Wyse TCX − Optimerad prestanda för multimedia

intel® core™
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Maximera användarproduktivitet och leverera en förbättrad multimediaupplevelse på Wyse-molnklienter med mångsidig Wyse TCX-programvara.

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Boost performance for cloud clients

Provide a rich multimedia experience and support multiple displays on Dell Wyse endpoints with Dell Wyse TCX desktop virtualization software. TCX uses a collaborative processing architecture to divide the workload between the server and client, dynamically shifting the workload to the client’s processor when needed. It helps established protocols work efficiently and can add valuable functionality to your virtual desktop environment, including:
  • Synchronized audio and video using the local processing power of the Dell Wyse cloud client to decode multimedia streams.
  • Seamless integration with a wide range of environments, including support for Microsoft® Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Citrix® XenApp™ and Citrix® XenDesktop™.
  • Relief for your server’s CPU with help from software that intelligently divides workloads between the server and the client.

Förbättra användarupplevelsen

Dell Wyse TCX tar bort de traditionella begränsningarna i miljöer med virtuella datorer och erbjuder en komplett uppsättning programvarulösningar som förbättrar användarupplevelsen:
Dell Wyse TCX
  • Multidisplay: Provides the extra screen space users need to multitask effectively. Lets users display one or more windows on up to four monitors.
  • Multimedia: Optimizes multimedia streaming to offer a smooth, full-screen, full-frame-rate experience. Supports Windows media playback across multiple displays simultaneously.
  • USB virtualizer: Offers optimal USB device detection, visibility and functionality. Lets users connect devices such as headsets, webcams, printers and multifunction devices locally to cloud clients.
  • Flash Redirection and Flash Acceleration: Flash Redirection helps to improve Flash video performance without requiring a client-side Flash player. Flash Acceleration provides high-quality audio performance for Flash videos.
  • Rich sound: Provides high-performance, bidirectional audio that is ideal for IP communications in virtual desktop environments. Eliminates the need for a separate IP phone unit.

The dynamics of end-user computing are rapidly changing. Organizations today are turning to desktop virtualization to cost-effectively enhance security, streamline desktop management, reduce time to value, and boost user productivity all while providing the flexibility to support a comprehensive array of business requirements.

With Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) featuring Dell Wyse cloud client devices, Dell gives you the ultimate user experience with secure access for any user, to any content, using any app, on any device, anytime anywhere.

Integrate Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) with your existing investments. Many DVS Enterprise solutions are integrated tightly with Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Dell vWorkspace to optimize your deployments in either Windows or Linux® environments.

DVS Portfolio:

  • DVS Enterprise Solutions include pre-configured, pretested, on-premise desktop virtualization solutions designed for demanding IT environments.
    • DVS Enterprise ISS for Citrix and VMware
    • DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012
    • DVS Enterprise for Active Infrastructure for Citrix and VMware
    • DVS Enterprise for vWorkspace
  • The on-premise DVS Simplified Appliance includes all the data center hardware, virtualization software and Dell support services you need to run a desktop virtualization environment.
  • With Dell DaaS On Demand, you manage your virtual desktop images with an intuitive self-service portal and we implement, manage and maintain your VDI in a Dell Cloud.
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