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iDRAC7 can get slow or stop responding completely after several weeks of continuous use

Servers that use a iDRAC7 can become slow or stop responding completely after about 45-100 days of continuous use.


Update the firmware version to 1.56.55 iDRAC7 or higher. Previous firmware version store debug log, which eventually causes the iDRAC7 memory to be full, recording logs as increases. As the available memory is reduced , the performance can decrease and finally the iDRAC7 may stop responding .

This occurs after about 45-100 days of continuous operation. The problem can be accelerated when OMSA is used.

Alternative solution :

Conduct a RACADM reset every 30 days or before the iDRAC7 unresponsive.
Once the iDRAC7 has stopped responding , you can reset the power rack and the tower model servers, or do a virtual reseat on a blade server.

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Last Date Modified: 08/09/2016 05:18 AM

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