Dell PowerEdge Servers Powered by AMD

Dell PowerEdge Servers Powered by AMD
PowerEdge R715 Server

DellTM  PowerEdgeTM  servers powered by AMD OpteronTM  processors:
Real-world performance. Real-world value. Do the math.

The trends in enterprise computing are driving down two distinct paths: toward greater performance and scalability or toward greater energy efficiency and value. AMD uniquely addresses these two markets.

AMD proudly introduces the next generation of AMD Opteron™ processors, based on the new “Piledriver” core architecture, the AMD Opteron™ 6300 series processors and AMD Opteron™ 4300 Series processors. Both processor families are designed to help you get the performance you need at the price you want for today’s demanding workloads, while offering offer low acquisition costs that help to reduce overall TCO.

The combination of Dell PowerEdge servers and AMD Opteron processor technology allows you to run applications or workloads efficiently.
Rack Servers

Rack Servers

Ideal for customers with multiple servers or with limited storage space.
Blade Servers

Blade Servers

High-density computing with the latest high performance technologies
PowerEdge M915
PowerEdge C6145
PowerEdge R415
PowerEdge R515
PowerEdge C6105
PowerEdge R715
PowerEdge R815

AMD Opteron


*Based on R905, R805, M905 and M805 VMmark results as compared to published benchmark scores as of November 12, 2008. VMware® VMmark™ is a product of VMware, Inc. VMmark utilizes SPECjbb2005® and SPECweb2005®, which are available from the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC). See www.vmmark.com for current results.

* Based on SpeCint®_rate2006 (estimate) and SPECfp®_rate2006 (estimate) by AMD Internal Labs in May 2009 comparing Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processor (“Istanbul”) Model 8435 over Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processor (“Shanghai”) Model 8384. Configuration for SPECint_rate2006 & SPECfp_rate 2006 estimates: Tyan Transport TX46 server, 64GB (16x4GB DDR2-800) memory, 250GB SATA disk drive, SuSE Linux® Enterprise Server 10 SP1 64-bit. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability. SPEC, SPECint, and SPECfp are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation.