Problem with an order

Problem with an order — Frequently asked questions:



Where can I find my Order Number and Customer Number?

Your Order Number and Customer Number are sent to you in the Order Confirmation document via email after your order is processed. Please be sure to check your Spam mailbox to see if your email filters have identified the email from Dell as spam.

Do you need further assistance?

Please contact our Dell Customer Support experts.

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What do I do if my order arrives and something is missing or wrong?

If your order has arrived and something is missing or wrong, please make sure you check the items that you have received against the information on your packing slip and/or your Order Confirmation document.

If the item you ordered is listed correctly on your packing slip and/or Order Confirmation document, but the item actually delivered is incorrect, please contact Dell customer support via the online form at Contact Customer Support.

If an item appears on the packing slip and/or Order Confirmation document but hasn’t arrived, it may still be in transit. To check if the item is still in transit, go to the My Order Status tool. If you can’t locate a missing item by using the My Order Status tools, contact Dell customer support via the online form at Contact Customer Support.


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What do I do if my order arrives and something is damaged?

If you have received your order in a damaged box and/or the product does not work properly, contact customer support via online in the Contact Customer Support page.

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What if my system is stolen?

If your system has been stolen, please complete the Stolen System Form to report this to Dell. While it is not required, Dell does recommend that you file a police report so that we can release data to authorized law enforcement agencies upon request

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Why has my order been cancelled?

There are three possible reasons why an order gets cancelled:   
   1. We haven’t received your payment.
   2. The product you’ve ordered is not available anymore.
   3. We haven't been able to process your payment successfully.

If you haven’t received any notification and your order has been incorrectly cancelled, Contact Customer Support for further investigation.

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How can I track the status of my Service Request?

You can follow the status of your Care service request (SR) 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by accessing our Customer Support Request status tool

To use this tool, you will be required to provide two items of verification data. Depending on the data that you use to access the tool,you will be able to view the status of Service Requests within the past 120 days.

 If you access the tool using a specific Service Request number, then the data displayed will be for this Service Request only. If, however, you access the tool using an Order Number or a Customer Number, then you will be able to see the status of any service request for that Order Number or Customer Number within the past 120 days.

You can get information in real time by signing in to receive email notifications. When progress is made in your case, you will know about it immediately via an email. You can cancel this notification at any time by using the “Unsubscribe” link available in every email notification that is sent.

Please note that this tool is for Customer Care/Order support requests only.If you need to track the progress of an issue you have reported to Technical Support, you can check on this by using the Support History & Parts Dispatch tool. 

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When can I expect to see information online about my order?

Order information is available for viewing in Dell's online order status tool after you receive your order confirmation e-mail. You should receive your order confirmation e-mail within up to 48 hours after placing your order.

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