Dell Active System 50


Convergence made easy.

Pre-built and easily managed converged system with servers, storage and networking for small to midsize data center needs.

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Active System 50 Converged Infrastructure Solution

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Accelerate time-to-value
Accelerate time to value
Rapidly deploy a pre-configured virtualization infrastructure for your small or midsize data center. Everything you need can be provided in one package, including a standard Dell rack with Dell 12th-generation PowerEdge servers, Dell Networking switches, EqualLogic storage and Active System Manager software.
  • Delivered ready-to-run, Active System 50 is preracked, precabled, pretested and preconfigured for quick deployment without extensive design and configuration cycles that require specialized IT skills.
  • Deployment services help ensure that installation is done right the first time.
  • Automated infrastructure discovery, inventory and onboarding coupled with intelligent workload provisioning help deliver what the business needs quickly.
Drive efficiency and help lower risk
Drive efficiency and help lower risk
Expedite demanding workloads with the improved performance of Dell 12th-generation PowerEdge servers and the intelligent management features of Active System Manager.
  • Rely on pre-engineered and prevalidated virtualization solutions from a highly experienced vendor.
  • Automate workload provisioning and infrastructure management, and help improve the utilization of available infrastructure resources using Active System Manager.
  • Depend on Dell ProSupport* Services, an outstanding support organization that provides a single point of accountability.
Provide uncomplicated scalability
Rely on a solution designed to scale with your growing and changing needs. Easily plan for the future with virtualization building blocks that offer you the same sizing, performance and cost for simplified data center expansion.
  • Simplify capacity and performance growth and easily scale virtual machines (VMs) by adding servers, storage arrays or more storage racks while maintaining control through a centralized, role-based management platform.
  • Dynamically change system configuration and initiate new capacity online without disrupting operations or interrupting data access.
Leverage Microsoft or VMware virtualization platforms
Leverage Microsoft or VMware virtualization platforms.
Choose VMware® vSphere® or Microsoft® Hyper-V® virtualization platforms for full-virtualization infrastructure and application hosting. The Microsoft platform features:
  • Microsoft Windows Server® 2012 Datacenter Edition with Hyper-V
  • Dell Management Software, including Active System Manager

The VMware vSphere platform features:
  • Trial licenses for VMware ESXi and VMware vCenter™
  • Dell Management Software, including Active System Manager
The Active System pre-integrated advantage
Take full advantage of additional Active System features as you deploy Active System 50, whether you are initiating a new data center or adding onto your established infrastructure. Begin operations faster, with fewer headaches, less risk and lower cost than with a custom-built solution. Manage your data center efficiently through centralized workload automation and infrastructure management. Benefit from Dell’s expertise and experience in delivering virtualization solutions:
  • Leverage Dell 12th-generation server technology that helps maximize application uptime with automatic failover of redundant hypervisors.
  • Choose Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESXi hypervisors.
  • Automate workload provisioning and manage infrastructure efficiently with Active System Manager.
Dell ProSupportDell ProSupport
Choose Dell’s premium support service, ProSupport, for 24X7* direct telephone access to advanced-level technicians based in your region. Whether you have one office or hundreds around the world, protect your investments with this simple yet flexible approach.
Collaborative SupportCollaborative Support
ProSupport’s Collaborative Support feature provides assistance even if you have a problem with non-Dell hardware or software. We will leverage our relationships with over 75 top third-party vendors to act as your single point of contact to help resolve your issue.
Workloads summary
Dell pretests and validates specific workloads for its Active System portfolio. The following workloads have been validated to run on the Active System 50.
  • Active System 50 for Microsoft® Private Cloud
  • Active System 50 for Citrix® XenDesktop®
  • Active System 50 for VMware® View™
  • Active System 50 for Microsoft VDI
Software summary
  • Hypervisor (options)
    • VMware vSphere® ESXi 5.x
    • Microsoft Windows Server® Hyper-V® 2012
  • Management
    • Dell Active System Manager
    • VMware vCenter™ (VMware edition)
    • Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter (VMware edition) — optional
    • Dell iDRAC 7 Enterprise
    • Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware (HIT/VE) Plug-in for vCenter (VMware edition) — optional Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (Microsoft edition)
    • EqualLogic SAN Headquarters
    • Dell OpenManage Server Essentials
Management summary
Active System Manager provides an intuitive, automated, template-based experience for the deployment, orchestration, and management of physical and virtual converged infrastructure. It streamlines management across the entire infrastructure and workload lifecycle, from discovery and inventory through provisioning, ongoing maintenance and decommissioning of infrastructure and workload resources.

Active System Manager enables organizations to:
  • Speed discovery, configuration and deployment of physical and virtualized converged infrastructure
  • Quickly and easily deploy application workloads using pre-built and customizable templates
  • Efficiently allocate, optimize and manage converged infrastructure utilization through pooling and centralized control of server, storage and networking resources
  • Lower workload and infrastructure administrative time and costs through automated workflow orchestration and streamlined, template-based deployment
  • Consistently deliver quality IT services as the data center grows through resource scheduling and highly reliable automated provisioning
  • Enable repeatable, extensible and flexible deployment and management of physical and virtual elements as new infrastructure and workloads are added
Additional tools, including Dell OpenManage Essentials, EqualLogic SAN Headquarters and iDRAC 7 are included for more detailed element management. Optional tools, including the Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter and Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware Plug-in for vCenter are also available for customers requiring alternative management capabilities.

