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My Alienware Crashes to a Blue Screen Error

My Alienware crashes to a blue screen error

Article Summary:

This article will guide you to troubleshoot a BSOD on you computer. A bluescreen is a stop error message from Windows to alert you about a malfunction in the software or hardware of the computer.

Note: Please bookmark this article as restarts of the computer are recommended during the process to help resolve issues.

Table of Contents:

1. Applies for:

2. What is happening?

3. Solution

Applies for:

Alienware Desktops

Alienware Laptops

What is a BSOD or Blue Screen of death?

Note: Check our video "Basic Troubleshooting of BSOD errors - Alienware Live from the lab"

The Blue Screen of Death (also known as BSoD or Blue Screen), known officially as a Stop Error or a bug check, is the error screen displayed by the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems upon encountering a critical error, of a non-recoverable nature, that causes the system to crash. A blue screen may occur when:

  • Windows detects an error it cannot recover from without losing data
  • Windows detects that critical OS data has become corrupted
  • Windows detects that hardware has failed in a non-recoverable fashion

Step one

Get the Stop Error Code

1. If your computer crashes into a blue screen before loading windows, try these steps:

a. Power on the system

b. Press <F8> when the message for troubleshooting and advanced startup options for Windows, press F8 appears

c. Choose disable automatic restart after system failure. This option will make your computer stay on the error screen instead of restarting next time it shows up.

d. Let the error show up again. Look for the Stop Error Code on the last line.

2. If your computer crashes randomly inside windows, try these steps:

a. Download Bluescreen View software from the following link:

b. Bluescreen View software will show a log of the recent blue screen crashes that have happened in your computer.

c. Get the stop error code listed.

d. If no errors show up, click on your start menu.

e. Right click Computer. Select Properties.

f. On the left pane, select Advanced system settings.

g. On the Advanced tab, under Start up and Recovery, click Settings.

Step two

Troubleshooting Blue Screens

1. Run Dell PC Diagnostic

2. Run PSA / e-PSA Diagnostics

Below you will find a list of the most common Blue Screen Errors and how to troubleshoot them. If you can’t find the error on the list below, click here to check Microsoft’s library for the complete list.

1. Fixing Windows 7 Blue Screen Stop Error Code 0x7B

2. Fixing Windows 7 Blue Screen Stop Error Code 0x01

3. Fixing Windows 7 Blue Screen Stop Error Code 0x9C

4. Fixing Windows 7 Blue Screen Stop Error Code 0xD1

5. Fixing Windows 7 Blue Screen Stop Error Code 0xED

6. Fixing Windows 7 Blue Screen Stop Error Code 0x9F

7. Fixing Windows 7 Blue Screen Stop Error Code 0x50

8. Fixing Windows 7 Blue Screen Stop Error Code 0x24

9. Fixing Windows 7 Blue Screen Stop Error Code 0x0A

10. Fixing Windows 7 Blue Screen Stop Error Code 0x116

If after completing these steps you still experience issues please send an e-mail to with your service tag, phone number and proper time to reach you and we will be contacting you shortly.

“If you have any questions; or would like help looking for the right upgrades to keep your Alienware system up to date with the latest technology; and working at it full potential; please send us an email with your service tag number and phone number to contact you at; We can help”

The Alienware Support Team


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