Dell Precision M6600

intel® core™

De ultieme 17,3-inch ISV-gecertificeerde mobiele prestaties

Zet uw volgende vooruitziende stap met het buitengewone 43cm(17") Dell Precision M6600 mobile werkstation, dat uitzonderlijke grafische en verwerkingsprestaties combineert met productiviteitsverhogende functies in een stijlvol en betrouwbaar professioneel

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Dell Precision M6800 Workstation

Dell Precision M6800 Workstation

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Precision m6600 Laptop  - Productivity amplified

Productivity amplified

Sacrifice nothing and get even more in a light and powerful system. Providing incredible desktop-worthy performance to handle some of your most demanding applications, this durable powerhouse offers an extensive display with exceptional graphics capability.

  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Powerful Intel® Core™ processors with options up to Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition and upgradable to include Intel® vPro™ technology 
  • Fast rendering with professional AMD or NVIDIA® discrete graphics with up to 4GB* of dedicated memory
  • Blistering performance with extensive DDR3 memory with four dual in-line memory module (DIMM) slots for up to 32GB* of 1333MHz memory or up to 16GB* of 1600MHz memory
  • Accurate color reproduction and brilliant clarity with astonishing display options
  • Connect to virtually all your peripherals with a bevy of ports, including USB 3.0, USB 2.0, DisplayPort™, VGA, HDMI™ and eSATA™
  • NVIDIA Optimus™ technology intelligently provides graphics performance when you need it and can help extend battery life when you don’t
  • AMD Eyefinity™ technology supports up to five total displays when docked and three when undocked*

Productive mobility

No matter where work takes you, the enhanced usability and robust feature set of the Dell Precision™ M6600 enables you to accomplish more in less time.
  • Stay productive in low-light environments with the optional backlit keyboard.
  • Keep in touch while on the move with a broad range of wireless* options, including wireless LAN, mobile broadband, WiMAX™ and Bluetooth®.  
  • Conveniently carry all your digital assets; up to 1.6TB* of storage with dual hard drives and solid-state (SSD) Mini Card options.
  • Help protect your most valuable asset, your intellectual property, with optional Dell DataSafe™ Encryption, fingerprint reader, System Track protection and recovery service.
Precision m6600 Laptop (overview)

Steadfast dependability

Designed for professionals who demand strength and reliability, the Dell Precision™ M6600 is constructed for a long life of dependable service and, if needed, serviceability that’s easy to depend on:
  • ISV certification to ensure established software reliability for demanding applications.
  • Rigid and durable aluminum and magnesium alloy chassis with a sleek professional design.
  • Compatibility with all Dell E-family docking options.
  • Robust manageability options, including Intel® vPro™, to help keep operations running smoothly and IT costs down.
  • Quick removal bottom door for easy access to the system’s critical components.
  • Help prevent data loss from system drops with the integrated Fast Response Free Fall Sensor.
  • Designed for durability and MIL-STD-810G tested for extreme temperatures, vibration, dust, altitude and shock.

שירות שעולה על הציפיות

מובטח לך שתחנת העבודה הניידת מדגם Precision תזכה לכיסוי הולם אם יתעוררו בעיות. Dell יכולה לסייע לך לחזור לעבודה במהירות ולהישאר פרודוקטיבי עם שירות וטכנאים המגיבים במהירות.

מחשב מחברת Precision m6600 (סקירה כללית)

אפשרות לשילוב מותאם אישית על ידי היצרן (CFI)

באפשרותך ליהנות מפריסה מפושטת ומשיפור ברמת העקביות והתאימות עם אפשרות CFI של רכיבי חומרה, תמונות, יישומים, רכיבי ציוד היקפי ומסמכים המשולבים על ידי היצרן.
מחשב מחברת Precision m6600 (סקירה כללית)

ProSupport של Dell

עזור לשים קץ לזמן ההשבתה ולפתור בעיות במהירות בעזרת שירות ProSupport של Dell*, המעניק לך גישה טלפונית ישירה, מסביב לשעון, לטכנאים מיומנים הנמצאים באזור הרלוונטי.
מחשב מחברת Precision m6600 (סקירה כללית)

תמיכה בשיתוף פעולה

קבל סיוע גם אם אתה מתמודד עם בעיה ברכיב חומרה או תוכנה שאינו מתוצרת Dell, בעזרת התכונה 'תמיכה בשיתוף פעולה' במסגרת שירות ProSupport של Dell. הקשרים שלנו עם למעלה מ-‎75 ספקי צד שלישי מובילים מאפשרים לנו לפעול כנקודת קשר אחת.
Dell Precision M6600 Vs Apple MacBook Pro 17"*

precision m4600 mobile workstation
Dell Precision™ M6600
precision m4600 mobile workstation Apple MacBook Pro 17"

Time to complete set of rendering videos (in minutes). Lower numbers are better.
precision m6600 mobile workstation
The 17 inch Dell system takes 10.8 percent of the time the Apple system takes time to complete the rendering tasks. Lower numbers are better.

