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System Builder for Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Virtualization

System Builder is a tool that allows you to design, architect a Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Virtualization solution for up to 3000 VMs. The tool produces a recommended configuration accompanied by a solution ID for different choices.  Users can then input the solution ID to their Dell quotation system such as DSA/OSC or Gii/OSC to automatically retrieve the configuration based on their inputs. Each of the recommended configuration has been tested & validated for interoperability, optimized performance and to deliver maximum stability. The highly comprehensive recommendation provided includes compute, storage, networking and systems management.

System Builder Help​​
  • If you are not sure how to answer a question or need help , refer to “Why we are asking this question” or “More” for every question
  • Some options may not be selectable because of previous inputs. The system builder dynamically changes each step based on inputs in the previous steps and disables some options or completely hide them
  • Do not use the browser navigation button, use the system builders forward, backward and steps “bread crumbs” buttons to navigate

 Important Notes about the solution: 

  • Cables, PDUs and racks are not included as part of the solution
  • Storage: Storage requirements are based on assumptions regarding customer needs. For example, for Fibre Channel and iSCSI it is assumed that the read write ratio is assumed to be 70:30, average IO size 32 KB, and one spare drive for each tier.
  • IOPs and Capacity: The number of drives for Storage Center are designed to meet both these requirements. If these two requirements are far apart (example, high IOPs and low capacity requirement), then the recommendation will be sized for the highest of these two requirements and oversized for the other. A more detailed tuning of the disk drives maybe required based on customer needs.
  • Network: The final solution must be customized based on how the system integrates into the customer datacenter. This will include uplink cables, power requirements etc.
  • Compute: Processor and memory for each server are selected based on customer inputs, general assumptions regarding VM density and VM performance. The configuration must be reviewed with the customer to ensure that it meets their needs.
  • Backup: We are assuming the retention period for back up is 30 days and the change rate is 2% daily
  • Scale: Ensuring that networking fabric can support the compute and storage provided by the system builder
  • Management server: Ensure that the management server is customized to the needs to the components that is required by the customer
  • High availability: The system builder takes high availability into account when determining the number of servers
  • FX2 server: Before ordering the solution, it is important to associate the FX2 modules (FC nodes and FNIOAs) to the FX2 chassis.