Server summary
A Dell PowerEdge R620 rack server provides the core virtualization platform for the Active System 50, offering concentrated computing power in a 2-socket, 1U form factor. It can maximize computing power in space-sensitive environments.
  • Standard Active System 50 solution configuration includes two ESXi virtual servers with a total of 32 processor cores (Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family) and 128GB* of memory.
  • Dual network interface cards (NICs) provide full redundancy and highly available interconnects for Active System 50. Each NIC offers impressive I/O (input/output) capabilities with balanced, scalable features, including integrated PCIe Gen3-enabled expansion slots and choice of embedded NIC technology.
  • Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC 7) Enterprise Edition provides out-of-band server management.
 An included Dell virtualized PowerEdge R420 rack server functions as a host for the management tools.

For more information on Dell PowerEdge R620 servers, click here.
For more information on Dell PowerEdge R420 servers, click here.

Storage summary
The Dell EqualLogic PS6100X storage array provides virtualized 1Gb iSCSI storage area network (SAN) storage that combines intelligence and automation with fault tolerance to provide simplified administration, rapid deployment, seamless scalability and enterprise performance and reliability.

  • Standard configuration includes 24 hot-pluggable 2.5” 300GB* 10,000 rpm serial attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives, with total system capacity of up to 7.2TB.* The system also supports 15,000 rpm SAS drives and 7,200 rpm NL-SAS drives.
  • Fault-tolerant capabilities are supported through fully redundant and hot-swappable components (dual 10GbE controllers, disk drives with hot spares and dual power supplies).
  • Dual controllers with multipathing offer high availability (SPF+ and 10GBASE-T port options).
Networking summary
Dell Networking 7024 GbE switches are Layer 3 scalable top-of-rack switches that offer you the power and flexibility you need for today and the future. They offer advanced switching capabilities that include standard high-density 10GbE uplinks (1GbE uplinks also supported), high-performance stacking, high redundancy and availability, and they are scalable from the small business to the data center edge. The Dell Networking 7024 features:
  • Up to 160 Mbps throughput and a data rate of up to 224 Gbps (full duplex) for both Layer 2 and Layer 3 environments.
  • Simple management and scalability through a 128 Gbps high-availability stacking architecture that allows you to manage up to 12 switches from a single IP address. Share the upgradeable 10GbE ports across the stack for uplinks to the next network layer.
  • Power-saving Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) ports that can reduce per-port power consumption to help lower electricity and cooling costs.
For more information on Dell Networking 7024 GbE switches, click here.

Summary of other required integration elements
  • Database compatible with VMware vCenter or Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Network routing
Support services

Dell ProSupport is included with every Active System 50
  • Dell ProSupport* offers Next Business Day On-Site Service After Remote Diagnosis* on each blade chassis, server and switch during the Limited Hardware Warranty* period.
Optional Remote Advisory Service
  • Phone- and internet-based consultation, configuration and management support is available from Dell specialists.
Installation, configuration and deployment services are included with every Active System 50
  • Installation of individual components (servers, storage, network, UPS) into the rack
  • Cabling of all components as per specifications
  • Installation, configuration and knowledge transfer provided for VMware® ESX; VMware vCenter™, Active System Manager and the Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter; Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware Plug-In for vCenter; or Microsoft® Windows Server® Hyper-V® and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM); and Dell Open Manage Essentials.
  • Installation, configuration and knowledge transfer provided for Dell EqualLogic SAN Headquarters
IT consulting

Active System 50 Assistance and Consulting Service (available for both VMware and Microsoft versions)
  • Design service driven by categorization of source workloads
  • Health check of existing virtualization platform
  • Workload-migration planning and execution
  • Virtualization Operational Readiness Assessment
Efficient Architecture Workshop
  • One-to-one presale consulting with a Dell representative
  • Outlines Dell strategy and reviews your needs
Cloud Strategy Workshop
  • One-to-one presale consulting with a Dell representative
  • Outlines Dell strategy and reviews your needs
Virtualization Readiness Assessment
  • On-site server inventory and infrastructure assessment for virtualization
Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Accelerator Lite
  • One week on-site training to help reduce platform total cost of ownership (TCO), simplify service administration and increase system availability
  • Includes up to 15 physical-to-virtual migrations
Cloud Roadmap Accelerator (VMware version only)
  • Comprehensive review of your journey to the cloud
Networking Assessment
  • Inventory of networking element asset report
  • Identifying out-of-date network devices and resources
  • Network infrastructure scorecards based on industry best practices, utilization statistics and alternative consolidation scenarios. Also includes a blueprint of your current environment in relation to best practices
  • Recommendations founded on industry trends in data center networking standards and application performance improvement
Customer training

For virtualization
  • Training for VMware software components, where available
  • Training for Microsoft software components, where available
For EqualLogic
  • Dell EqualLogic administration and advanced management training
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