Dell EqualLogic PS6100XV Array

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Implemente uma solução de armazenamento para empresas concebida para desempenho

Controle aplicações críticas utilizando matrizes iSCSI Dell EqualLogic PS6100XV, ideal para instalações distribuídas de empresas.

Matriz de armazenamento EqualLogic PS6100XV

Matriz de armazenamento EqualLogic PS6100XV


Sistema de armazenamento EqualLogic PS4100 2U (descrição geral)


EqualLogic Série PS6100


Configurações do produto

  • Controladores de armazenamento
    Controladores duplos com 4 GB de memória não volátil por controlador

    Unidades de disco rígido
    Vinte e quatro (24) unidades de disco rígido NL-SAS (15 000 rpm) preparadas para troca dinâmica.

    Capacidades das unidades
    Unidades SAS de 2,5" (15 000 rpm), disponíveis em 146 GB*
    Unidades SAS (ou SAS SED) (15 000 rpm), de 2,5", disponíveis em 300 GB*

    Capacidades do sistema
    3,5 TB*, com vinte e quatro (24) unidades SAS de 146 GB* (15 000 rpm)
    7,2 TB*, com vinte e quatro (24) unidades SAS (ou SAS SED) de 300 GB* (15 000 rpm)

Destaques técnicos

  • Volumes
    Up to 1,024

    512 per volume / up to 10,000 total per group

    Volume Connections
    Up to 1,024

    Host Protocol
    Any standards-compliant iSCSI initiator

    Operating Systems Supported

    Microsoft® Windows Server® including Hyper-V®
    VMware® ESX Server™
    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL)
    SUSE® Enterprise Linux® (SLES)
    Oracle® Linux
    Oracle® Solaris™
    IBM® AIX®
    Mac OS® X
    Citrix® XenServer®
    Novell® NetWare®

    For a complete list of supported OS versions including software initiators, NICs/CNAs, and HBAs, see the EqualLogic Compatibility Matrix on http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/storage/w/wiki/2661.equallogic-compatibility-matrix-07262013.aspx.

    RAID Support
    RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, and RAID 50*

    GbE Network Interfaces
    Management network: One 100BASE-TX dedicated management port per controller
    Interface ports: Four 1000BASE-T ports per controller

    TCP Network Support
    IPv4, IPv6 core support

    Expansion Option
    Can be combined with other EqualLogic PS Series arrays in the same SAN group, online. Up to 16 total members per group.


  • Redundant hot-swappable controllers with vertical port sharing
    Hot-swappable disks and power supplies

Sistema de monitorização de receptáculos

  • Automatic spare configuration and utilization
    Automatic bad block replacement
    Auto-Stat Disk Monitoring System (ADMS) to monitor health of data on disk drive


  • SAN Headquarters multi-group performance and event monitoring tool
    Serial console
    Ability to configure a separate management network
    SNMP, telnet, SSH, HTTP, Web (SSL), host scripting
    Multi-administrator support


  • CHAP authentication
    Access control for iSCSI
    Access control for management interfaces including Active Directory, LDAP, or RADIUS support

Métodos de notificação

  • SNMP traps, e-mail, syslog


  • AC voltage: 100-240 VAC ±10% single phase 700 W (max, total), +5V up to 155W; +12V up to 624W; +5Vsb up to 10W
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Power factor: 0.98 (minimum)
    Power supplies: Dual 700W


  • Altura: 2U / 8,68 cm (3,41 polegadas)
    Largura: 44,63 cm (17,57 polegadas)
    Profundidade: 54,1 cm (21,3 polegadas)
    Peso: 24,49 kg (54 lb)

    Dimensões físicas (com embalagem): Comprimento: 85,1 cm (33,50 polegadas); Largura: 62,9 cm (24,75 polegadas); Profundidade: 39,5 cm (15,56 polegadas)
    Peso (com embalagem): 36,2873 kg (80 lb)

    Suporte de rack
    Calhas fixas ReadyRails™ II para montagem sem ferramentas em racks de 4 pilares, com orifícios quadrados ou redondos (não roscados), ou montagem com ferramentas em racks de 4 pilares com orifícios roscados

Condições ambientais de funcionamento

  • Temperature range: 5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)
    Storage temperature: –40° to 65°C (–40° to 149°F)
    Altitude: For altitudes above 2950 feet, the maximum operating temperature is derated 1ºF/550 ft.
    Operating Relative humidity: 20% to 80% (noncondensing) with a maximum humidity gradation
    of 10% per hour
    Operational shock: Half-sine shock 31G +/- 5% with a pulse duration of 2.6ms +/- 10% in operational orientations only
    Acoustics Category 4: <=7.2 bels at 23C +/- 2C
    Air quality: Airborne contaminant level of G1 or lower as defined by ISA-S71.04-1985

Software and Services for a complete SAN solution

Dell delivers comprehensive end-to-end solutions with software and services options to help you store and manage your data more efficiently and cost-effectively. Included with your PS Series array purchase are the EqualLogic™ array software and host software — virtually all the tools your organization needs for a complete solution.
equallogic ps4210 storage

EqualLogic Array Software

  • EqualLogic Group Manager helps to streamline storage and data management.
  • EqualLogic Manual Transfer Utility minimizes downtime when transferring large amounts of data.
  • EqualLogic PS Series Firmware is the foundation of the EqualLogic software family.
  • Dell Storage Update Manager simplifies the upgrade process with guided update management.

Integrated across the entire family of EqualLogic PS arrays, the EqualLogic Firmware is a SAN operating system based on a unique peer storage architecture that:

  • Virtualizes SAN resources
  • Enables peer scalability of up to 16 arrays
  • Provides intelligent data management functionality
  • Automatically adjusts system resources
  • Optimizes performance

EqualLogic Host Integration Tools

This family of host-based software provides tight integration between the PS Series array and the host. Dell provides host integration tools for Microsoft®, VMware® and Linux® environments to offer comprehensive data protection and reliable performance.

EqualLogic SAN Headquarters

Dell EqualLogic SAN Headquarters (SAN HQ) is a centralized monitoring and reporting tool that gathers and provides in-depth information on performance and capacity and provides alerts across multiple groups of PS Series arrays. SAN HQ with Support Assist further streamlines management and improves productivity with automatic case creation and case tracking.

More information on EqualLogic Software can be found here.

Global services and support

Dell offers a wide range of professional services to simplify the assessment, design, implementation, management and maintenance of your IT environment, and to help you transition from platform to platform.
equallogic ps4210 storage
Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite for PS Series
Dell ProSupport offers a suite of support services that enable you to choose support models based on how you use technology and where you want to allocate resources. We recommend Dell ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist for mission-critical systems or Dell ProSupport for premium hardware and software support for your Dell EqualLogic PS Series solution. Contact your Dell representative today for more information*.
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Dell Enterprise Consulting Services
Our proven methodology and tools are derived from years of global field experience that help you design the right storage plan to mitigate risk and decrease costs while optimizing and simplifying your data management.
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Dell Enterprise Deployment Services
Our end-to-end deployment services ensure your Dell Storage installation, configuration and implementation is completed accurately and quickly- anytime, anywhere - with proven processes based on best practices acquired from thousands of deployments by our highly skilled experts.
equallogic ps4210 storage
Dell Education Services
Decrease downtime, improve utilization and ensure business continuity with storage training from Dell Education Services. Choose from courses designed to introduce Dell Storage and prepare you for more advanced topics to courses that dive into the advanced features included in the storage solution and how to apply best practices.More information can be found here.