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Dell Streak 10 Pro Reset, Update, Backup and Restore

Table of Contents:

  1. Resetting the Streak 10 Pro to Factory Defaults
  2. Performing Software Updates
  3. Backup and Restore Stored Data

Issue 1: Resetting the Streak Pro to Factory Defaults
This process will erase the User Data folder on your Streak 10 Pro. This folder contains all your personal data as well as device drivers for connecting the device to Windows XP or Vista and the Autonavi navigation maps. It is recommended you back up the User Data folder before taking this action.
  1. Slide the lock icon to unlock the device and touch the Apps icon .

  2. Touch Settings.

  3. Touch Privacy.

  4. Touch Factory data reset.
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Issue 2: Performing Software Updates

  1. Slide the lock icon to unlock the device and touch the Apps icon .

  2. Touch Settings.

  3. Touch About tablet.

  4. Touch System updates. The tablet will access the internet to look for an update to the firmware for the tablet.
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Issue 3: Backup and Restore Stored Data

  1. Connect the Streak 10 Pro to your PC.

  2. After any driver installation is complete, make sure the device appears on your PC as an external drive.

  3. Copy any date on the device to a folder on your PC.

  4. If you wish to restore this date to the device, copy it from the folders where you have stored it back onto the external drive that represents the device.

  5. If you need to restore the Autonavi Maps feature, use the browser app on your device to go to the URL:
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Last Date Modified: 07/27/2011 12:00 AM

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