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OpenManage Server Update Utility - SUU

Dell OpenManage Server Update Utility (SUU) is a DVD-based application for identifying and applying updates to your system. You can use SUU to update your Dell PowerEdge system or to view the updates available for any system supported by SUU.

SUU compares the versions of components currently installed on your system with update components packaged on the Dell PowerEdge Server Update Utility DVD. SUU then displays a comparison report of the versions and provides the option of updating the components.

Different versions of SUU are available:

  • 32 bit version

    • supports systems from 11th to 13th server generation

  • 64 bit version

    • supports systems from 12th to 13th server generation

  • system specific bootable versions

For the latest 32bit or 64bit version of SUU, go to and you can find the right version in the Drivers and Downloads section of your specific PowerEdge device. Under the "System Management" category you will find files named Dell Server Update Utility plus additional version information.

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