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Slim form factor servers ideal for network infrastructure or web applications.
Dell PowerEdge R415 Rack Server
PowerEdge R510 Rack Server
Dell PowerEdge R515 Rack Server
PowerEdge R415 Rack Server
The PowerEdge R415 is an AMD processor-based two-socket, 1U rack server for small and medium business and data center functions such as IT infrastructure, email, select HPC usage and virtualization needs.
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PowerEdge R510 Rack Server
The PowerEdge™ R510 is an Intel® processor-based 2-socket, 2U rack server ideal for department, branch or small business database tasks, email, virtualization, workload consolidation and core business applications with large, local storage needs.
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PowerEdge R515 Rack Server
The PowerEdge™ R515 is an AMD processor-based two-socket 2U rack server that is great for department, branch or small business database tasks and business applications with large storage requirements.
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Ideal for businesses seeking increased performance & additional storage capacity.
PowerEdge R815 Rack Server
PowerEdge R815 Rack Server
Ideal for virtualization and high-performance computing (HPC), the Dell™ PowerEdge™ R815 is a four-socket, 2U rack server that offers processor density, redundancy and value in a space-saving form factor.
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High performance servers for the most demanding and business critical applications.
PowerEdge R910 Rack Server
PowerEdge R910 Rack Server
The PowerEdge™ R910 is an Intel® processor-based 4-socket, 4U rack server for mission-critical applications in corporate data centers and workloads needing the highest performance, reliability and I/O scalability.
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