibility, scalability, and manageability.

Storage and Server Consolidation
Consolidation services provide a common platform to allocate and manage growing demands for data storage and helps reduce administrative effort by establishing a single management console. Dell's comprehensive approach to storage and server consolidation helps you accelerate productivity by delivering customized systems, software and services that ease management and can result in lower total cost of ownership. Consolidation can offer these key benefits:

  • Simplify Operations
  • Improve Utilization
  • Cost Effective Scaling

Comprehensive Storage Training and Certification
Arm your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to be as productive as possible. Dell offers comprehensive training services which include hardware and software training, as well as PC skills and professional development classes. Dell training can help improve system reliability, maximize productivity, and reduce end user requests and downtime.

On-Site Installation and Remote Installation Services

Remote Configuration Set-up

  • Assistance configuring or setting up your new server's operating system for the first time
  • Flexibility with Dell remotely "driving" the install via online Web-Ex session or allowing you to perform via phone-based instruction
  • Most cost-effective solution to quickly getting your server OS up and running

On-Site Installation: Hardware and OS

  • An On-Site Dell technician to ensure proper physical setup & functionality of the hardware and Windows operating system in your business environment
  • Assistance installing your new server into a Dell-support rack
  • Reduced time required to get your new server completely up and running

Dell ProSupport

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