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It’s desktop computing -- without compromise. Wyse thin client technology provides industry leading cloud computing solutions.

Wyse Cloud Connect

IT-managed enterprise client with outstanding portability, security and rich user experience for accessing broad applications and content in the cloud.

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Wyse 5212 aio

Wyse 5000 Series all-in-one​

Increase security and make desktop management easy with a virus- and malware-immune all-in-one thin client featuring Wyse ThinOS and a 21.5" display.

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Wyse C Class thin client

Wyse C class thin client

Compact thin client featuring multiple display support, multimedia and Flash playback, plus rich audio.

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Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager

Wyse Cloud Client Manager (SaaS)

Empower users, protect data and help cut costs through secure access to apps and content on select user devices with Dell™ Wyse® Cloud Client Manager.

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Wyse D10DP

Performance and security that rivals a zero client with PCoIP software decode, WiFi support, and multi-session support for various VDI environments

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Wyse D Class Thin Client and Cloud PC

Wyse D class thin client and cloud desktop

Cloud client for Citrix®, Microsoft® and VMware® VDI environments serves as a powerful yet compact cloud PC.

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Wyse E02 zero client

Wyse 1000 series zero client for Windows MultiPoint Server

Entry-level zero clients for Microsoft® Windows MultiPoint® Server 2011 and 2012 for low-cost, quick connectivity via USB or Ethernet cabling.

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Dell Wyse PCE

Wyse PC Extender

Reconfigure select legacy PCs as highly functional thin clients for secure and cost-effective desktop virtualization with Dell Wyse PC Extender.

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Wyse p25

Wyse 5000 and 7000 Series Zero Clients for VMware

Zero client for VMware® built for CAD, 3D solids modeling, video editing and more

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Wyse 3000 series thin client

Wyse thin client desktop 3000 series

Efficient, easy-to-use thin clients, from the entry-level 3010-T10 and 3050-T50 to the highly capable dual core 3012-T10D for cost-effective virtual desktop sites.

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Dell Wyse TCX

Wyse TCX

Maximize user productivity and provide an enhanced multimedia experience on Dell Wyse cloud clients with fully featured Dell Wyse TCX software.

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Dell Wyse VDA

Wyse VDA

Neutralize the effects of WAN latency and packet loss so users in remote locations can receive the full benefits of Dell Wyse cloud client computing.

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Dell Wyse WCM

Wyse WCM

Easily configure Windows Embedded Dell Wyse thin clients and minimize administration time and costs with Dell Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM).

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Dell Wyse WDM

Wyse Device Manager (WDM)

Secure, highly scalable software designed to help you manage and monitor Dell Wyse thin and zero client desktops and help maximize user productivity.

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Dell Wyse WSM

Wyse WSM

High performance, secure desktop and application virtualization that is cost-effective, easy to manage and powerful.

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Wyse x class mobile thin client

Wyse 7000 series mobile thin clients

Mobile thin client with Wyse® Enhanced SUSE Linux, Windows Embedded Standard 7, or as a cloud desktop with Wyse WSM.

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Wyse Xenith 3

Wyse 3000 and 5000 Series Xenith Zero Clients for Citrix

Zero clients for a wide range of Citrix® HDX environments offering outstanding security, performance, and ease-of-use.

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Dell Wyse 7000 Series

Wyse 7000 Series

Traditional cloud client equipped with accelerated graphics and multimedia.

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Securely accessing work applications from the cloud, sharing presentations or connecting to your personal cloud to optimize work-life balance.

Secure, affordable all-in-one virtual desktop for retail, education, hospitality, healthcare and finance industries.

Providing productive, compact cloud client computing desktops has never been easier.

Organizations that need to securely manage consumer mobile devices and support bring your own device (BYOD) policies..

Large and small workgroups of VMware Horizon View power users and knowledge workers who demand superb performance and absolute security with instant-on convenience.

Organizations seeking a secure, compact and efficient platform with applications for working with high-definition multimedia in a virtualized environment.

Highly affordable, compact, energy-efficient alternative for classrooms.

Organizations seeking to implement desktop and application virtualization without a major investment in new hardware and management software.

Secure, high-performance, easy to manage VMware® View™ desktops.

