Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers

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Available Models

Poweredge R220
PowerEdge R430
PowerEdge R530 Server Rack
PowerEdge R820 Rack Server
PowerEdge R220 rack server
Save space with a short-depth chassis, save time with intuitive management using a quiet, 1U 1-socket server.
  • Subtotal $79900
Tax & Shipping NOT included
PowerEdge R430 Rack Server
Peak 2-socket performance for HPC, web tech and infrastructure scale-out.
  • Starting Price $719900
  • Instant Savings $238000
  • Subtotal $481900
Tax & Shipping NOT included
PowerEdge R530 Rack Server
Deliver balanced performance and midrange scalability with a powerful 2S/2U rack server.
  • Starting Price $744900
  • Instant Savings $243000
  • Subtotal $501900
Tax & Shipping NOT included
Dell PowerEdge R820 Rack Server
Manage data overload and expanding virtual environments with the extreme processing power and massive memory density of the Dell™ PowerEdge™ R820.
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PowerEdge R920
PowerEdge R930 Server
PowerEdge R730xd
PowerEdge R320
Dell PowerEdge R920 Rack Server
Drive large databases, ERP, HPC and other demanding workloads with 4-socket performance, scalable memory and powerful IO.
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New PowerEdge R930 Rack Server
Accelerate enterprise applications with Dell's most powerful server featuring highly scalable processing, memory and internal storage.
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PowerEdge R730xd Rack Server
Boost workload efficiency like never before with unprecedented PowerEdge in-chassis storage flexibility.
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PowerEdge R320 Rack Server
Experience enterprise-class features in the rack-optimized 1U PowerEdge™ R320 server — ideal for your core business applications.
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PowerEdge R630
Poweredge R730
PowerEdge R630 Rack Server
Maximize data center efficiency with an ultra-dense virtualization or database engine that supports up to 24 flash SSDs in a 1U chassis.
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PowerEdge R730 Rack Server
Adapt to virtually any workload with a scalable server featuring an optimal mix of memory, storage, processing and GPUs.
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