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NTLDR or NTDETECT Is Missing or Corrupt Error Message

  1. Start the Windows XP Recovery Console:
    1. Insert the Windows XP installation CD into the CD or DVD drive.
    2. Restart the computer.
    3. While the computer is starting, repeatedly press F12 every 3 seconds to access the one-time boot menu.
    4. When the one-time boot menu appears, press the Down Arrow to highlight the CD-ROM option that appears, which is one of the following options: Onboard CD-ROM Drive or Onboard USB CD-ROM Drive.
    5. Press Enter.
    6. When the computer boots to the CD-ROM drive, press R to enter the Recovery Console.
    7. If prompted, select the number corresponding to the Windows installation you want to repair and press <Enter>.
    8. Enter the Administrator password, if any, and press <Enter>.
  2. Type map, and press <Enter>. Make note of the drive letter assigned to the optical (DVD or CD-ROM) drive.

  3. Type copy x:\i386\ntldr c:\ (where x is the drive letter for the optical drive), and press <Enter>.

  4. Type copy x:\i386\ c:\ (where x is the drive letter for the optical drive), and press <Enter>.

  5. If you are prompted to overwrite the file, type y, and press <Enter>.

  6. Type exit and press <Enter>.

  7. As the computer restarts, remove the Windows XP CD.

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Last Date Modified: 11/24/2010 12:00 AM

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