Budget-conscious Citrix®, Microsoft®, VMware® and Dell vWorkspace virtual desktop environments in small to medium-size businesses.

Organizations looking to provide an enhanced user experience with optimized multimedia performance on Dell Wyse cloud clients.

Mobile, home, branch-office, offshore and cloud computing users seeking to mitigate wide area network (WAN) latency and boost virtual desktop performance.

Small businesses to large enterprises looking to configure Windows Embedded Dell Wyse cloud clients with minimal time and effort.

Secure, highly scalable software to manage and monitor Dell Wyse thin and zero client desktops and maximize user productivity.

K-12 and higher-education campuses; healthcare facilities; enterprise businesses and any other organization running apps not published for Virtual Device Interface (VDI), such as labs and libraries.

Secure, high-performance mobile cloud computing for your employees that need it most.

Businesses and organizations looking for an affordable, highly secure, easily manageable compact desktop solution.

Everything your users need to tackle the most demanding virtual desktop environments.

Operating System

Android 4.1, Jelly BeanWyse Thin OS 8.0


Additional power and control offered by MHL
HDMI/MHL equipped video interface
1080p Full-HD resolution support
54.61 cm (21.5 inches) / Full HD 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz (Primary and dual monitor)



4 USB 2.0 ports
1 RJ45
1 SFP fiber (optional)
1 VGA (PC mode)
1 DisplayPort (dual display)


Dual-core Cortex-A9 ARM System-on-Chip (SoC)
AMD G-Series T48E Dual Core 1.4GHz / AMD Radeon HD 6250 chipset


802.11 a/b/g/n dual band wireless (data)
Bluetooth v4 (Peripherals)
10/100/1000 RJ-45 Ethernet or SFP Fiber
Optional – 802.11 a/b/g/n integrated wireless Ethernet with dual-band antenna.* Available in select countries


MHL/HDMI video interface (at launch)
DisplayPort video interface
1x USB mini for peripherals (keyboard/Mouse)
1x Micro USB host port / External power input
1x Micro SD card slot (expandable up to 72GB flash storage)


Bluetooth pairing button
Citrix Receiver
VMware Horizon View client


Keyboard, Mouse, and Storage via Bluetooth v3
Or 1x USB mini for peripherals (keyboard/Mouse)


1x Micro SD card slot (expandable up to 72GB flash storage)

Flash Memory
8 GB (up to 40GB with addition of a 32GB SD card)
2 GB (Flash) / 2GB (Memory)


LED power indicator
Color – Foggy Night

Dell Wireless Travel Mouse WM524
Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810
Dell Mobile Projector M900HD
Dell Mobile Projector M115HD


Chrome for fast, safe, and easy web access


95 X 35 X 15mmDisplay with stand          531mm (20.9 in) x 181mm (7.1 in) x 408mm (16.0 in)

Display without stand
     531mm (20.9 in) x 45mm (1.8 in) x 343mm (13.5 in)

Fixed Stand
                   191mm (7.5 in) x 181 mm (7.1 in) x 315mm (12.4 in)

I/O Expansion Slots

MHL/HDMI (video interface)
1x USB mini for peripherals (keyboard/Mouse)
1x micro USB (host port / external power input for HDMI connection)
1x micro SD card slot (up to 40GB with addition of a 32GB SD card)
Touch support multi-touch displays


Dell 27 Touch MHL Monitor P2714T
Dell 23 Touch MHL Monitor P2314T
Dell 20 Touch MHL Monitor E2014T


Remote Desktop environments: Wyse PocketCloud, Citrix Receiver, and VMware Horizon View.
Dell Wyse PocketCloud
Cloud Client Manager Agent
Dell Sonic Wall VPN Client
Google Play
Citrix ICA, HDX 3D & 3D Pro, Microsoft RDP 8.0, VMware (RDP) view 5.2, and vWorkspace

In the box

Wyse 5000 series all-in-one thin client

Keyboard (US) DJ454

Mouse (US) 11D3V

Energy efficiency

30W average power consumption

External power supply auto-sensing between 110v and 240v


One-year limited hardware warranty.Three year limited warranty. Optional four and five year warranties.


Enterprise level security
Operating system & application level security
Desktop & content security
Enterprise level security enforcement

Systems Management

Application and content management
User Self-Service Portal
Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager