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How to find the Service Tag/Express Service Code on a Dell tablet or other accessory

The Dell Service Tag is a seven character identifier that is unique to your product. In addition to the service tag, there is an Express Service Code which is an all numeric version of the service tag. This code can be typed into a telephone for call routing. While most Dell products have a service tag, some accessories and peripherals do not. As a general rule, desktop and notebook computers, servers and storage devices, printers, and mobile devices (such as phones or tablets) will have a service tag.

Dell has an optional online utility that can quickly scan and identify your system (this will only identify the computer system you are using to currently access the web. It will not find service tags for peripheral devices whether they are attached to your computer or not).

  1. Use the Service Tag Locater to find your system service tag on a Windows-based tablet with a browser, or to convert your service tag to an Express Service Code.
  2. Follow the prompts in order to find your Service Tag and Express Service Code. The Express Service Code is an all-numeric version of the Service Tag which can be entered into a telephone keypad for call routing purposes.

Some other Dell products that have service tags are projectors, larger high resolution monitors, Axim personal assistants, and Dell smartphones or tablets.

The Dell Venue 7 and 8 Android based tablets have the Service Tag listed in Settings, in the About Tablet section, and it is the last field listed.

There is also a sticker located on the bottom edge which shows the Service Tag and Express Service Code.

Service Tag and Express Service Code Location (Indicated by Blue Dot).

For the Dell Venue 11 Pro you can find the service tag using the link at the top of this article if you are in Windows on the tablet. If you are unable to turn on the tablet and get into Windows, you can find the Service Tag behind the back cover of the tablet.

The flexible plastic back cover can be removed by prying it upward and off the back of the tablet.

The Venue 11 Pro Service Tag and Express Service Code will appear on a panel on the upper left or upper right corner beneath the cover.

Some tablets will have the service tag number on the door that covers the SIM card slot or SD card slot.

The service tag label is on the back of the Dell XPS 10 at the bottom edge of the bezel.

The Dell XPS 18 service tag number is on the inside of one of the fold-out legs.


As a general rule, there are a few likely locations for a service tag on these devices. These include the back or underside of a projector or monitor, the lower edge of a monitor or tablet, inside the battery compartment of a portable device, or inside a SIM card or memory card cover.

On a Dell projector, the service tag label can usually be found on the bottom or on the back connector panel.

Most dell monitors do not have a service tag number. Some large ultra-high resolution monitors do. The label will usually be on the back of the monitor.

On the Dell Axim personal assistant or most Dell smartphones, the service tag label is in the battery compartment underneath the battery.

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