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Synchronizing Your Dell™ Streak to your PC with Dell PC Suite

Article Summary: This article explains how to install the PC Suite software and how to use it to synchronize the Dell Streak to a personal computer.

Table of Contents:

  1. Installing Dell PC Suite
  2. Synchronizing Your Data
  3. Backing Up or Restoring Your Data

Issue 1: Installing Dell PC Suite
  1. Connect the 30-pin-to-USB cable to your device and a computer. Wait for the computer to automatically install the software driver.

  2. From the Select Communication Method dialogue that appears, touch Copy media files to/from your computer (MTP) or Copy other files to/from your computer. Touch OK to confirm your selection.

  3. Once the installation is complete, a new "Removable Disk" will become available on your computer. This will allow you to view the contents of the microSD card in the Dell Streak from your computer.

  4. Browse the contents of the Removable Disk and double-click on a folder called Dell PC Suite, then double-click on the file DellPCSuite.exe to install the synchronization software.

    You can also download Dell PC Suite at under your product model.

  5. Once the installation is complete, the Phone Connection Wizard window appears. Follow the instructions and enter the name of your device to let the Dell PC Suite software identify the device.

  6. The Dell PC Suite window opens once it detects the connected device. The icon appears at the bottom right of the computer screen in the system tray.

    If Dell PC Suite doesn't start automatically, you can open it by clicking Start, Programs, Dell, PC Suite.

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Issue 2: Synchronizing Your Data
  1. In the Dell PC Suite window, click on the Sync Manager icon (Figure 1) to open the Sync Manager window.

    Figure 1: Click the Indicated Icon for the Sync Manager

  2. In the Sync Manager window, click Settings to open the Synchronization Settings Wizard.

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to select the Outlook® application and categories (Contacts, Task, Calendar, and Notes) that you wish to synchronize with the device. Choose whether you wish to synchronize manually or automatically.

  4. In the Dell PC Suite window, click the Synchronize Now icon to start synchronization.

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Issue 3: Backing Up or Restoring Your Data
  1. In the Dell PC Suite window, click the Backup Manager icon. The Backup and Restore Wizard will open.

  2. From this window you can eiher:
    • Let the Backup and Restore Wizard guide you through a backup or restore process, or:

    • Click the Advanced button and then click the Backup button or the Restore button to perform either function in the Advanced mode.

    To start a restore task in the Advanced mode, you must first select a backup file from the Previously created backups: list.

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