Adobe Premiere Pro CSS task timing (in seconds)

Render Entire Work Area 1080p Sequences
The time the two 17-inch notebook systems took to render the entire work area. Lower numbers are better

P2 sequence — 4 video layers
precision m6600 mobile workstation
P2 sequence — 3 video layers
precision m6600 mobile workstation
P2 sequence — 2 video layers
precision m6600 mobile workstation
XDCAM sequence — 4 video layers
precision m6600 mobile workstation
XDCAM sequence — 3 video layers
precision m6600 mobile workstation
XDCAM sequence — 2 video layers
precision m6600 mobile workstation
AVCHD sequence — 4 video layers
precision m6600 mobile workstation
AVCHD sequence — 3 video layers
precision m6600 mobile workstation
AVCHD sequence — 2 video layers
precision m6600 mobile workstation

Sequnces rendered

The time the two 15-inch notebook systems took to render the workload. Lower numbers are better.

Render simple sequnence with brightness and contrast effects
precision m6600 mobile workstation

Render complex sequence with brightness and contrast effects
precision m6600 mobile workstation

Render simple sequence with sharpness and tint effects
precision m6600 mobile workstation

Render complex sequnce with sharpness and tint effects
precision m6600 mobile workstation

Render sequence with Basic 3D Keyframed movement and Drop Shadow
precision m4600 mobile workstation


  • Mobile Intel® QM67 Express

Optisch station

  • Dvd-rom, dvd+/-rw met laadsleuf, Blu-ray Disc™-schrijver


  • Voeding:
    240 W-wisselstroomadapter

    9-cel (97 Wh); 9-cel (87 Wh) 3 jaar beperkte hardwaregarantie5

Poorten, sleuven en chassis

  • Uitbreidbaarheid:
    Poortreplicators: E-Port Plus-poortreplicator; eenvoudige E-Port-poortreplicator; E-Legacy Extender oudere poortreplicator
    Standaarden: E-View-laptopstandaard; basismonitorstandaard voor de E-reeks; flatpanelstandaard voor de E-reeks

    Antibacterieel toetsenbord met numeriek toetsenblok: standaard of optioneel met achtergrondverlichting
    Multitouch-touchpad met drie knoppen; trackstick met drie knoppen
    Optioneel multitouch-beeldscherm voor schrijfpen/aanraking door vier vingers tegelijk

    Gebruikte materialen:
    Aluminium en magnesiumlegering

    Gewicht en afmetingen:
    Basisgewicht: 3,5 kg (7,77 lbs)
    Breedte: 416,7 mm (16,41 inch)
    Diepte: 270,5 mm (10,65 inch)
    Hoogte: 33,1-37,4 mm (1,3-1,46 inch)

    2 sleuven voor minikaart op volledige hoogte en 2 sleuven voor halfhoge minikaarten

    Standaard I/O-poorten:
    Links Achterzijde  Rechts
     1 x Vergrendelingssleuf 1 x VGA 2 x USB 3.0
     2 x USB 2.0 1 x RJ-45 1 x DisplayPort
     1 x IEEE 1394 1 x eSATA / USB 2.0 1 x schakelaar voor draadloze modus
     1 x microfoonaansluiting 1 x HDMI 
     1 x hoofdtelefoonaansluiting  
     1 x 10-in-1 geheugenkaartlezer  
     1 x smartcardlezer  
     1 x ExpressCard-sleuf (54 mm)  


  • Milieustandaarden (eco-labels) zoals: ENERGY STAR® 5.0, EPEAT Gold; China: BvGS, CECP, CEC; EU: BvGS, WEEE;
    Duitsland: GS Mark; Zuid-Korea: BvGS, Eco-label; Japan: BvGS, Japanse energiewet, Green PC
    Andere milieuopties: Dell Energy Smart-instellingen (bepaalde configuraties); Dell Asset Recovery Service

Dell ProSupport简介

Dell ProSupport™*是专业、成熟、前瞻性的支持服务,专为应对您当今面临的技术挑战而设计,它的最基本服务模式是面向IT人员的Dell ProSupport,专门服务像您一样的IT专业人员。

面向IT人员的Dell ProSupport支持服务提供:
  • 全天候直接联系戴尔专家中心
  • 通过快速通道派遣提供经戴尔认证的技术人员
  • 通过戴尔全球指挥中心进行上报管理
此外,Dell ProSupport选项还可通过调整来适应您的技术运用方式:快速响应需求;保护投资、工作效率和敏感数据;提供增强的主动支持服务,以降低基础架构管理过程中的风险与复杂性。

专业上门服务选项 - 可让您完善日常IT管理,或在必要时获得特定技术专家针对关键项目提供的服务。面向台式机的推荐服务选项包括:
  • 上门部件管理 - 确保部件随手可得,从而最大限度地减少停机时间。
  • 上门服务人员 - 作为您IT员工的补充。
  • 上门故障诊断,加快故障诊断的速度。
保留您的硬盘 – 通过保留您的硬盘,使您保持对敏感数据的控制,并帮助您遵守现行的数据隐私法规,从而降低与法律责任和民事责任相关的风险。企业全面服务 - 通过以下各项提供增强的前瞻性服务功能:
  • 指定的服务交付经理
  • 性能基准评估和自定义报告
  • 规划和评估











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