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Right to Cancel, Order changes, Returns and Refunds — Information & Frequently asked questions

Your Right to Cancel

You have a right to cancel your purchase contract in line with European Union ‘Cooling Off’ rights, since your purchase contract with Dell was concluded ‘at a distance’.

For Product order cancellations / returns – you have 14 calendar days in which to request cancellation of the purchase and return the Product, starting on the later of the day after:- 1) the day you receive your Order Confirmation OR 2) the date of delivery;

For Services order cancellations / returns – you have 14 calendar days to cancel and return as above, starting on the day after the day you receive your Order Confirmation. If you cancel within the 14 days and you have requested or accepted performance of the Service, then you will be refunded pro-rata based on the Services performed up until the date of receipt by Dell of the cancellation notice. You lose the right to cancel if the Services are fully performed within the cancellation period; and

For Software order cancellations / returns - you have 14 calendar days to cancel and return as above, starting on the day after the day you receive your Order Confirmation, except that you lose your right to cancel if you download or begin using the Software during the 14 day cancellation period. You may not obtain a refund on return of a Software or operating system element of a Product only. If you don’t want the pre-installed software or OS, you should return the Product.

Unfortunately we cannot accept changes to an Order once it is submitted. But if you are aware of an error, you may be able to cancel your order and re-submit a further, corrected order.

Exercising your Right to Cancel

If you wish to exercise your Right to Cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel. You can do so by contacting Dell via your preferred means - you may wish to submit the online cancellation form here, or send us a letter or email – you can find our contact details here. Cooling Off returns are managed in accordance with your Right to Cancel. For any other return query, please contact us as above.

Effects of Cancellation – Refunds and Returns

Refunds will be processed as soon as possible and you will usually be refunded within 14 calendar days of receipt by Dell of your cancellation notification.

Once you have notified Dell of your wish to exercise your right of cancellation, Dell will arrange for collection of the Product(s) or provide instructions and details for you to return the Product direct. You must return Product(s) in their original condition and within 14 calendar days of your cancellation notification, unless Dell provides a later collection date. Dell may charge you for any damage caused to the Product(s). Where Dell arranges collection, reasonable return freight costs will be payable by you, in the sums detailed below. Dell will refund you the purchase price (including standard delivery charges if applicable), less direct return freight costs it has paid on your behalf, as soon as possible. However, Dell may withhold payment of your refund pending receipt of the returned Product (in its original condition).

The cost of collection varies depending on the product being returned, as a guide:-
Product being returned                                 Charge applied
Desktops & Laptops                                      £20 excl. VAT
Electronics, Printers & Accessories                £10 excl. VAT
However, no return freight charge will apply if you are returning an order because it arrived damaged, or was the wrong order. If your product was damaged or wrong, please click here.



Can I change my order?

Before placing your order, please make sure you have included everything you need as we cannot make any changes once the order has been submitted.
If you have forgotten something, simply visit our website to place another order. Click on the Shop tab on the main menu.


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Can I cancel my order?

It is only possible to cancel your order before we start to manufacture or pack it.

To check if it’s still possible to cancel your order, please go to the Dell Order Status tool.
If your order is listed as "In production" or "Shipped," it’s no longer possible to cancel it.
Please contact Customer Care if your order is listed as "Pre Production" and you want to cancel it.

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How can I return my Dell order?

If you wish to return your order, you should exercise your Right to Cancel.You can do so by contacting Dell via your preferred means you may wish to submit the online cancellation form here, within 14 calendar days of delivery. If more than 14 calendar days have passed since your delivery, please contact Customer Care. Please note that the Right to Cancel applies to Home customers only.
A charge will be payable to cover the cost of collection – but we will simply deduct this from your refund.

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If I return an order to Dell, will the shipping charges be refunded?

When you return your order in line with the above, we'll credit your account for the price (inc. standard delivery charge if this was charged), minus a minimal charge to cover the cost of collection, as above.

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Do you need further assistance?

Please contact our Dell Customer Support experts.

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