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Dell XPS 10 Battery and Charging Information

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Charge the XPS 10
  2. Battery Behavior on the XPS 10
  3. Power Button Behavior on the XPS 10

This article describes battery and charging behavior for the Dell XPS10 tablet and docking station.

Issue 1: How to Charge the XPS 10

  • The XPS 10 tablet cannot be charged through the optional keyboard dock connected via USB to a computer.
  • The XPS 10 tablet can be charged through the micro USB slot on the tablet itself connected to a computer, however this is a trickle charge and will take considerably longer than the AC adapter.
  • The fastest way to charge the XPS 10 tablet is with the AC adapter included with the device. The AC adapter can be plugged into either the tablet by itself or the optional keyboard dock.

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Issue 2: Battery Behavior on the XPS 10

The XPS 10 tablet and the optional keyboard dock have separate individual batteries.

  • If the AC adapter is not connected when the tablet is docked, the keyboard dock battery will be used first. Once the keyboard dock battery is drained,the keyboard dock will no longer function. You may disconnect the tablet and use it separately using the tablet battery for power.
  • The keyboard dock battery will supply power to both the tablet and the keyboard dock. The tablet battery cannot supply power to the keyboard dock.
  • If the tablet is docked, the taskbar icon will only show one battery icon even though both batteries are available (one in the tablet and one in the keyboard dock). Clicking on the battery icon in desktop mode will open the battery status detail window. This window shows the individual details for each battery. Battery #1 is the tablet battery. Battery #2 is the keyboard dock battery (Figure 1).

    Figure 1: Battery Charge Indicator

Depending on the power source (the 19v AC adapter or the 5v USB cable from a computer) the following chart describes what the LED in the upper right corner of the tablet indicates:

Power-Adapter Voltage Battery Charge Power LED Behavior
5v (USB) or 19v(AC adapter) 100% Off
5v (USB) or 19v(AC adapter) > 2% Steady White
19v(AC adapter) < 2% Steady White - Tablet will turn on
5v (USB) < 2% Pulsing White - Tablet will not turn on

The optional keyboard dock contains two LEDs:

  • Power LED - The behavior of the power LED will be the same as the battery LED on the tablet (Figure 2).

    XPS 10 Dock Power LED
    Figure 2: Dock Power LED

  • Caps Lock LED - Indicates whether Caps Lock is enabled. This will toggle when the tablet is docked and undocked.

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Issue 3: Power Button Behavior on the XPS 10

The XPS 10 tablet has a single power button to turn it on, turn it off, or place it in standby mode:

  • Press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn on the tablet.
  • While the tablet is on, if the power button is pressed for about a second, the tablet goes into standby mode. Press the power button again for about a second to resume from standby.
  • While the tablet is on, press the power button for four seconds of more to turn off the display. The power LED will blink for a second and then the tablet turns off.

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