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How to Turn the Wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Broadband) Switch on a Dell Notebook On and Off

This article provides information on how to turn the wireless connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Broadband) on and off on a Dell notebook.

There may be times when you want to turn the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Mobile Broadband connections on or off.

NOTE: For information on setting up, configuring or troubleshooting wireless devices, refer to the Dell Networking and Wireless Support Center

The wireless switch will be either a sliding switch on the left or right side edge of the computer, a key combination or single key. Toggling this switch will turn all the wireless connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Broadband) on and off, at the same time. Look for a wireless icon .

Due to the variations on where the wireless switch is located, the Quick Start Guide for your notebook is the best place to find that information.
For more information on downloading the Quick Start Guide, perform the following steps:

  1. Browse to the Dell Product Manuals Page.
  2. Under the Enter a Service Tag or Express Service Code section, enter your computer's service tag to get a concise list of manuals for your specific product model. Click Submit to continue.
    • Dell provides an automated tool to detect your service tag. Click Detect Product and follow the prompts.
    • For information on how to locate where your computer's service tag is, refer to the Dell eSupport page: What is a Service Tag and how do I locate it?.
    If the service tag is not available, under the Browse for a Product section :
    1. Click View products.
    2. Click the type of device you have.
    3. Click the brand name of your Dell device.
    4. Select your product model (the model number of your product may be shown on the front of the product).
      For more information refer to Dell Knowledge Base article, How to Determine the Model Number of Your Dell Computer.

  3. Click Manuals.
  4. Click PDF next to Quick Start Guide. Refer to the shortcut keys section.

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